Monday, October 20, 2014

Riverview @ Summit Academy

Riverview (5-3) lost to Grosse Ile 28-14 while Summit Academy (1-7) lost to Ann Arbor Gabriel Richard 53-6. The Pirates won last seasons game 63-0.

Riverview has lost three of their last four games, but should get better this week against the Dragons. The Pirates will look to stay healthy this week and get everyone playing time.

It has been a long season over at Summit. Points have been hard to come by this year and the Dragon defense is giving up nearly 40 ppg.

The best thing about this game is the Pirates won't get lost driving right down Sibley Rd. Prediction: Riverview 55 Summit 6

Hazel Park @ Grosse Ile

Grosse Ile (6-2) is coming off of a 28-14 victory over rival Riverview while Hazel Park (0-8) lost last week to Ferndale 56-14. Grosse Ile won last years game 26-22.

Hazel Park plays in OAA Blue Division and is currently in the midst of a 21 game losing streak. The Vikings have only scored 20 points on the season and have been shutout 6 times.

Grosse Ile is playing their best football right now. The offensive and defensive lines have been dominant lately and should use this as a tune up game for the playoffs.

This game will be over early. The biggest question probably is, has anyone on the Hazel Park team ever been to Grosse Ile? Prediction: Grosse Ile 34 Hazel Park 6

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Huron League Thoughts and Questions

Congrats to SMCC for winning the Huron League title. (I made the pick back in August)

Congrats to Huron for breaking the school record in wins. (I didn't make that pick)

Grosse Ile gets a big win over Riverview and finishes third. (I did pick GI 3rd in August)

Milan still has a shot at the post season. (My Milan season picks never turn out)

Apparently Jefferson Bear Justin Kull broke the school record for passing yards. Congrats! (I would have thought he broke that back in week three or four)

Turnovers hurt the Rams again.

With that loss, Riverview might not like the first round playoff match up that they get.

I'm really surprised that Airport gave up 45 points on Friday.

Who is the best RB in the league? Lot's of good underclassmen!

Some teams don't block and tackle very well. Do they still teach that?

I would like to see a Grosse Ile/Robichaud match up in week one of the playoffs.

I would love the Texas football District and playoff format to come to Michigan.

I am contemplating heading up to Lansing on Friday to catch the SMCC/LCC game. Think they would let me ride the SMCC bus?

Do think Riverview should play Stockbridge and Flat Rock play Summit instead on Friday?

I don't think I have said this, Dan Kalbfleisch has done an excellent job turning around the Huron program.

If I give the Grosse Ile offensive line some credit, will my heckler go away? ;)

If you had to pick one player in the league to start a team, who would it be?

Another playoff match up I would like to see is SMCC defending Michigan Collegiate's spread.

I think the bantering on here has gotten out of hand. Thank you to the thoughtful posters and to those of you who aren't, go away!

I hope my Alma Mater does a big time search for a football coach and offers a teaching job with it. I hear Eric Taylor is available these days.

I am ready for the playoffs, too many bad week nine match ups in the league.

Congrats to my boy OC on his new Athletic Director position. Flat Rock's loss is Dundee's gain!

Friday, October 17, 2014

Friday Night Scores

Huron 48 Flat Rock 6
Grosse Ile 28 Riverview 14
Milan 45 Airport 27
SMCC 47 Jefferson 7

Thanks for posting scores everyone. I had something else going tonight and I let the comments go without moderating them. I wanted everyone to get updated scores. I will remove any negative comments in the morning.

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Thursday Night Scores

Airport 41 Milan 0
Riverview 32 Grosse Ile 14
Huron 26 Flat Rock 6
SMCC 41 Jefferson 12

Rivalry Week

It has been a good year in the Huron League this season. I like that the last week of the league season is for rivalry week. It keeps many people interested in the season and the blog until late in the year.

Football is a unique sport. For the most part it is just played here in the United States. Many times people get to caught up in the winning and losing of football. What they don't see is the weekly preparation and the tiredless offseason that kids and coaches put into the sports that they love.

It is easy to be critical of anyone who doesn't have success on the gridiron, but isn't the purpose of a game like football to just compete?

Rivalry week usually brings the best out of all the teams involved. The rival always knows that they are going to get the other teams best effort. Nobody is going to lay down, no matter what the pundits say that their chances are.

Enjoy this week of football, it is one of the best weeks of the football year. One of my all time favorite movie quotes is from Braveheart. It comes from the  Scottish character Malcolm Wallace when referencing an apparent war with the English. He says, "we do not have to beat them, just fight them".

Have fun kids!