Thursday, February 23, 2017

Jefferson Hires Head Football Coach

Monroe Jefferson hires Gene Gennoe as it's Head Varsity Football Coach. Congratulations to Coach Gennoe and his family.

Coach, I want to quit.

Hello Coach Leath, 
My dad says I can’t quit my team, but I don’t want to play football anymore. All I do is sit on the bench during the games. What should I do?
Your Friend,
Chris, 11

Dear Chris,
Congratulations on making the football team. Believe it or not, the first year I tried out for football I did not make the team. I remember how sad I was when the coach read off the names of the kids who would be playing that year. I tried out the next year and sat on the bench during most of the games, only playing a few plays. But I knew I would not play in the games. The other players were bigger and better than I was, so why would coach put me in?
So, instead of complaining about playing time, I decided to make practice my games. Every Tuesday and Thursday I would prepare for practice as if I was going to be playing a game. I went all out on the scout team, knowing that the harder I was to block in practice, the better my team would do in the game. When they did well in the game, I took pride in knowing I helped them prepare.
Practice was hard, Chris. I got knocked down, a lot. I was scared, but I tried not to let the other players know how scared I was. Some of the players hit really hard and the noise alone made me want to quit.
After a few weeks I got better and was less afraid. I made some friends on the team and started to have fun. I still got knocked down, and I wasn’t very good, but I realized what a privilege it was to be on the team. I promised myself I would finish the season and then decide if I wanted to play again.
Also, I thought I was letting my dad down by not starting. When I told him I was embarrassed because I sat the bench, he told me he was proud that I made the team, and that he loved to watch me go all out in practice. That helped a lot knowing that my dad just loved to watch me practice.
The next year, you know what? I was one of the best players on the team. I was voted team captain and rarely came out of the game. I am not saying this will happen for you, but I am telling you that in order to be good at something, you have to be okay with being bad at it first. Then you get better. Always aim to get better, no matter what you do in life.
I want to encourage you to finish the season. You don’t have to play next year, but you should follow through with your commitment and try to have as much fun while you are there. Please don’t quit.
Stay Curious,
Coach Leath

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Level Up Football Combine Training


Football Players - Grades 8-12

TUE & THU 6:45-8PM, SUN 4:45-6PM

Block 1 - FEB 19th - MAR 16th

Block 2 - MAR 19th - APRIL 13th

Total Sports Monroe Training Gym - Field Tuesday, Thursday & Sundays

Register after FEB 10th - $175
Both Blocks - $300

Location: Total Sports Monroe 987 Stewart Road Monroe, MI 48162

For more info email:

Sunday, February 12, 2017

Milan's Furtney Receiving Plenty of Attention

Milan 2018 OL/DL Michael Furtney is getting offer after offer from D1 schools.  His offer list is as follows.

1. EMU
2. Toledo
3. WMU
5. CMU
6. Princeton
7. Ball St.
8. Cincinnati
9. Buffalo
10. KentSt.
11. Syracuse
12. Kentucky
13. Wisconsin
14. Missouri
15. Minnesota
16. Fresno St.
17 Connecticut
18. Virginia
19. Vanderbilt

Monday, February 6, 2017

LaPlante signs

SMCC SR LB/TE Justin LaPlante commits to Malone University in Canton Ohio. Congrats Justin!
If anyone knows who signed with who, please let us know.