Monday, November 28, 2016

Why Michigan belongs in the College Football Playoffs

This is a therapeutic opinion piece by Gary Hauf.

Michigan, coming off a heartbreaking double OT loss at arch rival Ohio State, is still more deserving of a playoff spot over Washington, Wisconsin and Penn State.  Allow me to explain why.

let me say this, Michigan lost.. no complaining about bad calls or slanted referees.  Michigan lost.

With that said, here is my case.

First of all, we must understand what the playoff committee's job is.  They are tasked with choosing the best 4 teams to compete for the National Title.  Quality wins and strength of schedule are 2 major criteria that the committee considers.  Conference champion is looked at as a slight check in the good column but it is not a requirement.  If it were, then why even have a committee to begin with?  Certain conferences are aligned unevenly and some teams have a much easier path to the title game.  The SEC and B1G are perfect examples of this.  Thus, being a conference champion holds some water but not much.

For me, this is all about Washington and Michigan.  WIS and PSU do have a rather slim shot at the 4 spot but Michigan holds H2H wins over both of them and to me, that is good enough for the committee to give Michigan the nod over both of them.  They have already played and Michigan won both by 7 and 39.  End of story. OK also has a chance but OSU beat them in their house by a million so I just don't see them getting the nod.

Lets take a look at where Washington and Michigan sit in the Quality wins and SOS comparison.

Michigan: #6 Wisconsin 14-7, #7 PSU 49-10, #9 Colorado 45-28.

Washington: #17 Stanford 44-6

Michigan #2
Washington #17

As you can see above, QW and SOS clearly and overwhelmingly fall on the side of the Wolverines. 
Michigan has 3 wins over top 9 teams by an average margin of 21 points.  Washington has only 1 win over #17 Stanford.  It was a blowout but it is still just 1 win. 

Now lets look at the less important(but still considered) quality losses.

Michigan: @ #22 Iowa 14-13. Iowa made last second FG to win it.  @ #2 OSU  30-27 dbl OT. Michigan controlled most of the game and led for 95% of game time.  Two unbelievably close losses in the last second.  Both on the road.

Washington: #10 USC 26-13.  Washington never lead in this game and they were at home.

It is my opinion that the committee knows who the best 4 teams are but will they have the guts to put Michigan in ahead of a 1 loss PAC 12 team?  All the statistics the committee will look at will fall in favor of Michigan other than 1 more loss.  That one more loss was to the #2 team, on the road in dbl OT, in which Michigan completely controlled the majority of the game.  Will that be enough to overcome the extra loss?  I don't think the committee will do the right thing in the end and put the one loss Washington in the 4 spot along with Alabama, OSU and Clemson.

All this will be a wash if WASH loses to Colorado(who M beat by 17).  Michigan will have then beaten the B1G and the PAC12 Champs.  Michigan gets in easily if Washington loses. 

Did I make a good compelling case?  Am I way off?
Feel free to comment below.

Friday, November 25, 2016

State Final Scores with Predictions

Prediction: MCC 33 Whiteford 14
Final: MCC 35 Whiteford 6

D2: WLW vs MLK
Prediction: WLW 35 MLK 30
Final: MLK 18 WLW 0

Prediction: JLC 40 MCGL 21
Final: JLC 26 MCGL 14

Prediction: DCD 28 GRCC 27 OT
Final: GRCC 10 DCD 7

Prediction: PW 31 Loyola 28
Final: PW 28 Loyola 14

Prediction: Cass Tech 30 DCC 17
Final: Cass Tech 49 DCC 20

Prediction: GRWC 35 Meno 14
Final: GRWC 43 Meno 7

D3: OLSM vs Muskegon
Prediction: Musk 21 OLSM 14
Final: OLSM 29 Musk 28

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

State Finals Predictions & M vs OSU Preview/Prediction

State Finals Predictions and M vs OSU PreviewPrediction Click Here

All Huron League Blog

I guess I should have prefaced this. I said on the podcast that no player would be chosen both ways. I also did not include the Players of the Year in the 1st teams. So, Trombley, Lindeman and Humphrey were not included in the 1st teams because I gave them recognition already.

1st Team Defense
DL Wyatt O'Brien Jr. SMCC
DL Kyle Ranson Sr. Milan
DL Evan Begeman Sr. Riverview
DL Owen Wiewura Sr. Grosse Ile
LB Justin LaPlante Sr. SMCC
LB Nik Becker Sr. Huron
LB Justin Goretski Sr. Airport
LB Holden Green Sr. Grosse Ile
DB Collin Woolford Jr. SMCC
DB Garrett Krezminski Sr. Huron
DB Tristen Hines Fr. Milan
DB Brian Blansett Sr. Milan
P    Hunter Morse Sr. Huron

1st Team Offense
QB Demetrius Barnes Sr. Milan
RB Andrew Vollmerhausen Sr. Grosse Ile
RB Kevin LaPrad Sr. SMCC
RB Josh Moskall Sr. Grosse Ile
OL Thomas Eads Jr. Jefferson
OL Mike Furtney Jr. Milan
OL Justin Beck Jr. Milan
OL Charlie Cheveillet Sr. Riverview
OL Brent Kosikowski Sr. Huron
E   Justin Moores Sr. Grosse Ile
E   Anthony Higgonbotham Sr. Flat Rock
K   Sameer Tayeb Jr. Flat Rock

Coach of the Year
Bruce Pickens Jefferson

Monday, November 21, 2016

All Huron League Podcast

1st Team All League Podcast: Click Here

Look for the print version tomorrow sometime.