Saturday, October 13, 2018

Thoughts and Questions

I can handle cold, I can handle rain, but I can't handle both at the same flipping time.

We had 6,257 visitors last night.

Close in Milan, but no cigar.

Mules realized at halftime that they didn't want to be the team that breaks the River Rat's streak.

Play defense like that and Carlson makes a solid run in D3.

I guess I was off in my Dundee close victory pick. Lol

Glad the Eagles showed up to play.

Rivalries bring out the best and worst in people.

Red Devils showed they are the best team in the Huron League.

Better days coming in New Boston?

Big game against Blissfield week 9.

You'll get one!

Big game for Milan at home this week.

No shame in falling to the gold standard in SEC football.

Just not quite as good as last season and that's okay.

Injuries? what injuries?

Win and you're in.

Wow, just wow!

B*itch slap coming in Happy Valley?

Harbaugh's chance to beat a decent team for a change.

Lion's free Sunday. Thank God?

Friday, October 12, 2018

Friday Night Scores

Please submit your scores. I will get them posted ASAP.

Bedford 62 Huron 20 final

Milan 35 Airport 30 Final

Carlson 14 Wyandotte 7 final

Ida 43 Onsted 18 final

Sand Creek 34 Summerfield 25 final

Flat Rock 26 Huron 3 final

Dundee 45 Erie Mason  6 final

Saline 28 Monroe 6 Final

SMCC 46 Jefferson 0 Final

GI 21 Riverview 14 Final

Whiteford 48 Clinton 6 final

Week 8 Tidbits

Game time temperature expected to be 47 degrees and possible showers.

The Airport defense is giving up 9 ppg less on defense compared to last year.

Bedford has won 10 straight games against Ann Arbor Huron dating back to 2008.

Carlson is 1-10 all-time against Roosevelt and have lost 8 straight in the series.

Dundee most likely needs to win out to get into the playoffs.

Glad to see Erie Mason found a way to make tonight's game happen.

Flat Rock has won 2 straight against Huron and leads the series 38-15.

The last time Grosse Ile started 7-0 was 1997, they lost to Riverview week 8 that year, 32-27.

Huron is looking at their first losing season since 2012. A win against arch-rival FR could change the outlook.

A win for Ida over Onsted would secure their 6th straight playoff appearance.

Jefferson's last victory over SMCC in 2016 n helped knock the Falcons out of the playoffs.

Milan has won 6 straight games over Airport.

Monroe has never won the SEC Red Division. A win tonight would do just that.

Riverview is 37-21 all-time against Grosse Ile.

SMCC is 7-3 against Jefferson over the last decade.

Summerfield is 23-34 all-time against Sand Creek, but have won 7 of the last 10.

Whiteford has won 19 straight TCC games. Their last TCC loss was October 23, 2015 to Clinton.

Thursday, October 11, 2018

Thursday Night Scores

Please submit your scores from tonight. I will get them posted ASAP.

Britton-Deerfield 38 Advanced Tech 14
Huron 34 Flat Rock 9
Riverview 52 GI 12
Clinton 30 Whiteford 8
Sand Creek 62 Summerfield 20
SMCC 16 Jefferson 14
Bedford 46 A2 Huron 18
Saline 21 Monroe 12
Wyandotte 42 Carlson 29

Monroe 14 Saline 8
Trenton 22 Huron 21

2018 Week 8 Picks

Sorry we didn't do a video picks this week. Here are our normal Thursday picks.

Ann Arbor Huron (0-7) @ Bedford (3-4)
Chris's Pick: Bedford 42 Huron 12
Gary's Pick:  Bedford 45 Huron 7
Frank's Pick: Bedford 49 Huron 6

Airport 3-4 @ Milan 5-2
Chris's Pick: Milan 28 Airport 27
Gary's Pick:  Milan 33 Airport 28
Frank's Pick: Milan 35 Airport 28

Carlson (6-1) @ Wyandotte Roosevelt (5-2)
Chris's Pick: Carlson 32 Roosevelt 31
Gary's Pick:  Carlson 30 Roosevelt 28
Frank's Pick: Carlson 28 Roosevelt 27

Onsted (2-5) @ Ida (5-2)
Chris's Pick: Ida 40 Onsted 12
Gary's Pick:  Ida 38 Onsted 14
Frank's Pick: Ida 50 Onsted 6

Sand Creek (4-3) @ Summerfield (4-3)
Chris's Pick: Sand Creek 34 Summefield 26
Gary's Pick:  Sand Creek 27 Summerfield 21
Frank's Pick: Sand Creek 38 Summerfield 26

Flat Rock (2-5) @ Huron (1-6)
Chris's Pick: Flat Rock 31 Huron 17
Gary's Pick:  Flat Rock 35 Huron 20
Frank's Pick: Flat Rock 27 Huron 16

Erie Mason (1-6) @ Dundee (4-3)
Chris's Pick: Dundee 2 Erie Mason 0
Gary's Pick:  Dundee 40 Erie Mason 15
Frank's Pick: Dundee 38 Erie Mason 6

Monroe (6-1) @ Saline (6-1)
Chris's Pick: Saline 28 Monroe 27
Gary's Pick:  Saline 31 Monroe 28
Frank's Pick: Monroe 31 Saline 28

SMCC (5-2) @ Jefferson (0-7)
Chris's Pick: SMCC 30 Jefferson 12
Gary's Pick:  SMCC 30 Jefferson 20
Frank's Pick: SMCC 42 Jefferson 7

Riverview (6-1) @ Grosse Ile (7-0)
Chris's Pick: Grosse Ile 30 Riverview 28
Gary's Pick:  Riverview 24 Grosse Ile 21
Frank's Pick: Grosse Ile 24 Riverview 22

Gerweck Nissan Game of the Week
Clinton (6-1) @ Whiteford (7-0)
Chris's Pick: Whiteford 40 Clinton 26
Gary's Pick:  Whiteford 45 Clinton 19
Frank's Pick: Whiteford 44 Clinton 28

Overall Predictions
Chris: last week 9-2, overall 66-14
Gary: last week 9-2, overall 65-15
Frank: last week 8-3, overall 62-18

Wednesday, October 10, 2018

2018 Playoff Outlook and Other Ephemera


Monroe has what will most likely be a very tough district.  Possible teams will be Fordson, Saline, Belleville, Woodhaven.  Escape from that gauntlet and the likes of Cass Tech most likely awaits.  Best case, win out and maaaaybe get a home game.  Although at 8-1 it is very possible they do not get a home game.  This week vs Saline will be a playoff type game which will be a nice prep for the playoffs.  I would anticipate Coach Notario is treating it as such.


Bedford, if they win out, they are in.  I have them near the 60 playoff point mark at 5-4 and that should be enough.  Possible playoff match-ups are Wyandotte, Crestwood, Franklin, Detroit MLK.


Riverview will be in a district with the downriver schools.  View must win out to get a home game.  They will open with AP(the original AP), either home or away.  Then a rematch most likely awaits with OAC.  From there Rouge will most likely be there waiting.  Are these games winnable?  I think so.  Win out.. stay healthy and lean on last year's experience both as players and coaching staff.

Carlson is in a position if they win out, to host 3 home playoff games.  They, like Riverview, will be in the district full of teams from downriver.  Probable opponents, Trenton, Allen Park, Riverview, River Rouge.  I like the Maurader's chances here.  Round 2 vs Riverview is definitely a possibility.  I think both teams would welcome this T vs T showdown.


Milan's possible district may include Farmington Hills Harrison.  They are on the border currently of D3 and 4.  Other possible match-ups include Country Day, Cranbrook and Cody.  That is a winnable district especially if FHH moves up to D3.  Win out and a home game is possible.

Airport is still mathematically alive for a playoff bid at 3-4, but they have no room for error with games at Milan and home against Tecumseh to close out the regular season.

In short, the Jets have a shot if they win out, but they could use some help to give them a better chance. Jets’ fans should be rooting for teams like Monroe, Flat Rock, and SMCC to win out, as wins by those teams will provide much-needed bonus points. 

If Airport wins out, their playoff point average will be at least 50.668. The lowest total in Class B last season was 50.333 by Madison Heights Lamphere. The highest the Jets could have is 51.779.
Possible Opponents: Detroit Country Day, Milan, Cody


Grosse Ile, win out and the island may see 3 home playoff games, which would be huge.  Possible early round match-ups are, Osborne, Denby, Harper Woods, Robichaud, Marine City, Lutheran North. Denby and HW are tough contests but are winnable.  I like GI's chances here, this week vs View will be a great playoff type atmosphere and should prepare both teams well.  Something of note, GI currently sits at the very top of D5, it is very likely they move up to D4.

Ida needs one more win to clinch a spot, as they currently sit at 5-2. The Blue Streaks host Onsted and travel to Blissfield to end the regular season.

The Blue Streaks aren’t likely to get much more in terms of bonus points from the non conference opponents, as Jefferson is headed toward a winless season, and Lake Fenton would have to pull a huge upset over Williamston or Jackson. Ida’s best LCAA win right now is over Dundee, so even though fans may not like it, rooting for Dundee to win out helps Ida. A win over a six-win Blissfield team would help towards seeding.
 A home game would be a remote possibility, but it’s highly likely Ida starts on the road.
Possible Opponents: Lansing Catholic, Dearborn Heights Robichaud, Almont, Macomb Lutheran North, Marine City, Ovid-Elsie, Grosse Ile, Detroit Osborn, Detroit Denby

Dundee is in a precarious spot, as they currently sit at 4-3. Much like Airport, they need to win their final games against Erie Mason and at Hillsdale.

What hurts the Vikings is weak non conference opponents. Ann Arbor Huron looks headed to another winless season, and Stockbridge has only one winnable game left against Parchment. That means slim pickings in terms of bonus points. The Vikings wins in LCAA play don’t offer much help either, as Hudson and Onsted are expected to finish 3-6.

In short, a projected playoff point average of 44.558 (with five wins) won’t be enough to get them in the Division 5 bracket. The vikings will have win out, and that means pulling off a huge upset at Hillsdale, to get six wins and an automatic bid. That would give them a projected PPA of 50.780.
Possible Opponents: Grosse Ile, Dearborn Heights Robichaud, Almont, Ida


SMCC is in line for possibly 2 home playoff games.  Possible early round match-ups include, Cabrini, Riverview Richard, Sand Creek.  An interesting aspect of D7 this year is whether or not Whiteford will be in the division.  As we sit now, they are in D7 and could be a district final foe for the Falcons.  I think most want to see that game.  That is something to keep an eye on.


Whiteford.The Bobcats have already clinched at 7-0, and finish out the season with a visit from Clinton and a trip to Britton-Deerfield.

The bulk of Whiteford’s bonus points is coming from a win over Blissfield, and more are likely on the way with a win over Clinton. Having one of either Sand Creek or Summerfield win out would be a benefit as well. Bobcat fans should be rooting for Blissfield to beat Ida in Week 9.

The good news: I fully expect Whiteford to win out and reach a PPA of 76.444, which would all but guarantee home-field advantage through the District round. The bad news: Whiteford is expected to be moved up to a more rugged Division 7. The road to a repeat looks a lot tougher.
Possible Opponents: Allen Park Cabrini, Riverview Gabriel Richard, Madison Heights Bishop Foley, Sand Creek, SMCC.


Summerfield. At 4-3, the Bulldogs need a win to stay alive. They close the season with a visit from Sand Creek and travel to Morenci.

Summerfield doesn’t have much in terms of bonus points, as Erie Mason has won one game all season, and a loss to Pittsford will only provide a maximum bonus point average of 0.778. The Bulldogs’ best win in TCC play is currently Whitmore Lake, who I expect to finish 4-5. A win over Adrian Madison will get a few more bonus points, but not much.

This Friday’s game against Sand Creek looms large for the Bulldogs. A loss, and their PPA can from 38.447 to 38.558, which could be enough to get them in the Division 8 bracket. A win, and that jumps to a projection of 47.668 to 47.779. The Bulldogs would be better suited winning out.
Possible Opponents: Pittsford, Lenawee Christian, Reading, Detroit Public Safety Academy, Whiteford.