Monday, August 24, 2009

4th Place Huron League Finish

With speculation that I would be having the Huron Chiefs predicted for a top 4 finish in the Huron League people having been giving me reasons why I couldn't possibly have them slated there. Well, I do and I will tell you why.

Offensively the Chiefs have the best QB in the league and probably the Monroe County region. They have a 6'5" senior wide receiver who was 1st team All Huron League last year. They have 4 starters back on the offensive line. They have a nice 1-2 punch at running back in Tyler Weclowski and Sterling Wilson. The Chiefs will score points against everybody.

Defense is a different story and probably the main reason I have the Chiefs picked 4th in the league. While their offense set a school record for points last season the defense gave up 29 PPG in the league and that includes a shutout of Riverview. The Chiefs return some talent on "D" and are going to have to stop people if Huron plans on having their first winning season in 30 years.

While Huron will be fun to watch and a 4th place finish would be their best in years, I see them finishing in a 3-way tie with Riverview and Milan at 3-4 for 4th place. Huron should win their two non-league games and finish with a very respectable 5-4 overall record.

So while I have the Chiefs picked for a 4th place finish, technically I don't have them as a top 4 finisher.


Anonymous said...

(IMO) If any team had a 6'5 wide reciever and threw like Huron did last year there shouldnt have been a reason he wasnt 1st Team All League. Maynard got most of his yards and touchdowns last season in the 2nd half when they were already down and other teams had already put in their 2nd string players to get some playing time. From what i seen last year Maynard wasnt as great as all the hype that everyone was saying. I still see them finishing in the bottom 3 I think they could possibly beat milan (had em for a while last year) but i dont see a repeat of Riverview happening. I can honestly say only 3 wins in the league for Huron, Milan, Flatrock, and G.I. They will beat Crestwood and Erie Mason without much contest from either of those teams.

Some of my thoughts

Huronleaguefootball said...

Just an FYI. Mayrand averaged 15 passes per game last year. It isn't like Huron threw it 30 times per game. Mayrand completed 85 passes for 1,717 yards that is 20.2 yds per completion. His completion percentage was 63%. He threw for yardage against every team except FR. He made an excellent Milan team look like grade schoolers in the 1st half of their game.

Spin it any way you like, Mayrand is the real deal and the recruiters all know it.

Feel free to check the stats. They are spot on.

Anonymous said...

Huron returns 4 starters on the Oline that was paethetic ..Sherwood Harris being the only decent one..they're big, yes, but they stand straight up...please remember after huron feels good about themselves-pounding Erie Mason they're gonna get ripped by Airport, Jefferson, and SMCC..In that Order....week five the face Flat Rock in a rivalry game..throw the records out..i can see 1-4 going TO Milan week 6....Steve Robb WILL NOT lose to this time Huron could resort back to their old ways..and if they do watch out..i'd hate to be kalbfish..Huron should hate the fact that people are speaking highly of them....They should win homecoming against Riverview, GI will want revenge on the Island, and Crestwood won't be Ecorse or Rouge they've played in the past..If the chiefs can somehow come out of week five 2-3 or 3-2 then the season should be a success...if they upset jefferson then a playoff birth could be inline!

Anonymous said...

It seems that most of the thinking behind Huron's supposed dream season centers around returning starters. It has not been mentioned, that those returning players were starter on a bad team. Improved yes, but still very bad. They return some all-league players, but that should have resulted in some wins.

Huron is not in the Top 4 in the league, no matter how you qualify it with ties for 4th. They have not changed the climate of the program enough to really compete with Airport, Jefferson, SMCC and Milan.

Mr. HuronLeagueMan said...

Mayrand looked good for the most part last year, although against Jefferson last year he hung some deep balls up too long which led to some interceptions.

In the few games I watched them I was also impressed with what Sterling Wilson could do if he was provided space to make a move.

However Huronleaguefootball, how much of an impact do you think the loss of Clairborne will have?

And with the three way tie for 4th, I understand where you were going.

hlcRx said...

Just not feeling the Huron pick here. Nothing against them or anything. Hard to pick a team that has no history of success and a giant question mark of a defense at 4th.

Tied for 4th is still 4th, and thats a bit too high. I think they will be greatly deflated after games 2, 3, 4...

Huronleaguefootball said...

Not feeling that Huron can win 3 games in the league? They may not finish 4th or tied for it but it's only 3 games.

Anonymous said...

I could agree with Huron being number 4... Milan lost their division 1 lineman/fullback their quarterback their running back/linebacker so they will be number 5 and Riverview Flat Rock Grosse Ile are the worst they aren't in the conversation... Jefferson wont be as good either... So it could happen where huron finally gets to at least 4th place... SMCC and Airport are the top and if i had to pick 1 i think airports got it this year.. a better team then last year after stomping CC in a shutout last year

Anonymous said...

recent history tells us they won't!! although once they do it then i will start making bold predictions like winning 3 league games or placing 4th in the league

Anonymous said...

The one thing most of you need to know is that Huron's "Dream Season" well has come and gone, they do not have Ecorse or Rouge on their schedule so there will not be 2 easy wins for them. I just cant see them getting the 3 wins in the league, they'll beat G.I. for sure and maybe Flatrock, but I dont see a repeat of Riverview happening, and last year they were only in the game against Milan because of Clairborne.

Again none of the teams in this league will allow Huron to crack the top 4 no matter how you look at it.

I see the Chiefs going 3-6 with wins against Mason, G.I. and Crestwood

#45in20002001 said...

Huron lacks two things and thats why they always seem to fall short. Those two things are "self-discipline and the ability to finish". Until they change those two things, and maybe this year will be the year, they will continue to lose games and be one of the door mat teams of the Huron League.

Beat three of the following schools in a season and then you have my respect:

Flat Rock

I list FR because it seems when Huron is good they choke against the Rams, when they are bad they give the Rams a fight and try to make up for a bad season in one game.

Anonymous said...

Dan Jones is the best quarterback in the league, he can run the option as well as throw a nice deep ball, the reason he only completed 44% was because the reciever dropped 1/3 of the passes. And you mean to tell me Huron will finish better than Milan?, I'll be impressed if they are better than Flat Rock or Riverview, and Milan should be above Huron and Jefferson, who just lost a whole football team from last year that only won 5 games

Anonymous said...

someone that sees the light!! Finally...