Sunday, August 23, 2009

6th Place League Finish

Things are getting tougher here but anyway I slice it I come up with this order. I know I am going to start getting some slack from people. Please pay close attention to the wins and losses.

Riverview had pretty much experienced football heaven in its first 25 years or so in the Huron League. The last couple seasons have probably been the equivalent of hell for the Pirate faithful. Last years team set a season record for points given up in a season and the Bucs had one of their worst records ever.

A season later Riverview fans are excited about the upcoming season. Mostly because of one man, Jeff Stergalas. Stergalas is everything they are looking for at Riverview; a veteran coach, winning record, discipline, a state championship and home grown. Many in the community think it's just a matter of time before they are back on top.

Offensively look for the Pirates to leave the single wing offense and become more diverse under Stergalas. Look for veterans Andrew White and Mike Tarbutton to provide much of the offense for Riverview this year. On the defensive side of the ball the Pirates will go back to the old school and become a much more physical team. Look for Dennis Brannon and Brad Bosman to lead the way for a defense that gave up 321 points last year.

The biggest thing that will impact Riverview football this year is Stergalas. High School football success requires good coaching and Riverview has that once again. Look for the Pirates to make an improvement this season and go 3-4 in the league and 5-4 overall.


Anonymous said...

I can't hate the pick of Riverview here... Just have a feeling that NBH is not as dynamic as everyone seems to think.

Huronleaguefootball said...

Be patient and look at the records I will list. I am trying to create some anticipation here.

You do realize that Huron beat Riverview last year 41-0 and has virtually everyone back right?

Anonymous said...

Riverview beats Huron this year..u heard it here first!

Anonymous said...

huron is very talented...i would like to know more about the riverview team...myself being a GI alumni i will root for the devils but the colvin cup game is always a great game no matter the talent levels on either do u see the game ending>?

Anonymous said...

I can see the Colvin Cup game possibly being a blow out, after the pillow fight we seen last year, and it being the Homecoming for Riverview's Stergalas it might be safe to say this game wont be taken lightly by anyone, but i may be wrong and it could be a game, but definately not the pillow fight we seen last year.

Just my thoughts agree to disagree thats why this just a place for people opinions.

Anonymous said...

Just out of curiousity but how can Dennis Brannon help lead the defense if he doesnt even start on defense?