Thursday, August 20, 2009

Huron Scrimmage

With rain dominating the great white north for the next two days. The family and I headed back to civilization in time for me to catch the Huron Chief scrimmage in New Boston earlier this evening.

The Chiefs were hosting Plymouth Salem, Belleville and Melvindale. Salem and Belleville haven't exactly lit the world on fire the last few years on the gridiron but they are considerably bigger schools than Huron. Melvindale is more Huron's size and is probably in a place where Huron would like to be.

Huron showed all three teams that they will have an extremely potent offense this year. The Chiefs have an extremely big offensive line. Andrew Mayrand looked brilliant at times. He threw the ball accurately all night long. Dave Stockert caught virtually every ball thrown his way. Tyler Weclowski showed a rugged running style and Sterling Wilson scored nearly every time he touched the ball.

Defensively the Chiefs struggled, which may not be a surprise since the other three teams liked to spread it out and throw the ball. Huron will not see much of that in Huron League play. With that said, offense fills the seats but defense wins championships. The Chiefs have enough offensive talent to make the playoffs but they will have to stop people if they plan on actually being there.

On a side note: Huron's field looked tore up. Almost like a mud pit. They may want to give that field some TLC soon or they may hold back their own offense.


Anonymous said...

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Covo5479 said...

Watched the Riverview scrimmahe last night, and i have to say Riverview is on the upside and there seems to be no looking back. Their going back to their old ways of smashmouth football. The offense had flashes of brilliance, they really knew how to trap, probably from running the single wing last year which all based on trapping. Both quarterbacks looked good. Tarbutton had alot of strong runs and they have to tough fullbacks from what i seen who made alot of holes and Tarbutton ran right through them.

Defensively they were solid, they smashed Trenton in the mouth on both sides of the ball. Bedford seemed to be a little bit more of a challenge but the Pirates still stuck with em and were still playing strong. Against Redford the Bucs dominated on both sides of the ball, it didnt seem as though Redford even belonged at the 4-way (IMO).

Just some of my thoughts on Riverview at their 4-way. Looking to be a good season for the Pirates.

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