Friday, August 28, 2009

Jets top Bedford 30-25

Airport was led by Jodeci Mays who carried the load for the Jets offense all night long. Mays had 29 carries for 180 yards and a touchdown. Mays also caught 3 passes for 13 yards and a first down. He had 6 carries of longer then 10 yards including 27 and 45 yarders on the drive that set up Airport's second touchdown.

Airport won the coin toss and Tyler Pluff gave the Jets great field position with a 70 yard kick return to the Bedford 27 yard line. Airport capped the short drive scoring on a Daniel Jones 10 yard pass to Dylan Close. Jones missed the XP and Airport led 6-0.

Bedford's first drive was impressive, but stalled deep in Airport territory after a holding call and a few nice pass deflections by the Jet secondary. Airport took possession and mounted a nice drive that came to an end with a lost fumble at the Mule 11 yard line.

Bedford couldn't get a first down and the Jets were back in business early in the 2nd Quarter. Mays broke runs of 11 and 27 yards to set up Daniel Jone's first scoring plunge from 6 yards out and the Jets lead swelled to 14-0 on Tyler Pluff's 2pt conversion run.

The Mules responded well and scored a TD in the last 2 minutes of the half on a 24 yard touchdown run, but missed the XP wide right. At the half Airport led 14-6.

To start the 2nd half Bedford had their best drive of the night, eating big chunks of yardage on the ground and scoring on 48 yard run. The conversion attempt failed again and Airport's lead shrunk to 2 points. The Jets proceeded to go three and out and punted Bedford into the lead. The Mule return man broke a bunch of tackles and took the punt 70 yards for the go ahead touchdown, and again missed the conversion attempt. Bedford led 18-14.

Airport responded right away with a nice ground game and Jodeci Mays put the Jet's ahead for good with an 11 yard touchdown run. Airport tacked on the XP for a 21-18 lead.

Bedford's next drive stalled quickly and the Jets marched down the field on the back of Jodeci Mays. The Jet drive ended at the Bedford 10 yard line and Bedford's first play on the ensuing drive was a botched play, resulting in a Jet safety. Airport led 23-18.

The free kick brought out the razzle dazzle as the Mule punter kicked the ball directly at an Airport player and the Mules recovered the bal. Trailing only 5 points, it felt like a great finale was on the way, but Airport stuffed the Mules and took the ball back. After a nice punt return by Tyler Baker, Daniel Jones scored from 24 yards out on a nice QB Draw play. Airport led 30-18.

Bedford added a score as time expired and managed to kick the XP through the upright for a morale booster, but the game ended with Airport leading 30-25.


Final Score: Airport 30 - Bedford 25
1st Quarter: Airport 6 - Bedford 0
2nd Quarter: Airport 8 - Bedford 6
3rd Quarter: Airport 7 - Bedford 12
4th Quarter: Airport 9 - Bedford 7

Daniel Jones 7-14, 52 yds, 1 td
Tyler Baker 1-1, 10 yds

Jodeci Mays 29-180 yds, 1 td
Daniel Jones 10-63 yds, 2 td
Tyler Pluff 3-30 yds
Derrick Williams 4-8 yds

Jodeci Mays 3-13 yds
Tyler Baker 2-21 yds
Dylan Close 2-18 yds, 1 td
Daniel Jones 1-10 yds

Summary and Box Score Information written by Neil Szuch, Head Wrestling Coach - Summit Academy


Anonymous said...

Way to go Jets. Great first test, and outcome. The Huron League is going to be a "barn burner" this year. Most of the Huron League had great 1st games whether they won or lost.

Anonymous said...

WHOO-HOO!!! Derrek Williams 4-8 yds!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Geez...stupid penalties called much? this game was phenominal, what High School Football is all about but the refs for this game were not that great. This is MY opinion, deal with it what you like.

Rusty said...

Good job Airport!!! Bedford was a hell of a test to kick off the year and you stepped up to the challenge. Things to take from Friday night is that it looks like a 2 man race between SMCC and Airport, Jefferson was far too overrated, and we may have been too down on Milan

hlcRx said...

The refs called a lot of penalties, but I think they were ok.

Anonymous said...

Great Game... Airport got stopped twice inside the 10... Bedford got an onside kick and they scored as time expired this could of been a big butt whooping... but it was a great intense game... Mays ripped off a few clutch runs... Jones underthrew i think Baker a couple times which could of raked up big numbers for Jones... and Dylan Close had a phenomenal game at linebacker for the Jets... Great test passed Airport

Anonymous said...

Two man race??? I think the jet blast from DTW has you cats from Airport sniffin' jet A. You barely beat a botton dweller and jump on the coat tails of a real team (SMCC). Last I checked, there are still 5 undefeated teams (unless you've already beat them in some mystery game) in the HL. YES IT's EARLY and easy to have undefeated's....but that same logic applies the the ridiculousness of calling a two man race after game one in.
You boys at Airport better strap it up tight, or you'll be right about a two man race...for the basement.

Anonymous said...

Actually everyone in the league is 0-0, when it comes to league play. Like you said it's early. I was at the Airport/Bedford game, and i dont think it was as close as the score showed. As for Airport being in the basement, lets be serious. Come week six we will see how your "real team" does.


Anonymous said...

My real team is not SMCC, I was just using the team you chose to compare to. I do agree that by week 6 there will be an important game, but the SMCC/Airport game may only be important to one of you??!! We'll know who the suprise team of the year is by then (IMHO).

Anonymous said...

I didn't compare, I put my initials at the bottom of every post for a reason. Are you trying to say that neither airport nor smcc is going to win the league? Because thats how i took the above post about a 2 man race, and you obviously disagreed. Not trying to stir the pot just looking for some elaboration.


Anonymous said...

I believe that there is a team in the HL that will surprise and is not on the radar of the teams/followers of the "projected" best. Football is a sport of emotion, dedication, theory and then talent. It's the intangibles that may drive the league to exciting matchups not predicated on pre-season hyperbole. Both Airport/SMCC may be there, or maybe not. MILAN??..Huron?? or even ??????? I just happen to think it's more of a toss-up vs. the popular opinion.
Strap it up tight boys!