Friday, August 28, 2009

Submit your picks!

If you have an opinion on the outcome of a game tonight, post it here.


Anonymous said...

GI wins with a goose egg just like the JV did last night. The defense will be key for GI this year to make any headway in the HL schedule....maybe more going on at GI than meets the eye???
Strap it up tight boys!

Anonymous said...

Airport Bedfor tough first half... but Airport ends up pulling away in second half to win 35 to 14

Anonymous said...

Grosse Ile 21 Western 13
Flat Rock 22 Ida 34
Riverview 14 Crestwood 20
Milan 20 Ypsi 13
Huron 34 Mason 7
Jefferson 28 Tecumseh 20
Airport 34 Bedford 18
SMCC 7 Crockett 24

hlcRx said...

Airport 27
Bedford 14

Grosse Ile 49
Det. Western 0

Det. Crockett 29

Jefferson 20
Tecumseh 19

Ypsilanti 32
Milan 22

Ida 18
Flat Rock 16

NB Huron 40
Erie Mason 29

Riverview 49
Crestwood 9

Anonymous said...

If the rain continues.. I see SMCC 34 Crockett 21 . If the field is in good condition. The speed of Crockett may be too much for SMCC

Anonymous said...

Grosse Ile 40 Western 8
Ida 31 Flat Rock 21
Riverview 24 Crestwood 17
Ypsi 33 Milan 14
Huron 44 Mason 0
Jefferson 28 Tecumseh 24
Airport 10 Bedford 8
SMCC 49 Crockett 42

Anonymous said...

Grosse Ile over Western *
Ida over Flat Rock
Riverview over Crestwood
Ypsi over Milan
Huron over Mason
Jefferson over Tecumseh *
Airport over Bedford *
Crockett over CC
*= win by a large margin

Anonymous said...

Jefferson wins 21-8

Anonymous said...

JW, LIke me, your picks were incredible (except the Crestwood victory). Especially your large margin predictions.

"Region Fan"

Anonymous said...

Yea and i took Ypsi over Milan. Oh well 6-2.


Anonymous said...

Submit your picks week 2??? Still have a few hours to put it up....