Monday, August 31, 2009

Week 1 Thoughts

Well, week 1 is done and gone and teams are preparing for their fist league game. I think we learned a lot last week about each of the teams in the Huron League.

Grosse Ile did what they were expected to do and ended their 20 game losing streak. Dex Teen led the Red Devils as thought but it was a solid team effort all the way around.

Flat Rock was pounded by Ida. Joe Conner led the way for the Rams but found running room tough as the Ida defense focused on him all night. The Rams weak spot is their own defense and will that will probably plague them all season long.

Riverview disappointed many with their loss to a less than average Crestwood team. Stergalas clerly has his work cut out at Riverview and this season looks like it may be a struggle.

Milan's performance surprised many this past Friday with a good old fashioned butt whooping of Ypsi High. Either Milan is very good or Ypsi is very bad. It looks like Milan is very good.

Huron did what they were suppose to do. They dominated a poor team. Andrew Mayrand picked up where he left off and looks poised for another great season.

Jefferson looked rusty early on against Tecumseh but Cisco relied on his old friend "the running game". Bryan McCullough looks like he is good as billed after scoring 3 touchdowns.

Airport showed that they are a force to be reackoned with again in the Huron League. Daniel Jones and Jodeci Mays led the Jet offense which should have no problem putting up points this season.

SMCC lost a heart breaker on a last second play in the opener. When is this type of stuff going to stop happening against good teams? The good news is, the Falcons have a great team and will be battling for a league title.

Look for my predictions on week 2 games on Tuesday and Wednesday of this week.


Anonymous said...

So does anyone think Airport or Milan is the top team in the league now or does everyone still think SMCC

Anonymous said...

HuronLeagueMan, try getting your predictions on here tuesday. There are a few games on thursday because of labor day.

Anonymous said...

Airport All The Way!

Anonymous said...

Milan can't be the favorite after that win over Ypsilanti. Ypsilanti may have the worst team in school history this year. Milan played very well, but Ypsi was way over-hyped. Airport, however, played a pretty good Bedford team and came through with a nice win. You can't hold smcc's loss against them too much either because they too played a good team.