Friday, September 11, 2009

Airport Flexes It's Muscle

Summary - Airport looked very good in this game on both sides of the ball forcing a running clock in the 4th quarter. Their defense set the tempo early and often sacking Milan QB - Grant Karr four times and picking him off three times. Jodeci Mays carried the load on the ground for Airport with 18 carries for 134 yds and three touchdowns. Four Jets scored on the ground as Airport amassed 294 yards rushing. Tyler Pluff carried 8 times for 61 yards and 2 scores. Daniel Jones and Derek Williams each scored once.

Tyler Baker had a pair of interceptions with nice returns and took two more punts deep into Milan territory setting up short fields and touchdowns for Airport.

Milan opened some nice holes for Joe Dunn, but the Airport LB corp limited the damages and Dunn finished the day with 17 carries for 83 yards. Milan trailed 21-0 when Chris LaBelle scored on a 90 yard kick return for the Big Reds. Milan appeared to play inspired for a series or two following the return, but Airport scored on Williams' run to make it 28-7. Milan was intercepted by Baker and Mays scored from 12 yards out on the next play from scrimmage.

After Milan turned the ball over Mays scored from 43 yards and started the running clock, 42-7.

CJ Luvene returned the net kick 80+ yards for another special teams touchdown for Milan to momentarily stop the running clock, until Tyler Pluff's plunge from 12 yards out made the score 49-14.

Milan added a late touchdown on the passing arm of backup QB Tony Martenson who found Zac Arnold twice for 54 yards and a score.

Final Score 49-21 Airport.


Airport Rushing
Jodeci Mays 18-134 yards, 3TD
Tyler Pluff 8-61 yards , 2TD
Derek Williams 5-33 yards , TD
Daniel Jones 5-25 yards, TD
Glenn Smith 2-23 yards
Dillon Balk 2-18 yards

Airport Passing
Daniel Jones 2/7-3 yards, INT

Airport Receiving
Tyler Baker 1-3 yards
Jodeci Mays 1-0 yards

Milan Rushing
Joe Dunn 17-83 yards
Leo Pittman 7-24 yards
Jason Tackett 2-7 yards
Barry Brock 2-0 yards
Grant Karr 6-(-2) yards

Milan Passing
Grant Karr 5/18-31 yards, 3INT, 4-sacked
Tony Martenson 2/2-54 yards, TD

Milan Receiving
Zac Arnold 2-54 yards, TD
Barry Brock 1-12 yards
Joe Dunn 1-8 yards
Cody O'Keefe 1-7 yards
Tony Martenson 1-6 yards
Jason Tackett 1-(-2)yards

Airport - 14 / 7 / 14 / 14 / 49
Milan - 0 / 7 / 0 / 14 / 21


Anonymous said...

As an airport fan/alum, I wasn't even expecting this big of a blowout. They just embarassed Milan, this is rediculous. I thought that Milan would show some defensive skill and keep this low scoring, but this is just amazing. If Milan didn't have special teams, this would've been largest blowout in the state. Airport is looking like an all out league champ and a potential state contender. Keep it up Jets, don't let off the gas. And by the way, Huron and GI, good job, I was completely stunned by those outcomes, and I'll admit they stunned me.

Neil Szuch said...

This will be the last Huron League game I attend this season, and look forward to reading the summaries and scores from across the country. I might blog a little from Texas at a few HS games and maybe I'll even catch a game in Virginia in early November.

Best wishes to all the Huron League teams in their quests to make the playoffs.

Be back in time for Wrestling season of course.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, i agree with the guy below. Airport really stepped up on both sides of the ball. It's great to have multiple people score TD it keeps the other Defense honest and in need of a break. Good win jets, 3-0!

Anonymous said...

If it wasn't for a couple of Airport Special Teams mistakes, this game would've had Milan players wearing paper bags on there heads for the bus ride back home! Look out Jefferson! The Jets are flyin'!

Anonymous said...

Very good game... Airports Defense was on fire... Airport Defensive backs gave their team good field position on their interceptions... 1 for Pluff and 2 for Baker... Baker i believe also had 2 great punt returns 40 plus yards to give his offense easy scores... New linebacker for Airport i saw was Andrew Nava and he might of been the best out there i dont understand why he hasn't played the entire season... overall good game and the Article title is right... AIRPORT FLEXES ITS MUSCLES

Anonymous said...

To the comment above. Drew Nava has been the leading tackler for Airport the last 2 season. He's been injured the first 2 games but is back. Great game jets.

Anonymous said...

Great Win for the JV and Varsity.. Best is yet to come at Airport. BUT, LETS GET READY TO RUMMBLE.. Next week ought to be a good "emotional test" for the Airport Staff & Boys. Great test, preparing for the SMCC destruction forthcoming. As a Jefferson Grad, with kids at Airport, I am thrilled to root for Airport and the Leagues success.

GREAT JOB AIRPORT FOOTBALL PROGRAM... Excellent support parents and fans, YOU are why I am a proud supporter of Jets Sports Programs.

Anonymous said...

Nava didnt play the first two games because he was hurt. Hes been Airports leading tackler the last two seasons.

Anonymous said...

i am a parent of a milan player, and i was expecting a very close and hard fought game, just like almost everyone else. Holy crap, Airport came out and slapped us. the line from airport was big and physical, and the defense was alot better then everyone was saying. That #5, i think its mays, is a heck of a runner. i have a whole new respect for Redmond. big reds keep getting better. u will learn and get better from this game. Airport, good luck, go win states. Ur the only team around with a legite shot.

Anonymous said...

Airport did this to milan with only 2 passing yards, now Jones isnt a world beater, but he is better then that.he threw for alot last week. That is amazing that airport can do what they did to Milan without passing success. keep it up Jets.. 3-peat, state champs

Anonymous said...

It's nice to hear from the parents of players on the opposing team. The comments they made are a true testiment of sportmansship. Keep your head up! Milan fought hard against a talented, disiplined team. But let me tell ya something.....those "No fly zone" shirts Milan fans were wearing was the reason Airport wanted to unleash on you!

Anonymous said...

now i was also impressed at the airport/milan game but in order for airport to contend they need to get their special teams going. bedford got a punt return for a td.
huron had a couple good kick returns. and milan returned 2 kicks. no doubt in my mind redmond and his staff will find a way to fix the problems, afterall there are very few at this point. GO JETS!

Anonymous said...

Airport has been bad on special teams since Redmond got there.

Very few kick returns scored and tons of big special teams plays given up.

If Airport invested some energy in the kicking game and return teams, they might have a chance to do some real damage in the playoffs.

FG's are worth 3 points. Turnover on downs because you are afraid to kick the ball.... ZERO!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Airport on a great start; but, fans, SLOW DOWN; you have a good team in a league that is MUCH SMALLER than you; you beat a perennial underachieving Bedford team. I have no doubts that you will be favored against St. Mary's but to say "win states" is laughable. Enjoy the ride, good luck in the HL, and then take your "one and done show" to the playoffs, just like every year

Anonymous said...

Wow! Those SMCC parents just can't stop throwing digs at Airport. The "high and mighty" are still going strong! Then they ask..."why do people hate us?" Duh!

Anonymous said...

Airport is not one and done every year in the playoffs:

2007 - Second Round
2005 - Third Round
2003 - Second Round
2002 - Third Round

And before you go jumping on your high and mighty Central Falcons bandwagon... Central is the biggest beneficiary from the Huron League by far.

If they didn't play in the Huron League they'd be playing scrubby schools all season long and would be 9-0 and one and out every season.

The Huron League keeps SMCC on top of their game and they get to play smaller schools who dont benefit from the HLC schedule.

And I don't carry sour grapes from losing to SMCC when I played in the Huron League.

98-8 against CC in the two seasons I played for Airport

Anonymous said...

Must of played in 98 and 99. SMCC was poor that year, dont feel special everyone beat them those two years, but with the acception of those years they are/were/will be dominant.

Anonymous said...

or maybe 02 and 03 when airport beat cc two years in a row.

Anonymous said...

airport milan game on the internet.

Anonymous said...

dont forget bout 08, and gunna be 09. that was and its gunna be a butt kicking