Friday, September 4, 2009

Game Summaries

Sorry folks I wrote these but forgot to post them. Once again thanks to my contributers.

Milan 14 Flat Rock 0

This game was scoreless until the 2nd quarter when Milan scored on a QB sneak. The Big Reds led 7-0 at the half. Milan extended their lead in the 3rd quarter on a short run by Joe Dunn giving the Big Reds a 14-0 lead at the end of three. That score would hold as the teams both teams failed to score in the 4th. With the win, Milan moves to 2-0 and the Rams are 0-2.

SMCC 17 Riverview 10

The Falcons led this game 3-0 at the half. The Falcon running game was working again. Michael Howey rushed for over 100 yards while Riverview's Jason Kubica Threw for 115 yards and a touchdown. SMCC evened it's record at 1-1. Riverview fell to 0-2.


Anonymous said...

what was the Milan v. Flat Rock JV score?

Anonymous said...

My question to you "HuronLeagueMan" is whose weak riverveiw or smcc? I am thinking the league is very even this year and plenty of upsets will be happening to your "Top" Four. Huron looked very even against airport. Im not sure if both offense were really good, or if there defense were average. Jefferson has some big heart coming back to win, back to back weeks. GI is much improved from previous years. They could easily put a fight up against milan, airport and smcc, if not win a few of those games. Flatrock only lost to Milan 14-0, if they can get there offense going they can be successful. I think going into this week there will be a lot of questions about teams; Did milan play a weak team first week, or is Flatrock going to make games close and interesting. Jefferson is clearly a better second half team. Note the Jr. have won 14 straight, these kids play with heart(including the seniors, a lot of 12th grade leaders on this team). But if Huron goes up on them early, can they come back 3 weeks in a row? As for Huron, are they in shape to last four quaters against the bruising fullback McCullough? Like I said earlier, did SMCC play a good game, or is Riverveiw better then what people thought? People are questioning if this league is down, or is everyone in the league playing good football? Looks to me that we have seven weeks of football left to let it unravel.

Mr. HuronLeagueMan said...


Riverview did play alot closer with SMCC than I expected, but is it possible that Riverview just had a good night?

McCullough will continue to wear down defenses with his physical style of running, but will Jefferson be able to stop Huron League's offenses? Or is Grosse Ile that good offensively? Or is Jefferson just going to win some grind-it-out games?

And even though Flat Rock played tough with Milan, does that mean that Flat Rock won't get beat up this week by SMCC?

After this week, nobody knows exactly what to think of the league. I sure don't have a clue, but I'm excited to see what happens Week 3.

Anonymous said...

Smcc's running game is working again? Michael Howey was the only reason the Falcons won this game, Riverview shut down Labeau. They forced Smcc to go 3 and out on their opening drives and only got the 3 pts because Riverview muffed the punt and CC got the ball back on Riverview 30yd line, and again were stopped on 3 straight plays and then kicked a field goal. It was all smashmouth football the whole game. In Riverviews defense they played a hell of a game. They werent the same Riverview team we've seen in recent years, my hats off to em. But CC did play fairly well. So no complaints there.

Huronleaguefootball said...

SMCC had 285 yards rushing. LaBeau had 80 of them. Howey had 110 and Lamour had 79.

Anonymous said...

"Huron looked very even against airport. Im not sure if both offense were really good, or if there defense were average."

Huron's offense is just as good as Airports offense. Size is a bit bigger in Huron's favor, but speed is also in Airports favor giving it an even balance.

"But if Huron goes up on them early, can they come back 3 weeks in a row? As for Huron, are they in shape to last four quaters against the bruising fullback McCullough?"

Huron can basically do anything as long as they give it their all. The players can last four quarters, but the real question is? Can their defenses heart last four quarters? Huron's team is one of the better one's this school has seen in a long time. I'm almost positive if the defense picks it up alot, and quits missing tackles and wraps up, and breaks the offense line, Huron can go places. Just a matter of will the defense have heart in them to want to win.

This is just my opinion looking at the team. They are good and they have much talent that goes to waste when mixed with half-ass players.

Anonymous said...

I wonder the same thing about the league this year. After watching the scores this week it sure seems that the usual easy games for teams are becoming alot tougher. It seems that these schools have got their programs together and its gonna be alot more intresting this year. I can't wait to see what week 3 brings.

Huronleaguefootball said...

In regards to the defenses, I will say this. I have said all year that Huron's defense isn't particularly good. Combine that with the speed of Airport and you have a lot of points scored against Huron by the Jets.

Airport always plays good defense and Huron was able to score 26 points and roll up 450 yards. So I think it is safe to assume that Huron's offense is very good.

Anonymous said...

I have to say i dont agree that hurons line can go 4 quarters. At half time when they went in the barn I seen number 71 and a couple other lineman layin on the floor and looked about half dead. Jeffersons line is very quick and I feel will wear down those big huron lineman and espically seeing there going both ways.

Anonymous said...

To be fair... Airport's pass defense has been bad since FOREVER!

Quick review of Airport's lack of Air Traffic Control in the playoffs...

Marshall beats Airport on a Half Time hail mary in 1999. (17-14)

Jefferson beats Airport on a TD pass in the 4th quarter in 2000. (28-23)

Allen Park wins in 2001 on a hail mary. (14-13)

DeWitt throws the ball all over the field in 2002. (28-21)

Allen Park beats the Jets again with many big short passes all night long in 2003. (12-10)

Chelsea gets Aerial in 2004. (44-6)

Farmington Hills Harrison runs the spread to a easy win in 2005. (43-14)

Chelsea is able to complete passes in the MUD all night in route to another win in 2006. (21-13)

Melvindale eats up chunks of Airspace last season. (42-7)

Bottom line... Airport needs to learn how to stop the passing game desperately. Air traffic controllers are seriously lacking in Carleton.

Huronleaguefootball said...

Did you just compare Huron to all those great programs?