Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Week 5 Picks Part II

Grosse Ile/SMCC: SMCC owns a 6 game winning streak heading into Friday's game with Grosse Ile. The last time the Falcons lost to the Islanders was in 2002 and that was also the last time SMCC had a losing record.

Grosse Ile has proven to many this season that they are a much improved program over the previous 2 years. The Red Devils have numerous weapons on offense and have tightened up the defense this year. John Bodner should be commended for the job he has done this year with the Red Devils.

SMCC has reeled off 3 wins since dropping the opener to now 4-0 Detroit Crockett. The Falcons have battle some injuries this season and have been plagued at times by undisciplined and uncharacteristic penalties. The Huron League schedule has been extremely kind to the Catholics as they have faced the traditional bottom 4 in the league the first 4 games.

Grosse Ile's offense should give SMCC some problems this week. The Falcons did make some excellent adjustments last week against Huron to steal a late victory. Look for a healthier Chris LaBeau to make a first half difference as SMCC marches towards a showdown with Airport next week. SMCC wins this game 34-17.

Huron/Flat Rock: Flat Rock has won 3 in a row against the improving Huron program when the Chiefs may have had more talent each year. There are many who say the Chiefs are cursed against the Rams in football. Last years Flat Rock victory featured a ball that bounced off of a perfectly positioned Chief defender into the arms of a Ram that provided a crucial touchdown for Flat Rock. The bounce was one in a long line of bounces or mishaps that date back to the 70's.

Huron played well at times last week against SMCC and probably should have won the game. The Chief offense has been it's usual self and the defense played their best half of the year against the Falcons before giving up a late Mike Howey 45 yard run. The Chief defense was excellent against the Falcon rushing attack the entire half except for that 7 seconds.

Flat Rock dusted off the playbook last week that many didn't think existed as the Rams showed an offensive outburst in their 28-21 victory over Riverview. Don't expect Flat Rock's version of the run and shoot to continue this week. Joe Pruchnicki is a run first coach and that will continue to be the case against Huron.

This is a potential trap game for the Chiefs against their bitter rivals. The Chiefs need this win against Flat Rock and the Rams will be looking to continue their winning streak. Look for the much bigger Chiefs to run directly over the Ram defense while mixing in the pass to their talented receivers. There will be no curse this year as the Chiefs eye a potential playoff birth. Huron wins this game going away 31-14.


Anonymous said...

The winds of change have switched direction from gale force to a bunch of hot air blowing strong right from the island. GI will not be going anywhere until the staff figures out how to make the team play the whole game. Not just until the half. From our side it did not look like they really used the whole bench so maybe if they can get some "winds of change" from the rest of the team they will be able to "strap it up" with the rest of the league. Until then they will be bottom dwellers. Again they look good to a point then fall apart from there since they seem to run out of “wind”.

It still may be a year or two out on having a team that will win more than two games. Hopefully their coach can hold on to his job after winning only 2 games in three years. And if History means anything the Devils have only beat SMCC 6 times since 1980 so the edge will be to SMCC this week. From what we heard at the Milan/GI game is that the GI JV program is doing well. I have been told that at JV they have more than just two or three players that can bring it on so the future may be there but count the Devils out until then.

Anonymous said...

I couldn't agree more - the GI Varsity relies on just a few "key" players while the GI JV has the depth of a number of players. The JV team also seems to play more as a team. It will be tough for GI for a few more years although they are really showing improvement from what I have seen so far - give them another two years and they will rebound strongly. You've got to admire the fan support over there on that island.

Anonymous said...

Late breaking news....National Weather Service has issued a severe plagorism warning to the GI doubters.

GI will reserve rights to strap it up and bring winds of change. NOW it's up to GI to keep bringing it... and continue the smack-down on all the doubting thomas crowd.... we relish the underdog roll.

I haven't had anyone step up and take a bite of crow yet on all their other anti-GI bombastic commments and blow-out predictions, except to continue taking cheap shots like count-em out, small/slow/weak, never compete, bunch of hot air, etc,etc.

Just ask Jeff. and Milan how bad GI was as their teams and fans stormed the field to celebrate victory....sounds more like a team that acted like they barely won a close game that they were losing. Oooopps, wait a minute...thats EXACTLY WHAT HAPPENED. Not exactly hot is it!!

Granted, GI still has not completely learned how to win vs trying not to lose games late and that will come. Also, I would agree that better bench use is a must, including stop robbing JV talent everytime there is a whisper of injury...more than enough numbers this year to stop that VERY DISRUPTIVE habit.

You can COUNT ON GI ushering in GALE FORCE WINDS OF CHANGE and you also count on the GI doubters to continue their bombastic, unsubstantiated rethoric... sooooooo predictable and GI LOVE IT!

Strap it up tight boys!!....

Anonymous said...

Why so many people loving on GI? They haven't shower skill at all this season... IF/WHEN they beat SMCC is when i will give them props until then, SMCC has my vote on this game. go get em boys. Same with the Chiefs. The rival schools will meet again and Huron having a much better team as many has seen will rise to the occasion and FR will get a beating they deserve. Hurons specially looking to do some work on their field to them specially for the work they did at Arrow Head stadium [not cool] good luck all teams! :)

Anonymous said...

Hey Weatherman,
Do your "winds of change" mean you're happy to just be competitive because you are referencing 2 games that you lost (you realize that right?) to 2 teams that are having down years but still beat you. At least Huron actually beat Jefferson. I know 2 winless seasons kind of distorts perspective and it's great that you're somewhat competitive and I give your coaches and kids props for improving but let's just keep everything in it's proper place. I'll be the 1st one to say that there is more to high school football than wins and losses. There are a lot of life lessons to be learned and I give a lot of credit to the Devils for showing some heart this year. Learning how to win will come with time. But you shouldn't be telling people they are eating crow or calling out "doubting Thomas's" when you haven't won those games. Beat Central and I'll be the 1st one to say great job, you've turned the corner but until you turn those close calls into wins, keep your mouth closed, keep supporting your team, and have faith that the wins will eventually come. I spent a little time coaching on the Island a few years back and I can say that they have a lot of good parents, fans who really want the program to do well. Most of them are quality people, just haven't had a lot of talent (other than Teen) the past few years. I just don't like calling people out after you lost games. When you start beating the Jeffersons, Milans, SMCCs, and Airports, and are competing for a HL title than you can talk about winds of change and eating crow all you want, but until then just support your team and enjoy the fact that there is more competitive football on the island.

Anonymous said...

Mighty Chiefs

Anonymous said...

Just like Huron had the better team last year right? Remember how that turned out?

Mr. HuronLeagueMan said...

Milan rushes the field after every game that they win (as long as the school who hosts the game doesn't mind). It is part of their tradition, not because they were particularly excited by that victory.

And you're right Grosse Ile was winning late in both of those games but got tired in the 4th quarter as they went on to lose both.

The "winds of change" are nice but being competitive and losing is still another tally in the L column, which at the end of the day is the only thing that matters.

Anonymous said...

Like i said just wait and see... Look at Hurons current game play they've been playing, to flat rocks?..

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

How many yards in penalties did CC have? 150?

Anonymous said...

to the guy who was talking about GI, saying that they have shown heart and deserve to be commended for it but are still losing those games and that he'll be the first to congratulate GI if they beat CC, you said that in the past few years there wasnt much talent at GI, well im just going to have to disagree, yes the last two teams were bad, but the '06 had Crowley (maybe the best in the league at the time) at QB, jeremy heyler as a receiver (6'6"" and fast) and jerecki as the tailback ( and trust me i tried tackling by far hardest runner i ever tried to tackle in HS), they only went 3-6 but were still good. The thing is this years league is way down, and not nearly as good as in years past, you can tell by looking at SMCC, Jeff, Milan, and even Riverview as compared to teams from the past few years. Jefferson isnt nearly as good as the '06 team and either is Milan and CC, and ytes airpport is good but the healthy '06 team was more than impressive. If you put that GI team in this years league they'd make the playoffs. The point is this year the league is way down so to say that the '06 GI team didnt have talent is a mistake, and look at the '04 team...state semis c'mon two bad years...former GI player signing off...strap it up tight boys and y'all better be ready for those winds of change cuz there definatley here!