Sunday, September 13, 2009

Hey Everyone!

I would like to personally thank everyone who has been a part of making this football blog a lot of fun for myself and for those who like to read about Huron League football. We had over a 1,050 hits on Saturday by people who like to read about high school football and the number of 1st time visitors continues to grow each day. That number was 227 yesterday.

We have tried to be fair to everyone in regards to out football coverage. I have managed to see four of the Huron League teams personally and I have plans to see the others. At times I am at the mercy of my family to cover the home team and I still have to get out and cover my alma mater as well.

I have had others helping me cover the other teams in the Huron League but could always use some more help. I lost my solid writer who has been covering the Airport games because he is headed down to Texas for a while. If your interested please drop me an email at your convenience.

While I have your attention I would ask you to please support our advertisers on the blog. Most of it is relevant to the content on the site and may be worth your while.
You may have noticed that I included a sports info area with links to some sport specific information. If you like running, coaching youth sports or are interested in professionally written sports info this is the place to go. I have gotten some nice feed back from people regarding the info they purchased.

Thanks again for reading the blog and remember to look for our basketball blog when the season starts.



Anonymous said...

You should maybe do a track thing this spring?

Anonymous said...

Congrats Chris and outstanding job. I have forwarded the blog link to everyone in my email, graduates of '84 and my facebook class mates. This is a great thing you are doing.

I am hopeful you do it for Baseball this year, the competition & talent in the HL is so incredible, I am thinking one HL Team will be state champs in the next year or so. Not mentioning anyone team in part"JETS"icular. LOL.

Anonymous said...

Have you told us who your alma mater is? I'd like to know! You do pretty good as a neutral.

Huronleaguefootball said...

I'm a Flat Rock graduate who lives in Huron Township. My kids don't go to either school. When I say home team I am referring to Huron because that is where I live.