Sunday, September 27, 2009

Huron League Thoughts

How many people will attend the SMCC/Airport showdown this week?

Grosse Ile and SMCC compiled over 900 yards of offense on Friday.

Coach's Credo: Offense fills the seats and defense wins championships

Riverview may be catching Jefferson at the right time.

The programs at Flat Rock show the Rams as a small team that's because they don't list heart size next to the height/weight columns.

Milan is still receiving criticism at 4-1.

What happened to the defense that used to be played in this league?

Cameron or Stockert who would you choose? Jones or White?

Is the league up or down this year?

Airport's win over Bedford just keeps getting better and better.

This league has some excellent running backs.

Ecorse won again, beating previously undefeated Ann Arbor Gabriel Richard.


Anonymous said...

The League is up. Daniel Jones is the best QB. The top 6 Running backs would be.....Chris LaBeau, Dex Teen, Jodeci Mays, Joe Conner,Leo Pittman, and Sterling Wilson...great backs/quarterbacks in the HL this year..Conner from Flat Rock is the best receiver in the league when he is split out.....Cameron from GI is solid as well

bloodynutter said...

-I say approx 3,000 attend the Airport/CC game.

-The league is way up from top to bottom.

-Most every team is going to some type of the spread, which is difficult to defend. Once coaches catch up as to how to defend this offense, the D will be back.

-SMCC is 4-1 with the loss coming to 5-0 Crockett(D3-4) and are receiving critisism.

-Airport aside it seems every team is vulnerable every week to any team.

-Will All-Leaguer Nick Wilson be out for the big game due to a sprained ankle?

bloodynutter said...

Yes Airport's win over Bedford was a nice one not only for the Jets but also for the league.

Anonymous said...

I would take Stockert just because he is very tall and can get the higher ones... Cameron is good too... Dont forget Baker jets offense doesnt pass nearly as much as huron or grosse ile and he still has some pretty good numbers...

Anonymous said...

ohh yeah, and please don't tell me how Huron was in the game against airport with 9 minutes left..they got spanked..also Huron should have beat SMCC.....I don't think SMCC has figured out that during practice coaches have created things called defensive backs drills/ run 6 plays..spend 15 mintues defending the pass, and you'll be much better..continue to play your DB's 15 yds off each receiver and you'll continue to give up 400 yds a game

Anonymous said...

jones....he got friday night star throwing for 150 and 2 td"s..white literally had twice that with 300 yards and 4 tds

Anonymous said...

The League is down. Evidence: I think Jefferson is clearly worse than usual. Huron & GI have above average offenses, but not great teams. FR is not a powerhouse, but is scrappy enough to upset average teams. Riverview is not there yet. Milan and SMCC are good teams, but by their own admission are not as good as usual. Milan and SMCC are still able to have impressive records, because the league is down. Airport is the only team in the league, that is as good, if not better than is recent years.

That being said, there is still good football being coached and played in our league. I don't think any coach in the league takes any other league opponent lightly and a lot of the programs are getting better. Also our top three teams should be able to play competitively with any team in the state in their respective divisions.

Mr. HuronLeagueMan said...

I feel the league this year is better than it has been in years. People don't seem to agree on a high level but they have alot of very good teams. Airport looks like they have their best team in years. Come playoff time I think they could make a splash as well as SMCC who usually does well in the first game or two in the playoffs.

Milan continues to win after a tough loss to Airport. Why are they looked at as a bad team? They are almost guaranteed playoffs now with two easy games left. They will give Huron a very good game and in my opinion probably win.

Anonymous said...

Smcc needs there corners to get up and press the receivers and makeit hard for them to get off the line. This bend but dont break coverage is gettting old quick. Pannone has speed and can help in coverage as well.
The game this week has the potental to be a classic it depends on which team show up for central.

Anonymous said...

Mighty Chiefs

Anonymous said...

I don't think it really matters which CC team decides to show up Friday against Airport. The Jets have too many weapons for CC to key on. This battle will be fought on defense. Weather man is calling for rain Friday night. This might make for a "mud bowl". Navarre Field is going to be packed!!

Anonymous said...

jones actually threw for 3 TDs and the biggest difference in Jones and White is Jones team won. and Whites Didnt. obviously ur gunna throw more when ur down by a ton.