Friday, September 11, 2009

Offensive Stat Leaders

Rushing Leaders:
1)Joe Dunn (M) 30-311, 2)Jodeci Mays (A) 48-306, 3)Bryan McCullough (MJ) 34-291, 4)Dex Teen (GI) 33-250, 5)Sterling Wilson (H) 29-207

Passing Leaders:
1) Andrew Mayrand (H) 18-35-313, 2) Daniel Jones (A) 18-27-206, 3)Jason Kubica (R) 12-33-192, 4) Robby White (GI)9-16-145, 5) Grant Karr (M) 12-16-92

Receiving Leaders:
1)Jim Cameron (GI) 6-132, 2)Michael Kowalski (R) 7-125, 3) David Stockert (H) 4-111, 4) Tyler Baker (A) 5-82, 5) Caleb Tavtigian (H) 3-71


bloodynutter said...

None of the "recruited" superstars from SMCC are amongst the league leaders in any category???? How can this be? Call the President!!!!

Anonymous said...'re wearing your dislike of SMCC on your sleeve.

Love your positive giddy up and build up your team(s) of choice. Makes for alot more fun in the blogoshpere.

Anonymous said...

i find it interesting that 4 of the top 5 players for rushing are juniors.

bloodynutter said...

Its called sarcasm.. turn on your meter. they are my team.

Anonymous said...

GI 24 Riverview 15

Rob White throws for 2 touchdowns and runs for another. GI wins the cup!

Anonymous said...

SMCC 40 Flat 0

this was with two minutes left from what i was told

NB Huron beats Jefferson

Huron 42 Jefferson 28

Anonymous said...

Who ever says GI only has one weapon (Teen) is very wrong. They have two more players on the top 5 board and they have Church playing in there...