Thursday, September 17, 2009

Offensive Stat Leaders

Rushing Leaders:
1)Jodeci Mays (A) 66-457, 2)Bryan McCullough (MJ) 55-406, 3)Dex Teen (GI) 55-403, 4)Joe Dunn (M)45-382, 5)Chris LaBeau (SMCC) 55-351, 6)Sterling Wilson (H) 47-346

Passing Leaders:
1) Andrew Mayrand (H) 25-46-493, 2) Robby White (GI)18-28-276, 3)Jason Kubica (R) 18-48-257, 4) Daniel Jones (A) 27-37-224, 5) Grant Karr (M) 17-29-125

Receiving Leaders:

1)Jim Cameron (GI) 13-252, 2) David Stockert (H) 6-163, 3) Caleb Tavtigian (H) 5-141 4)Michael Kowalski (R) 9-138, 5) Tyler Baker (A) 6-85


Anonymous said...

Its still early but can you tell me how they pick who plays who in the play offs.Can A play B or C What about the divisions help ?

Anonymous said...

yeahhhh buddyyyy!! gi top three in all offensive catigories.

bloodynutter said...


Every team with 6 wins gets in.
If you play only 8 games then 5 will get you in. If there arent enough of those teams to make the requisite 256 then they will pull from those that have 5 wins. Once they have the 256, they start at the top(enrollement wise) and break up the 256 into 8 divisions of 32. So yes B can play C and so on.

"Division" is only a playoff term. "Class" is a regular season term. Class comes into play when you are determining "playoff points" which are used to determine who plays who and where once the playoffs come around. For example you receive more "playoff points" for beating a Class A team than you do for beating a class B team etc.... I hope all this makes sense.

Anonymous said...

That was great thanks when you get to points dose the highest points play the lowest points.

bloodynutter said...

Yes but it is done by region. You will be matched vs teams that are near you in the first 2 rounds.