Thursday, September 3, 2009

Submit your picks

If you have an opinion on this weeks games give it here. It is easy to pick the game winner. Give a score and why!


Anonymous said...

already put it under week 2 thoughts, but what the heck.

Milan over Flatrock *
Airport over Huron *
Jefferson over Grosse Ile
SMCC over Riverview *

*= big wins, im talkin over 3 scores.


Anonymous said...

SMCC 42-7 over riverview, CC too good.
Jefferson 35-14 over grosse ile. Jefferson too strong, grosse ile too weak.
Airport 56-21 over huron, hurons D wont stop Airport.
Milan 35-14 over FR, little let down for milan, after big week last week.

players of the week - Jodeci mays, Bryan McCullough.
These 2 backs should have huge weeks against average Defenses

Anonymous said...

GI Jefferson
Best game I've ever seen in a long time. Tough loss for GI but I give them props for putting up a great fight against a tough team.
Almost won it too on a last second field goal...

Mr. HuronLeagueMan said...

Milan over Flat Rock

Lets face it, the Rams gave up over 300 yards on the ground last week against Ida. That will translate to an easy victory for the Big Reds. I look for Joe Dunn to have another explosive first half behind a good offensive line. I expect a repeat of last week with Dunn getting the 2nd half off after Milan pounces on them early.

Jefferson over Grosse Ile

This is a no-brainer. The Bears will dominate the game behind their offensive line and potent rushing attack. No need for much more.

Airport over Huron

I think this is the week that some of the Chief backers will realize that it will not be the year that they hope that it will be. With Airport, Jefferson and SMCC as their next three games, they will be looking to end the seasons with a 5 game win streak to get into the playoffs. With that being said, the Big Reds will beat them week 6 to end that hope (even though it was close last year, Claiborne is gone and Milan will match up better with a smaller, quicker defense). Look for Jodeci Mays to have a good day behind an aggressive offensive line. I also won't be surprised to see Daniel Jones to carry the ball on 8 QB sneaks again this week.

SMCC over Riverview

I had high hopes for the Bucs this year under a new coaching staff, but that was short-lived after a disappointing loss to a very average Crestwood team. SMCC has to be the favorite for the league, and I don't expect them to disappoint this week at Navarre Field.

Grosse Ile said...

GI played very well tonight but the lack of depth wore them down. Jefferson keyed on Teen and held him in check. McCullough just wore down the Devils and in the fourth quarter GI couldn't stop him. Jefferson pounds it down the field and kicks a FG to win it with 26.2 second to go. Jefferson 31 GI 29. It was a very entertaining game. GI is much improved from last season and Jefferson is definitely down.

Anonymous said...

OK Mr. HLM, you said "This is a no-brainer. The Bears will dominate the game behind their offensive line and potent rushing attack. No need for much more."

31-29 with a last minute field goal
does not constitute domination. I got a bowl of crow, would you care to take a bite!

Could it be after week 2 that GI is for real??... Naaaahhh, lets just keep counting them out and put-em where they belong as the underdog with no chance. Just where they like to be, however you better remember to strap it up tight boys!!


Mr. HuronLeagueMan said...

I did indeed say that Jefferson would dominate the game, as well as saying some other games that I said would be lopsided games. GI proved that they could play with a team that I thought pretty highly of.

Maybe the Red Devils will indeed be better than expected. The same could be said for Riverview and Flat Rock.

After tonight it looks like the league will be very competitive, and it could be a great year to be a Huron League fan. Hopefully all teams continue to play well and provide interesting games every week.

Anonymous said...

Ya he did say jefferson would dominate but how can you not count them out?? no matter how u slice it they are yet again at a losing record at 0-2

Anonymous said...

HLM...agree with your comments. It will be an exciting year in the HL.

BTW, GI is 1-1 which last I checked is anything but loosing. BUT, GI is OK with you thinking so!