Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Week 2 Predictions Part II

Flat Rock/Milan: Flat Rock entered the opening week of the season thinking they could possibly get back to back wins to start the season. After suffering a big defeat at Ida, the Rams must travel over 5 sets of train tracks on their way to Milan who is coming off of a thrashing of Ypsi High. Joe Conner had a hard time running the ball against the Ida defense. The Rams only threw it 6 times last Friday and may need more balance if they hope to move the ball this week. The Rams will need to have better line play on both sides of the ball if they hope to compete against the Big Reds.

If it seemed like I doubted Milan coming into the season it is safe to say I was wrong. I simply thought that Steve Robb graduated too many valuable pieces from last years team to not take a step backwards this season. Milan ran the ball almost the entire game throwing only a handful of passes. The Big Reds defense was hard nosed and the special teams also excelled.

Traveling to Milan you will notice that their stadium has received a makeover and that the Big Reds faithful take football seriously. Milan will be waiting for Flat Rock with a defense that will be keyed to stop Joe Conner. The Big Reds will probably have 5 or 6 different kids carry the ball on Friday led by Joe Dunn who had a monster game last week. I thought in the preseason that this was a game that Flat Rock could possibly win but this is a bad matchup for the Rams. The Rams had problems against the run last week and that is obviously Milan's strength. Part of me thinks that Ypsi is down from last year but Milan has just reloaded. The Rams may make a game of this if they can contain Dunn and his buddies early on if not, the flood gates may open. I think you'll see a different Flat Rock team this week unfortunately it probably won't matter. Milan wins 24-6.

Airport got a quality win against an improving Class A program last week and showed everyone in the process that the Jets are back. Jodeci Mays showed that he isn't just a track man and Daniel Jones showed he isn't just a baseballer. The Jets offensive line showed that they will be a formidable unit and should allow the Jet skill people make plays. The defense looks like its usual self with speed and physicality.

Huron started the season against a varsity team this year and was surprised by Erie Mason who scored on a trick play to open the game. That just seemed to make the Chiefs mad as they scored the games next 5 touchdowns to close out the first half. Andrew Mayrand picked up where he left off and the Chiefs had a significant running game last week. After the the Eagles scored the Huron defense dominated the game until a late score by Mason in the 4th quarter.

This week the Chiefs will find out if they have a legitimate shot at a top 4 finish in the league and a possible playoff berth. Huron must come out strong and pop the Jets in the mouth if they are to have a chance in this game. Confidence plays a role in sports and Huron could use some during the early part of this game. Expect a large Huron crowd and expectations of a victory. Airport will look to stop the Chief running game and make them rely on Mayrand's arm. Huron will try and do the same thing on defense and force Jones to have to throw the ball. This is a match up between the two best QB's in the league and they will have a say in who wins. Airport's defense will be the difference in this game. Running the ball against them will be tough going. You must be able to run the ball to win. Airport will have the better night on the ground and will win a hard fought victory 28-18.


Anonymous said...

28-18? hmm nah Airport is going for the shutout baby! 2 best QBs in the league no doubt but Jones is a lot more physical and he is gonna show that Friday night.

Anonymous said...

yea i see airport scoring more than that. ill give huron 18 thought their not that bad this year.

Anonymous said...

I would like to think if the Reds establish the same kind of running game early again, and are as stingy as they were last week..they set the tone early in this one.
Joe Dunn, What can I say about this kid...he is hard nosed, hard to take down, and when in the open has pretty decent speed, look for more of the same from him this week, and when he isnt running look for Leo Pitman, he will get more carries this week, speedier likes to carry to the outside, but in my opinion cant take the hits like Joe, we'll see as the season goes along, defense looked pretty sharp on the run, but could get exposed on a good passing team. My prediction this week. Look for Milan to run it down their throats
Milan: 42 Flat Rock: 9

Anonymous said...

haha I love how you said the rams ONLY threw the ball 6 times last friday. They matched there total of last year in the first game of the season. I find that remarkable and someone should shake p's hand.