Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Week 3 Predictions Part II

Huron/Jefferson: This game is a match up of teams who come from different sides of the tracks. Jefferson has been a very good program the past three decades and they own a state championship from 1994. Huron has struggled in that same time span and have lost 27 straight games to the Bears. The Chiefs last won in 1980, in fact the Chiefs won 5 in a row against Jefferson during the Tom LaBeau era at Huron. With that said, none of that has any bearing on this game.

Even though Huron was on the wrong side of a 54-26 loss to Airport last week the Chiefs feel they can score on anyone. Airport usually brings a good defense with them and Huron shredded it for 450 yards. The Chiefs should be able to score on the Bears. They don't boast the defensive speed of Airport. Andrew Mayrand should be able to throw on the Bears but look for Huron to run the ball as much as possible in order to work the clock. As good as Huron's offense is, the defense is the exact opposite. The Chiefs must improve their defensive line play against the Bear's power running game.

Jefferson found itself in a difficult position the last 2 weeks trailing their opponents at the break. Marc Cisco has worked some magic in the lockeroom at halftime each game and the Bears have done enough to win each game behind their powerful running game. Against Huron, the Bears must use the clock to their advantage and avoid turning the ball over. They must keep Huron's offensive weapons off of the field. Look for Cisco to run Bryan McCullough and Dylan Sharkus as much as possible to control the clock.

This weeks game should be interesting. It will be a difference in styles and philosophies. The Bears always play defense and the Chiefs are still learning. This game should be a high scoring affair but the better defensive team will win this game. Jefferson wins a close one again 30-28.

Milan/Airport: The Jets and Big Reds tied for the Huron League championship last season. Both teams are off to 2-0 starts this year. These are two of the fastest teams in the league and they should provide an entertaining game. Milan won last years game 26-14 and the Jets will have revenge on their minds.

Milan was dominant in their first game of the season against Ypsilanti rolling to a 49-12 win. Last week the Big Reds struggled with winless Flat Rock 14-0. Milan will look to depend on it's running game and it's strong defensive line play in order to be competitive in this game. Milan may need to throw the ball behind the arm of Grant Karr to loosen up the Airport defense who will undoubtedly put 8 to 9 men in the box.

Airport has been a scoring machine in their first two games. Five different Jets scored in the first 2 games. The Jets have amazing team speed on offense and if someone finds a seam in the defense they usually find paydirt. Airport hasn't seemed themselves this year on defense but have probably faced two of the better offenses in the region the first two weeks in Bedford and Huron.

This is without a doubt the game of the week in the Huron League and should draw quite a crowd in Carleton. Airport was one of my top picks in the league this year and there is no reason to doubt them now. They just have too many offensive weapons for Milan. They will be partying at the Grafton after a Jet victory on Friday as Airport downs Milan 35-27.


Anonymous said...

Never thought I would be saying this but after watching them play I think Huron is gonna be on the winning side.


Anonymous said...

Correct Airport is a little to good on O

Anonymous said...

Yes. Aiport is going to win, but the Jet D is gonna step up this week more than the last 2 weeks. It's gonna be a wider margain for win with the jets on top 38-15

Anonymous said...

This will be a big week for Jefferson. This is the first team they have met with a good passing game and they haven't been good at defending the pass so far this year.
I beleive this will show the true heart of this team this week. I look for the quick Jefferson D line to cause alot of trouble for Huron. Huron's O line looked winded in the second half last week and I think Jefferson has learned their lesson about taking people to lightly after last week in Grosse Ile. I think Jefferson will run alot this week to control the clock and keep the Huron offense off the field. I project to see a totally different Jefferson team this week.
Either way should be an exciting week of football.

Go Bears..

Anonymous said...

Airport will win, but this week won't be that high scoring. It'll be a great test as Milan is big up front, and we will really see what Airport's line is made of. Both teams were looking ahead last week to each other, and now they will be in top form. I say Airport wins the revenge game 20-7

Anonymous said...

The Huron and Jefferson game will be a close one. With Huron working 3 days this week on straight Defense and 1 day of Offense [offense did play good and ran their plays well where as the defense needs some work] i see Huron possibly taking the win this week. Huron's Defense is gonna be alot quicker and more stacked hopefully this week, and the offense is gonna run its game the way they do and run and pass the ball and get the yards they need. I see this score being around 38-24, Huron with the win if their Defense holds up and their offense steps up alot more.

Anonymous said...

Huuummm, "first passing team" and only sqeeked out a victory because they "took a team too lightly"? I love the continuous under-estimation of GI....
Last I checked there was an unknown reciever/QB that schooled MJ pretty good last week....just not good enough.
MJ better show up for the first half or Huron may Air Mail a margin that MJ can't recover from.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Jeffersons pass defense is weak at best. It will be a long night for the bears. 35-12

Anonymous said...

Hurons entire football program, 9th through varisty, got spanked pretty hard by Airport last week. I think they may looking to take out there frustrations on Jefferson this Friday night. Oley is way over rated, and "3 yards and a cloud of dust" only works for so long. Huron over Jefferson 35-14.

Mr. HuronLeagueMan said...

Milan vs. Airport

Airport has alot of speed offensively. Milan has alot of speed defensively. Airport has had fits at times on defense. Milan has had fits at times on offense.

Airport has already played in two very competitive games this year (even though the Huron score did no justice) and this game should be the same. I have Airport by a slim margin.

Jefferson vs. Huron

Huron has a very potent offense. They proved the first two weeks that not only can they pass the ball, but they can also run the ball with Sterling Wilson as well as others.

Jefferson has proved to have a huge heart. They continue to pound defenses all game and have worn down both opponents in the 2nd half and came away with come from behind wins.

I think that Huron may be the better team in this matchup. But with that being said, it will be awfully hard to get into a rhythm offensively for Huron if Jefferson keeps the ball away from them with "3 yards and a cloud of dust". I think that Marc Cisco will get things done with his old school style of play.

Grosse Ile vs. Riverview

Grosse Ile was very close to pulling off an upset over the Bears last week. Riverview played SMCC, my favorite for the league, very tough as well.

Alot of GI faithful on this site seem to think that they have a good team that could even be a contender for the league. But in his return to Riverview, Stergalas will not disappoint the Buc's fans in the Colvin Cup battle.

SMCC vs. Flat Rock

I said that Flat Rock would lose last week decisively. I also said that the Falcons would win by a big margin. I was wrong on both accounts. Even though I was wrong last week, it won't keep me from picking SMCC to win big.

Anonymous said...

Interesting comment on Coach Stergalas and not disappointing the fans. After attending the JV game yesterday (and being new to the area), will the Pirates' Varsity be as good at cheap shots and late hits as the JV ? Is that the legacy that coach Stergalas brings back to Riverview. I hope not. Good luck to both squads !