Thursday, September 10, 2009

Week 3 Thoughts/Questions

Here are some idle thoughts and questions on the 3rd week of the season.

Which game should I attend? Why?

Will one of the little four beat one of the big four this week?

Will GI/Riverview be the pillow fight it has been the last few years?

Can Milan pass the ball when needed?

Will SMCC throw a pass? Will they need to?

Will Flat Rock throw a pass?

Will Airport solidify themselves as a championship contender?

Will TJ Lovell have a breakout game offensively?

Can Milan throw if needed?

Can anyone stop Huron's offense?

Can Huron's defense stop anyone's offense?

Right now I am leaning toward covering the GI/Riverview game. I am interested in attending the Milan/Airport game but my people on the ground have that covered. I guess I will let everyone decide.


Anonymous said...

GI / RV will be a great game to see for several reasons:
- see for yourself GI's transformation from a bottom dweller gimme-game to, dare I say, HL contender
- Colvin cup is a tradition game that has merit
- Rivalries are always fun and exciting....and most certainly unpredictable.
- Pillow fight??? I only hope you say that to ensure anything but.
- New coach and step level of excitement at RV.
- Learn why you need to strap it up tight!

Anonymous said...

Agreed, except I think both teams are still in improving mode, whoever turns the ball over less will win the game.

Craig M said...

Looking forward to this game. Together combined 1 win last year. Both teams are showing improvement. Can GI run against Riverview is the question? Or is the question: can Riverview stop GI's running attack?

This is Stergalis's first game at Riverview since he was a player. Will he have his kids ready.

My question is: Who is the favorite?

We shall see on Friday night.

Anonymous said...

By far the best game in the league will be Jefferson/Huron..come on..Who wants to watch Riverview/GI play..It'd be history to watch Huron upset uncle marc, and I think Airport beats Milan by 2td's...Flat Rock/SMCC game will be over in 50 minutes because neither teams throw the it could be a running clock

Anonymous said...

ya id say cover the Gi Riverview game for sure

Anonymous said...

I will be at the Airport/Milan game, but if I would be anywhere else it would be watching Huron upset Jefferson.


Anonymous said...

Are you kidding, there are 3 games every year that decide the Huron League championship, and they involve Milan, Airport, and SMCC, so go to the game with playoff and championship implications, Milan vs. Airport. When GI or Riverview beat one of the Big 4 (Not stay close, BEAT), then I may halfway care about what they do. Until then, give me winners, give me champions and playoff teams

Anonymous said...

GI beat a team that had a 20 game winning streak and then stayed CLOSE to Jefferson. Their name should not be thrown into the contendership conversation.

I'm not trashing on Grosse Ile but come on now, let's be serious.

Anonymous said...

i think the person above me meant 20 game losing streak and i agree.

Anonymous said...

Will be yet another exciting game for the Jets. I see it being close in the first half, and Airports D stepping up in the 2nd half to seal the deal.

Airport 28 Milan 14

Jefferson has proved it is a come from behind team that plays with alot of heart. Huron shows they can score, and I think they will get to big of a jump in the 1st half.

Huron 34 Jefferson 28

SMCC/Flat Rock
Coach says they have work to do, so lets see if they do it.

SMCC 21 Flatrock 7

Grosse Ile/ Riverview
Gonna be a battle. I feel Grosse Ile played the better team last weak, and it will show.

Grosse Ile 30 Riverview 24

As of right now I'm 10-2 with my predictions.


Anonymous said...

Fair comment on GI except for one important item. They did not stay close, they had them beat. They ran out of gas and looked like an 0h-4 team trying not to lose. I think many people on this blog have agreed that it wasn't a matter of MJ being weak...quite the contrary. It's a stretch, but count on GI creating waves, they just need to crack the HL drought and RV is the start. Remember 2004 anyone?? The key will be defense and I kinda like all the talk about offense and the Teen/Church tandem....because it keeps the real strength of GI out of the limelight. Just like GI being the underdog...a great place to be when you have nothing to lose.

Anonymous said...

GI Riverview game - gonna be close but I think that GI will pull it off - the Cup goes to the Island in 09. Love the site - keep up the good work

Anonymous said...

The team Grosse Ile beat Detroit Western, had the same record as them 0-20. someone was breaking the streak.

I will say Grosse Ile played well against Jefferson. Just not good enought to win. Should be intresting this week against Riverview.

Craig M said...

Ok, is it just me or is the Riverview/GI game like Michigan and Michigan State? The all time record is 32-16 in the favor of Riverview. Every year you hear how great Michigan State(GI) is and how it is their year to beat Michigan(Riverview). And game time comes and what happens more often than not? Michigan(riverview) wins. Lets see what happens tonight before we talk about the rebuilding of GI. Riverview WILL be up for tonights game.