Sunday, September 13, 2009

Week 3 Wrap Up

This was an interesting week in the Huron League. Airport looked like they meant business against Milan and Huron is trying to put the past behind them.

Riverview: The Pirates had a rough week in losing to their arch-rival Grosse Ile 24-15. Not only did they lose the Colvin Cup they dropped to 0-3 on the season. The Pirates host winless Flat Rock this week and that seems like a good opportunity for Jeff Stergalas to get his first win at Riverview.

Flat Rock:
The Rams laid an egg in their home opener against SMCC. Flat Rock has two major problems; they can't score and they can't stop anyone. That is not a good combination for success. Flat Rock travels to Riverview and it may a chance for them to taste victory for the first time this season.

Grosse Ile:
The Red Devils are a happy bunch after beating Riverview on the mainland this past Friday. The offense has been impressive and diverse. GI should have a good opportunity to win another game when an average Milan team comes to town this week.

Milan: The Big Reds will have to regroup after the whipping they took in Carleton on Friday. The way I see it, Milan has beat two weak teams and lost to an excellent team. They face Grosse Ile this week and the Red Devils will be much better than the two weakling Milan beat up on the first 2 games of the season.

Huron: The Chiefs won one of the biggest games in their history on Friday at Jefferson. The Bears are a team the Chiefs had to beat in order to become the last Monroe County region team to ever qualify for the playoffs. Huron can really find out where they stand when SMCC comes calling on Friday night.

I don't think the Bears thought there was any chance of defeat when Huron came to town on Friday. The Bears would simply run the ball every play and get the "W". The problem is, the Bears threw the ball too much and hurt themselves while doing in. Jefferson host Airport on Friday and the Bears will have their hands full again with Airport's speedy team.

The Jets made a statement by punishing Milan in Carleton on Friday. The entire team was clicking and simply made the Big Reds look like a JV squad. Airport travels to Jefferson on Friday and the Bears always play the Jets tough.

SMCC: SMCC was not in a particularly good mood when they arrived in Flat Rock on Friday. They responded by scoring virtually every time they touched the ball. SMCC travels to New Boston on Friday and will have to defend Huron's potent offense.

I was 2-2 last week and that moves my record to a rather disappointing 11-5 on the season. This week will be a tough call to improve on that record with some even matchups happening. Look for my predictions on this week's game on Tuesday and Wednesday.


Anonymous said...

Please don't set up GI with a powder-puff prediction with Milan. The Big Red Machine is just that and they will regroup.

I think you're right that CA exposed them as potential underachievers, but it also may have woke a sleeping giant. No one in GI believes for 1 second that Milan won't be "geared-up" for GI who they paddled 48-8 last year....but that was last year.

No powder-puff here, but rather GI's season hingeing on delivering a convincing win and prove Milan an underachiever...or not?? DEFENSE will be the key again, mark my words....and oh yah, you better strap it up tight Milan cause the Red Devils are gonna bring it. I'm thinking GI may take over the "big red machine" moniker for the next few years, the heist may take place Friday.

NOTE: JV clash will be good too...two undefeateds but I'm thinking a HUGE message will be sent in this one. Shhhhhhhhh, the winds of change are blowing.

Rustayo said...

Here are some of my predictions, and I know I expect some criticism, but here we go:

Airport 35-Jefferson 7
I know Jefferson plays this rivalry tough, but its a down year for them, and it's not their fault. They lost a lot of talent from their 5-4 team last year. Airport on the otherhand has been dominant, they have by far the best offense in the league, and if Jefferson can't stop Huron I know they can't stop Airport.

SMCC 28, Huron 21

Obviously Huron is improved, their defense is pretty bad but they got a win they needed badly if they want to make the playoffs, because now as long as they beat the bottomfeeders like FR, Riverview, GI, and their last game against Crestwood, that's 6-3, which is all Huron fans could ever ask for. With that logic, they can lose to CC and Milan by however much (Which they will). SMCC has been played very tough this year, but they win, and it looks like yet another year in which we have Airport vs. SMCC as game of the year. Closer than it ever has been, but SMCC pulls through.

Milan 36-GI 7
GI, be happy you got 2 wins, you may get a 3rd from playing FR, but that's it. You are improved, and nothing more. There is no way that I can ever see Milan losing to GI, Milan tends to blow out teams they are supposed to, and they have a big chip on their shoulders after Airport just schooled them last week. Dex Teen is overrated, and I know Thom Box and Milan are going to show how and why.

Riverview 17, Flat Rock 7
Hardest game to pick, both are off to unfortunate starts, as they've played pretty hard with nothing to show for it. I just think Flat Rock has such a low amount of depth, they haven't had kids come out and it's affected them. I just have a feeling Riverview has to get a win, and that is pretty much all I'm going on.

Criticize all you want, come back to me on Friday night when I'm right. Peace out from Chicago


ANd note to the creator of this site, thank you. It gives a lot of fun to us football fanatics wherever we are, and allows us to stay pretty fresh on all of the coverage of the great Huron League. Let's keep up the coverage.

Anonymous said...

Dunn...Dunn...Dunn! That's ALL Milan has. Milan was "geared up" for Airport, and ended up wearing paper bags on ther heads. GI will put another whooping on Milan this week.

Huron is tough. If SMCC thinks they have this one in the bag, they better think twice. I believe after watching both teams play, Huron will squeak out a win.

Airport and Jefferson....Krogers on Dixie Hwy has already delivered the "paper bags" to the Bears locker room!

Riverview vs. Flat Rock....Pirates slash the Rams in this one. Somebodys going home 0-4, and it will be Flat Rock.

Isn't High School Football Great?

Anonymous said...

to the person posting;

SMCC 28, Huron 21

Obviously Huron is improved, their defense is pretty bad but they got a win they needed badly if they want to make the playoffs, because now as long as they beat the bottomfeeders like FR, Riverview, GI, and their last game against Crestwood, that's 6-3, which is all Huron fans could ever ask for. With that logic, they can lose to CC and Milan by however much (Which they will). SMCC has been played very tough this year, but they win, and it looks like yet another year in which we have Airport vs. SMCC as game of the year. Closer than it ever has been, but SMCC pulls through."

You do not know that we will lose. Our team is prepared this year and with as many good hearted and great players we have, we can be a great team! We're not just gonna let any team walk over us. If they want the win; they're gonna have to work for it and when i mean work for it, i mean fighting for every yard, first down, and touch down. We're not giving up. This is Huron's year to do good and were gonna do just that! Say all you want about our team but you don't know the potential we have. Period.

Anonymous said...

As to the previously mentioned JV note, Milan's JV is not undefeated. They also lost to Airport last week.

Anonymous said...

Yo Rustayo I agree with your predictions. I agree Huron will score some points against SMCC but their defense is NOT going to stop SMCC's offense. Hurons good offensively but TERRIBLE on D
SMCC 48- Huron 42
yea a barnburner!

Down in GI Teen has had a good year rushing for over 100 yards in every game and Jim Cameron has been good at wideout and Robby White has looked good at QB but I think your right about Milan with a chip on their shoulder. They wont be happy about getting whooped by Airport and is going to drive out to GI very pissed off. They will want to enjoy the long bus ride home, something they didnt happen last week against Airport. Look for Joe Dunne to have a good game and Milan to block better
Milan 36- Grosse Ile 14

Riverview is 0-3 but have yet to get blownout, they have been in everyball game including the first game where they blew the lead. Their O has been inconsistent and I think friday would be a good game to snap out of it. Flat Rock on the other hand got whooped by both Ida and SMCC,yet gave Milan a battle. They have had problems running the ball. However win or lose Joe Pruchnickis football teams play very hard. This is a hard game to pick, could go either way but I have riverview getting in the win column in a close game, and I also feel Joe Conner finally gets going a little bit for Flat Rock
Riverview- 22, Flat Rock- 14

I already wrote a book here so I wont predict the airport jefferson game. Hope you agree with the predictions.

Anonymous said...

Hoping SMCC feels the wrath of the improved HURON Team.. Thinking this is truly the game of the week.

As much as it pains me to say, AIRPORT's offense is going to be too much for Jefferson.

I am thinking and hoping that GROSSE ISLE is going to win a squeaker again Milan.

Even though Riverview will probably win, lets have some well wishes for the Flat Rock players. Keep your heads up and go getum.

Great HL Action..

"Region Fan"

Anonymous said...

I go to Airport and am close friends with lots of the football players and all they talk about is football every single day... and its 90 percent pointed at 1 team... i wont even say who because you should all know... all ill say is making the game your homecoming wont help

Anonymous said...

Flat Rocks a young team, and they play good defense. But only for so long. It's no excuse they need to step up there game.

They have two threats on offense, Connor and Blosser, some freshman they brought up. Im telling you, look out for this kid in the next couple years. Connor only has near 300 and Blosser with at least 100.

They run hard but penalties kill them. They will make a late season run and win a couple games, but I see the rams finishing 3-6 or 4-5.

Anonymous said...

Ill say this.... I watched Airport v. Huron and if SMCC doesnt try something a little different then the straight lace em up and pound the rock, Huron might make this a contest.

Huron did an exceptional job of stuffing Airports middle running game, and the Jets did most of their damage on speed sweeps and stuff to the outside.

Huron will move the ball and score points for sure. If their DE's show up and play contain, Huron wins.

And it might be a bigger spread then the Jefferson game.

Anonymous said...

For all you No Nothings that sit here on this site and talk about Class A and Class B on a football site need to get a clue... Classes have absolutly nothing to do with football... Basketball does but Football goes by division and CC is in 6 Airport is in 3.. GOT IT?

bloodynutter said...

Sometimes you dont have a choice of who you play for homecoming. Homecoming is a distraction. I have seen several people bring it up as if CC scheduled it to help them... quite the contrary but they had no choice. Just another hurdle CC will have to overcome if they are to beat the favorite Airport.

Anonymous said...

Come on now, how could someone who is into HL football at all think that any game is an easy one. Some teams are always walking around with targets on their backs, and CC is one of them. Because of their history, people think of the team as some sort of trophy team to beat. Teams always play their hardest against them. I know Jefferson has always treated it as the game of the year. I think Airports overconfidence will help other teams this year. Keep it up Airport, you are the best, you are amazing! Wow, never seen a team like this one! Woohoo! I love it. It will make your target a big one! Go Bears!

bloodynutter said...

Seems sir that you are a know nothing... What class of team you beat determines how many playoff points you get when you beat that team. Divisions are not made up until the very last game is played in the regular season. So to beat a 6-3 class A team is is worth more points than beating a 6-3 class B team. Division does not come into play whatsoever until game 10(palyoffs). Where as class is in effect from game 1-9. GOT IT!

Anonymous said...

Don't always agree with your stuff, but I really enjoy and look forward to reading the updates, etc.
High school football - It does not get any better than that!

Rustayo said...

Do people realize what potential is? Potential means you have not used your talent, but it is there. So when you say you have potential that means nothing. Someone got mad about my Huron prediction, the fact I only having you losing by 7 to SMCC, one of the two league title contenders, that is a complement to how much your team has improved. All you have to do from here on out is beat bad teams, by doing that you will make the playoffs and get dominated by Airport, Inkster, Allen Park or whoever you would draw. And that would be a great season for Huron, and I know everyone on this forum argrees that if Huron made the playoffs it would be astonishing. So take the compliment and run with it. However, I will never pick Huron over Airport, SMCC, or Milan until I see them do it once. And please prove me wrong and beat SMCC, I would love to see it.

And I say we should stop posting as anonymous, own up to our comments and what we say, otherwise we probably shouldn't say it. Peace from Chicago y'all.

Anonymous said...

I love you Rusty ;)

Anonymous said...

Huron is a very good team this year. When is the last time we have seen a huron team like this? If SMCC doesn't show up to play, and think that they've got this in the bag, you'll be seing another upset by huron.