Thursday, September 17, 2009

Week 4 Pick'em

I know many of you have been putting your picks in. We are going to have a contest based on the four games this week. You must pick who wins and the scores. Whoever has the most wins and is closest to the game scores will win a "special prize". Please post them in the comments section here.

The "special prize" will be a free subscription to this blog as long as it runs. Oh that's right it's already "FREE"! Well, just submit your picks if you like and if you have any complaints about the content or coverage of this blog remember it is "free".


bloodynutter said...

Riv 14 FR 7
SMCC 34 Huron 20
Milan 21 GI 20
Airport 40 Jefferson 20

bloodynutter said...

ND 35 MSU 21

JBaker said...

SMCC- 32 Huron-26
Airport-38 Jefferson-14
Riverview- 28 Flat Rock-14
Milan-22 GI-13
And stop thinking that SMCC is gonnna win the league this year. They lost 21-0 to Airport, TJ Lovell ran for about 18 yards, and Airport was primarily juniors playing last year, and if you didnt notice juniors turn to seniors and get better so Central is in bad shape, They beat a winless Riverview team by six...please. Besides airport has the most talented backfield in the league and thats without Quentin Draftz who is coming back this week, not to mention by far the best coaching staff, Im just saying, ill put in a prediction for that game right now
Airport-32 SMCC-13

Anonymous said...

Geez, Mr. Baker, you may have too much caffeine in your system. You really can't tell people what to think, do you realize this? I'll tell you one thing, I hope that someone beats Airport, and I don't really care who, Jefferson would be nice. You really are sickening with your arrogance. I hope all your boys stay healthy. Good Luck, man.

Rustayo said...

I already posted this on a different article, but because I like winning and need to remind everyone of my picks, here they are again.

Airport 35-Jefferson 7
I know Jefferson plays this rivalry tough, but its a down year for them, and it's not their fault. They lost a lot of talent from their 5-4 team last year. Airport on the otherhand has been dominant, they have by far the best offense in the league, and if Jefferson can't stop Huron I know they can't stop Airport.

SMCC 28, Huron 21

Obviously Huron is improved, their defense is pretty bad but they got a win they needed badly if they want to make the playoffs, because now as long as they beat the bottomfeeders like FR, Riverview, GI, and their last game against Crestwood, that's 6-3, which is all Huron fans could ever ask for. With that logic, they can lose to CC and Milan by however much (Which they will). SMCC has been played very tough this year, but they win, and it looks like yet another year in which we have Airport vs. SMCC as game of the year. Closer than it ever has been, but SMCC pulls through.

Milan 36-GI 7
GI, be happy you got 2 wins, you may get a 3rd from playing FR, but that's it. You are improved, and nothing more. There is no way that I can ever see Milan losing to GI, Milan tends to blow out teams they are supposed to, and they have a big chip on their shoulders after Airport just schooled them last week. Dex Teen is overrated, and I know Thom Box and Milan are going to show how and why.

Riverview 17, Flat Rock 7
Hardest game to pick, both are off to unfortunate starts, as they've played pretty hard with nothing to show for it. I just think Flat Rock has such a low amount of depth, they haven't had kids come out and it's affected them. I just have a feeling Riverview has to get a win, and that is pretty much all I'm going on.

Oh yeah, if you are judging college football too, give me MSU over ND 31-21, they have to bounce back like crazy after losing to Central. And as a nice wrinkle it would be cool if you kept track of Huron League players playing in D-1 (i.e Tre Bishop and David Box)

Anonymous said...

RV 32 FR 6
SMCC 35 NBH 19
GI 26 Milan 20
Air 35 Jeff 21

Strap it up!

Anonymous said...

Riverview 21 Flatrock 8
Huron 26 SMCC 21
GI 28 Milan 21
Airport 49 Jefferson 7

Great night for High School Football! Good luck boys!

Anonymous said...

JBaker. let me guess your a airport fan. Coulda beat riv by more but kneed it out at the 2. smcc 35-airport 18

Riv 27 FR 14
Airp 35 Jefferson 22
Milan 28 GI 20
SMCC 42 Huron 28

Mr. HuronLeagueMan said...

Riverview vs. Flat Rock

The Rams inability to score points will catch up to them once again. Last week Riverview showed flashes of improvement and are better than their 0-3 record may suggest. The Bucs will pick up their first victory.

Airport vs. Jefferson

I want this game to be what it used to be, but I can't see Jefferson being able to stop the Jets offense which is so diverse and explosive.

Jefferson may keep it close if they can keep the ball out of Airport's hands. The Bears ultimately will be outmatched as the Jets will improve to 4-0 overall.

Milan vs. Grosse Ile

I will be the first one to admit that the Red Devils are much better than I had given them credit for. After seeing them play last week they definitely are better than people are giving them credit for.

I do believe however that Milan will have a good enough game plan to win this game and get a much needed win with Jefferson, Huron and CC as their next three games.

SMCC vs. Huron

Huron can score points against anyone. They have a chance in this game to make a huge shake-up in the league. In the end though, it will be the Falcons raising their helmets and singing the fight song at the end of the game.

I was a terrible 1-3 last week and 5-3 so far in my league game predictions.

Anonymous said...

Alot of wishful people in here. The guy who thinks SMCC will score 35 points on Airport is on crack. Has he even watched Airport play yet? Popping off a little early I'd say. kids don't go to Airport, and NO...I'm not a "fan". But I had the chance to watch Airport play twice. Both times had me shaking my head. The problem is, teams don't know who to key on, because every RB is a threat. There offensive line is fast. Not real big, but they open the door for those little roadrunners! Everyone is going to have there hands full. Not saying they can't be beat, but you better be ready to earn it. I'm going to watch the Huron-SMCC battle tonight. Should be a good show! GO CHIEFS!

Anonymous said...

Riverview 26 Flat Rock 13
Milan 28 Gross Ile 26
Airport 49 Jefferson 0 No more Mike Oley for the Bears
SMCC... nevermind who cares bout them... Huron Will Win

Craig M said...

I never thought that I would see the day that people are picking Huron to beat SMCC. And this year it seems possible. My pick is CC, but anything can happen on a friday night. I have been a Huron League fan my entire life. I have seen all of the teams rise and fall with exception of 1. Huron has never really had a chance to "fall" because they have always been at the bottom. Last year the Cheifs were only a few plays away from a winning season, (the first since 1978) and another couple of plays away from the 6 wins for a playoff spot. Can Huron find a way to win 4 more games this year? Time will tell.

Anonymous said...

Riv 28 FR 14
SMCC 35 Huron 32
Milan 21 GI 7
Airport 42 Jefferson 14

3 games this week could go either way in my opinion....


Anonymous said...

3-1 there this week Mr.Huron. nice job haha only wish the Cheifs would've won that against CC.. would've been a HUGE turn around for Huron.