Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Week 4 Predictions Part I

Flat Rock/Riverview: The Rams have beaten the Pirates two games in a row after losing 23 straight dating back to 1984. Both teams are entering this game with disappointing 0-3 records. This game comes at a good time for both teams and is a game that either team could win.

Flat Rock has had major problems scoring this year. Teams have been focusing on RB Joe Conner and the other backs haven't stepped up yet. The Rams were blown out at home by SMCC. It was the defense that let the Rams down again but you can't win if you can't score. Look for the Rams to throw it a bit more than usual with Riverview stacking the line of scrimmage to stop the run. Defensively the Rams will have to prepare for a diverse offense that is comfortable running or throwing.

Riverview has to feel kind of snake bit in rout to their 0-3 start. They had Crestwood beat, lost a close game to perennial power SMCC, then lost at home to a retooled rival in Grosse Ile. Riverview has a pretty good defense and the offense is capable with players like Jason Kubica and Michael Kowalski.

With both teams being winless this could potentially be anyone's football game. Riverview will stop the run and Flat Rock will have to throw the ball. With Flat Rock winning the last two games against "The View" the Rams may have some confidence while traveling on the road. Riverview has competed a bit better this year so I will give the nod to the Bucs 21-20.

Milan/Grosse Ile: A year ago this pick would have been a no brainer. Milan whooped the Red Devils 48-8. In fact the last time GI beat Milan was during their magical 2004 season. Things have changed in a year and this should be an interesting game.

Milan looked impressive in week 1 destroying Ypsi High. The Big Reds were able to hold off pesky Flat Rock in week 2. In week 3 Milan was dominated by a very good Airport Jet team. What we know now, is that Ypsi has possibly their worst team in 25 years and that Flat Rock will have a hard time winning a game this year. Milan has to be able to pass the ball effectively this week or GI will just stack the line of scrimmage to stop the run.

Grosse Ile is in a position their not accustomed to in football. They are 2-1 and could possibly be 3-0. Their defense has improved and the offense is diverse. The Red Devils are speedy and have a handful of different weapons on offense. GI will gear to stop Milan's running game as much as possible.

This is a very tough pick this year because Grosse Ile has been impressive at times and Milan has been unimpressive at times. Conventional wisdom would say take the traditional upper echelon team and go with Milan. My gut tells me something special is brewing over on the island. If I look at this from a football perspective, I don't think this is a good matchup for GI. Milan has great speed and should lock down on WR Jim Cameron and should be able to put pressure on QB Robbie White . Their defensive line is tough and should make running room scarce for RB Dex Teen on the inside and Milan's speed should contain him on the outside. This game will probably come down to turnovers and special teams. I think this game will be low scoring and I will go with Milan winning 14-10.


Anonymous said...

Uh Oh....the moderator senses the winds of change on GI. Trouble is, those winds are are not light and variable which is OK by GI. I think this might be the last week of under-estimation which, of course suits GI just fine.

I do agree that this game is a close call...Milan is smarting after a down-home spanking from CA and will be in a nasty mood. GI, on the other hand, finally broke the HL drought and learned how to win vs trying not to lose last week....it'll be hard to get that HL victory taste out of their appetite.

So, GI JV will set the stage Thursday with a quick paddling of Milan followed by the Varsity coming home to a PACKED HOUSE for it's real home opener now that school's in session.

No light and variable winds of change in this one...GI will have it strapped tight and bring a gale force attitude for sure that will counter any Milan attitude derived from last weeks smack-down.

DEFENSE steps up, and OFFENSE sprints out to a 26-13 GI win.

Anonymous said...

Milan should be taking this as a slap in the face..i mean come on..everyone has a huge woody for GI at this point because they beat a weak riverview team, a terrible detroit urban internation catholic of shrine whatever it is school, and snatched defeat from the jaws of victory against jefferson..listen rich island folk it's time to play the big boys..Milan is still a powerhouse...and they will prove that Friday night..get a clue..probably a three touchdown game..people are going to realize how tough SMCC, Airport, and Milan really are..Just ask GI, Huron, and Jefferson after this week..

Anonymous said...

Uhm, Milan doesn't seem to be a power house this year? if flat rock was able to hold them to a low score like they did? i would not call that a power house team...

Anonymous said...

Awfully BIG words coming to defend a team that just got beat like cheap bass drum and encountered a running clock... and then put yourself in the same HL heirarchy as that team????.....the nerve. BUT, I love the under-estimation, and name-calling to boot, sooooo predictable.

You can bet GI will have their rhine-stone studded chin straps all shined up pretty and strapped tight...so my question is; does MILAN even have chin straps left after last week??

Cause those "rich island folk" and their silver-spoon-in-the-mouth kids are gonna bring it HARD, so strap it up tight boys, assuming you have anything left to strap up!!

Anonymous said...

Weclowski from Huron and Baker from Airport both made player of the week and you didnt even have them in your stars... Ya need to try a little harder or dont do it at all

Anonymous said...

Milan has beat GI 9 out of the last 11 meetings. They did get blown out last week, but after seeing Airport play twice this year, it is hard for me to pick them to lose in the Huron League this year (even though I picked CC to win orginally).

Grosse Ile did look good last week and played tough with Jefferson. But just as it happened week two, the Red Devils may keep it close on the island but will find a way to lose.

Anonymous said...

milan shouldnt take GI lightly and GI shouldnt take milan lightly. every week is a new week. both teams need to just go out and play hard cus they both have something to prove. no one knows if either teams are contenders or pretenders. both teams just need to be ready. ive seen milan play but havnt seen GI play so i wont make any predictions.

Anonymous said...

To start off, I am a grad of riverview... I love football, but was never a huge fan of the hs team. I suppose im not a real fan, but i prefer teams that win. But, I'd like to remind everyone of two seasons ago when Milan went to carleton and left on the losing side of a 49-21 game (similar?). They tied for the hlc that year. Also, Milan has tied with airport for the hlc for the past two years... Milan 2, airport 2, but SMCC has 0... So just to give credit where due, they have earned the right to be among the "powerhouse" schools. Why is SMCC a traditional powerhouse? The last few years its been milan and airport. I just try to see it from an unbiased point of view. Can't say I like Milan but I also wonder why they don't get respect. Something I'm missing?

Huronleaguefootball said...

Try a little harder?

Anonymous said...

Yes try a little harder??? They were players of the week and this blog gave them both zero recognition

Anonymous said...

because smcc beat airports dream team in 07 and smcc beat milans dream team in 08.

Anonymous said...

Wow on the guy bagging on the creator of this site. Dude get a grip on yourself. He does a great job and it is obvious that he already puts alot of effort into this blog.

The way I see it do one of the three; 1. stay off the site, 2. quit complaining, 3. make your own site so we can all see what a blog with a "hard working" moderator looks like.

Anonymous said...

Actually if im not mistaken, Andy Mayrand was player of the week with 7-11 throws and 2 touchdowns.. Weclowski had 2 small yard runs. Mayrand threw for 180 yard of the 7 completed passes. Let's weigh this out;

7 throws[180yds] + 2 touchdowns
2 small yard touchdown runs.

I'll take Mayrand ftw tyvm.

Anonymous said...

haha all the sudden GI wins two games, and they run their mouths....Dear GI fans, you haven't played anyone yet...Milan is bigger, faster, and stronger then you are..and coach robb is 500 times better at game preparation, and game planning...we'll talk on here after!

Craig M said...

HMM, let’s think about a couple things here. Riverview grad: Why is SMCC a traditional powerhouse you ask? History is MORE than the last 2 years that’s why. SMCC has had 7 losing seasons in the last 50 years. They are in the mix EVERY year. Number 2: In the past, more than 2 years ago, Riverview was also in the mix for every league championship. It was not until 1994 the Airport became the team that they are today. SO, if you are going to spout off statements that make you look like you do not know what you are talking about, PLEASE, do not mention that you are a Riverview grad. It makes us look bad.

Anonymous said...

Hey haha.....Please be sure to read about your bigger, stonger, faster teams performance on the JV scoreboard.

I'll say it again so you don't waste any of that MILAN strength clicking the mouse...I got a bowl of crow, would you care to take a bite!!

The Varsity is gonna bring it too. 6-1 record for JV/Varsity GI Football so far, and we're only gettin' started. I know the doubters will persist, but that's one of the things that makes football and this blog site so much fun.

SSShhhhhhhhh....don't tell anyone about GI because then the blog won't be as much fun for me.....because I won't be able to warn everyone to "Strap it up tight" when you encounter GI!!

Anonymous said...

Huron dont care about player of the week.Mayrand is so good he could get it every week.But to defend Weclowski he had 66 yards rushing two touchdowns and led the deff. with 15 tackles.Huron is all about team work.They should give player of the week to the off. line every week. They are the ones that make are off. click. GO CHIEFS