Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Week 5 Picks Part I

Riverview/Airport: Riverview hasn't beaten Airport since the 2004 season and they haven't scored against the Jets since 2005. If that doesn't spell trouble for the Bucs the fact that Airport is 4-0 and Riverview is 0-4 probably does.

Riverview had a great chance to get it's first win against Flat Rock last week but gave up 28 points to the Rams. You can tell that Riverview is playing better football this season. The Pirates are scoring more and are certainly playing better defense under new coach Jeff Stergalas. Riverview will probably have a solid game plan defensively for Airport but will have a hard time stopping the high-flying Jets.

Airport is coming off a convincing win over a bitter rival and is probably expecting Riverview to be a mere speed bump in the road in rout to a date with SMCC in a week. The Jets are playing excellent defense and the offense has been simply awesome.

Riverview's size may pose some problems for the speedy Jets but look for this game to be over early. Airport should be able to score at will and Riverview will have major problems against the Jet defense. This game should be a runaway. Airport wins 41-13.

Jefferson/Milan: This game should give us an idea about the rest of the Huron League season. A loss by Jefferson throws them into the bottom four. A loss by Milan says the Big Reds can beat the weak teams but lose to the better.

Jefferson is coming off back to back losses since a 2-0 start. The Bears must get back to their grind it out style and chew up time off of the clock. If Bryan McCullough can have a big game, Jefferson should be okay. Defensively Jefferson will be able to focus on Milan's running game but they will need to hold the Milan special teams in check.

Milan responded nicely last week after being crushed by Airport the week before. It took the Big Reds a while to get going but they managed to beat an up and coming Grosse Ile team on the road. Look for Milan to stack the line against Jefferson and dare them to throw the ball.

This is a game that could go either way. Milan could use a win to help solidify a possible playoff appearance. Jefferson needs this win to stay away from a birth in the lower echelon of the league. I see this game being a low scoring affair with Milan winning 14-13.


Anonymous said...

Milan by two TD's....Jefferson falling apart....we'll see what kind of legend Cisco is now...if he can get his kids to rally around each other or they revert back to their OLD OLD ways..

Anonymous said...

7 Huron league titles, 1 Lakeshore conference title, 2 regional titles 2 district titles, semi-final appearance and a 1994 State title. Several teams that would have qualified and probably gone well into playoffs before the watered down version came along As a player 3 time all-stater, Rose bowl champion. I would say a pretty decent resume. As for falling apart, I can't see it. Could Milan win? Sure. The Bears will play well on Friday, Jefferson 22 Milan 15 Go Bears

Rustayo said...

Airport 49, Riverview 0

Easy games to pick, I won't give Riverview that much credit, I don't think they will be looking ahead to the SMCC game as much this year as last year. I think I'll go 49-0, and only at 49 because Coach Red has respect for the Riverview program (Sorry Riverview, you have fallen significantly over the past 5 years, I really hope everything improves with the new coach, but this year it's not happening)

Milan 33, Jefferson 14

This game will tell us how Jefferson really is in the Huron League, but I think the message has already been sent. With their team captain, they beat a bad Tecumseh team by 2 scores, an improved but still bottom dweller GI team by a lucky 2 pts, lost to Huron for the first time in 25 years. Without him, I think their team feels betrayed, and they will be reeling without him. Milan also has to be feeling some urgency, they have gotten no respect despite being 3-1, and still look very playoff bound. Their team should be motivated after their slow performance against GI, and I think that they will have a totally different attitude than Jefferson, which will produce the win

SMCC 35, GI 14

I'm giving GI a lot of credit by saying they'll get 14, so don't say I'm a true hater. SMCC I know will be thinking about Airport this whole game, so GI may keep it close early, but SMCC is too disciplined and too good to lose to GI, and believe me they won't. That will set up another ultimate showdown between SMCC and Airport for the league title. (For an early prediction, I will pick Airport over SMCC, and SMCC over Divine Child)

Huron 28, Flat Rock 7

Flat Rock and Huron generally play very close, and Flat Rock has won the past few games. But this is a totally different Huron team than years past, and I will be shocked if they don't come out firing with a deep passing game. Look for them to go deep and win relatively big, although Flat Rock will play them hard as usual

Anonymous said...

I have witnessed both teams this year and will give the edge to Milan.

Neither team is a good as they think they are, but it will come down to Defense and Milan has an edge here.

I think Jefferson is home, so that will help their cause and be their best edge.

If Milan runs #22 more than #5 (speed vs power) than they should outrun Jeffersons D....and hence another edge.

Anonymous said...

Jefferson's program is way down this year. I think Milan will not only win the varsity game but take the clean sweep winning on all levels.

I love the Bears' tradition and wish the best for them but I'm also not afraid to call a spade a spade.

Why is Milan getting so much criticism after jumping out to a 3-1 start? They will find three more wins against Jefferson, Belleville, and Riverview and make the playoffs.

This COULD be a competitive game, but Jefferson just don't have the right personnel this year to run their single wing offense.

Anonymous said...

mighty Chiefs

Anonymous said...

i really dont think airport will give up a touchdown this firday they are playing to good of football right now....and i will promise you this airport will not be looking a head to smcc coach red will not let that happen

Anonymous said...

SMCC/GI looks to be another 1 point game. This time in GI's favor!