Friday, October 2, 2009

Huron League Scores

SMCC 40 Airport 22

Grosse Ile 24 Flat Rock 19

Jefferson 22 Riverview 21

Milan 29 Huron 14


Anonymous said...

Bedford 21 Edsel Ford 28

Great game.

Anonymous said...

SMCC's quicker line dominated Airport's defense. What a great strategic game, both teams playing to their strengths and not changing their game plan. SMCC coaching and discipline truly was the difference. Redmond stuck to game plan that wasn't working in the first half, passed a little more in 2nd half. BUT SMCC came through. As an strong Airport follower, all I can say is congrats SMCC for getting up for this game. Homecoming and a great fan showing, and the team responded. Jones, Pluff, Baker, and the O-Line played with alot of heart. Jodeci didn't get enough touches to become the difference maker that he has been all year.

Edsel Ford proved what a true power house they are after coming off a disappointing loss to Fordson. Bedford could not keep up with Kevin King and that incredible offense.

The region probably fell out of the state ranking tonight. BUT will show well in the play offs. Hopefully Jefferson and Milan can show up to a couple of tough games so Airport can play THEIR game in the playoffs.

Congrats again to CC, Jefferson, and Edsel. Great Friday night football.

Anonymous said...

GI beat FR. FR beat Huron.... I sense a loss to Huron if they dont step their game up..

Anonymous said...

OH No.......just when all the weather forcasters thought mother nature would have calm wind nights, GI throws a win (first time in 5 homecomings) on the board that most people thought was in the bag for FR...except of course the moderator, AND ME!

Welcome back to the jungle all you GI no faith crowd. Still some winds blowing around out there after all.

Airport is NOT invicible and guess what...GI is coming to town. Now, lets be clear that GI is not SMCC, BUT there are some intresting things going on...let see here, GI put way more O on SMCC than Airport did....GI WILL bring a better D into the match-up because some of the best up-the-middle guys will be back and there is nothing to loose.

This week may be more interesting than we all think boys soooo.... STRAP IT UP TIGHT boys because this league and playoff opportunity is for anyonoe that can bring it!!


Anonymous said...

GI recap:

The good; GI can pass better than anyone in the HL....I SERIOUSLY ASK ANYONE TO CHALLENGE THAT....YOU CAN'T!!!! Oh yea...almost forgot, we run the pigskin pretty damn good too! The coaching is showing signs of the "curve" mentioned before because the special teams were VASTLY inmproved. The D tighened up later when they needed too...but we need that to be the focus of the RED DEVILS FUTURE... get your horses back in there coach B!!!

The Bad; still way to much room in the middle and off tackle....2 over 50yd TD runs. The O turned it over TOO many times in the passing game and that is a TURNOVER boys....we'll fix that.

The week is all-of- a-sudden a MUCH more interesting game than it was before tonights results. GI has the opportunity to turn the HL on its ear and make some serious noise and prove winds of change vs same-ol'-story.

Before all you GI doubter start your WINDS OF CHANGE hating....remember I said opportunity, just like SMCC didn't have against Airport...RIGHT????


Anonymous said...

Any status on the Flat Rock player that got hurt in the game last night?

Anonymous said...

Do you people from GI have any sense of reality? You beat FR 24-19. And that is only because FR's best player got hurt in the third quarter. If FR had Conner the outcome of the game changes.

All of this winds of change crap needs to stop as well. Let me give you a clue. Dex Teen graduates this year. He is your whole team. Dex Teen is a great player you need to realize that without him you lose to riverview and flat rock.

Anonymous said...

The GI defense/special teams did improve this week. I did not see anywhere as much room up the middle as the above comment would suggest. The three FR scores were a sweep that broke outside containment, an inside trap that was blocked very well, and another outside run that was set up by a blown pass coverage late in the game. In general the inside run defense played solid, and the outside containment was mostly effective. The kickoff coverage caused a fumble that gave the offense the ball inside the 15 which they converted into six points.

They did have way too many pentalities, mostly holding calls on the offense and some offsides on the defense. Overall.... A good win for an program improved from last year.

Anonymous said...

People from GI have a sense of reality...Obviously, you do not. Dex Teen is a great player, but he is NOT the whole team. Have you actually seen GI play this year? Have you read any of the stats?!Losing Dex to graduation will be a challenge for sure, but our JV is playing awesome, we have a great quarterback in White, who is only a SOPHOMORE by the way! Cameron and Burr will be back receiving. So you GI haters better be ready.
(And keep in mind... the "winds of change SITOFN" blogger is not "the voice of GI"...he/she is one fan.)

Anonymous said...

Hmmmm, lets see here Mr. Give me a clue....GI is only Dex Teen?? You better check the stat board big fella!!!!

Great Blogs are a testament to people who speak with PLEASE don't spout off if you don't know....kinda sounds like sour grapes to me.

GI DOES need to get the D tightened up....2 more over 50yd runs, that makes 8 in the last 2 weeks but GI WAS better which is what good coaching brings..hats off to the coaching staff for that.

Don't forget that 2 D starters are still out hurt...but maybe back next week for Airport (we'll need em).

No weather forcast for this week though....But you can bet GI will bring some RED to Carleton...STRAP IT UP TIGHT boys, GI is coming to town.

Anonymous said...

do you have any clue about football? if there is no dex nothing else works for grosse ile on offense. if he is not getting the ball the other team is focusing their best defenders on him because he is that good.

I don't care who is out or coming back, I wish you good luck against airport because after a lose to smcc they are going to come after you. Don't think for an instance that Redman won't be prepared after that lose.

Anonymous said...

Gi will have a very tough time next year. I'm not even a GI fan, but Dex Teen is the best player i believe in the Huron League. I hope to see him play college ball next year somewhere

Anonymous said...

Dex may be good, but Airport lost a TOUGH game. The score doesn't do the game justice, ask anyone who was there. It was an excellent game, and will help give the Jets a level head. I still say SMCC and Airport will take districts but the "winds of change" wont matter because Airport will run all over GI.

Lets hope CC doesn't let this HUGE win get to their heads, and they come out strong the next 3 games. Airport, you need to do the same. Looks like 3 league teams make the playoffs, with a potential Rematch in Milan and Airport.

Great football is being played in the Huron League, lets put in work come playoffs and show what our league is all about.


Anonymous said...

Dex teen is not the best player in the league by farrr! He isnt even the best running back ( mays ). Dex teen has like 30 tackles on the year. He is an above average Running back AT BEST.

Anonymous said...

Dex Teen is certainly one of the best if not the best running back in the HL. Anyone comparing his abilities based on tackles and Jodeci Mays is obvioulsy rooting for someone, mis-informed and ignorant to facts.

If I could pick a team, Dex would be the first running back followed buy Lebeau.