Friday, October 16, 2009

Huron League Stat Leaders

1)Tyler Weclowski (H) 116, 2)Dan Chickeral (FR) 103, 3)Arlen Welch (R) 87, 4)Jacob Racisz (FR) 84, 5)Michael Pannone (SMCC) 77

1)Jodeci Mays (A) 146-1,186, 2)Dex Teen (GI) 143-1,064, 3)Sterling Wilson (H) 106-813, 4)Chris LaBeau (SMCC) 107-784, 5)Joe Dunn (M) 83-597

1)Robbie White (GI) 63-102-903, 2)Andrew Mayrand (H) 51-106-760, 3)Daniel Jones (A) 42-81-570, 4)Grant Karr (M) 42-71-492, 5)Jason Kubica 23-41-316

1)Jim Cameron 40-603, 2)David Stockert (H) 17-323, 3)Tyler Baker (A) 16-200, 4)Caleb Tavtigian (H) 13-259, 5)Tony Martinson (M) 13-110


Anonymous said...

chris according to todays newsherald Bosman (R) has 78

Anonymous said...

SMCC 21 Jefferson 0

smcc is league champs!!

Anonymous said...

I agree with HLF on his post about weclowski being "the best defender on the field" in the GI game. Actually I was wanting to see him for myself and after seeing all the HL defenders and all the chatter about him on this BLOG, plus he's playing with a cast.....He's the best, CASE CLOSED.

Hits like a rock, flows like fine wine, nose for the ball like a hound. He does get blocked and needs to work on seperation at the point of attack, but when he gets free, he's going to make someone pay taxes!!! kind of LB. So go ahead and start all the SMCC, FR calls for LB excellence, but your WRONG.

I played LB up through Div IA NCAA and I saw every defender in the HL, and my son plays LB too, so I think I can impartially say that Mr. Weclowski is the HL DPOY. And if he is a fine young man as represented in the BLOG...Kudo's to his family and good luck going forward.

As for college, he's too small for Div I unless he moves to strong safety or grows a couple inches and about 25-30lbs, but his skill set is LB so Div II maybe and Div III for sure.


Anonymous said...

I believe Mccollugh from Jefferson has over 700 rushing yards, therefore ahead of Dunn from Milan.

CC fan said...

Weclowski,STUD period.This kid plays hard nose football and any coach would love to have him on there team.You say no one else makes tackles on his team...well he after game.This kid is the real deal..speed ,strength,nose for the ball.People love to hate this kid.Lets face it he is good...maybe not the team as a whole but he is.Stats dont lie.