Saturday, October 24, 2009

Huron League Thoughts and Questions

What a night by the Huron League running backs.

I'm surprised Airport lost to Flushing.

Who wins 1st Team All Huron League at the quarterback position?

I'm glad Riverview beat Willow Run.

Nice win by SMCC.

Congrats to Milan for making the playoffs.

I would love to see Ida, Dundee, Erie Mason and Trenton join the Huron League.

Those junior running backs in this league are good.

It was good to see Huron's seniors go out with a win.

I predicted Bedford over Jefferson 35-21. The final score was 36-20.

Topo and Joe, I miss you guys!

Ecorse finished 8-1.

Sparty On!


Anonymous said...

I say Howey from SMCC..he ran the show for the Huron League Champs..Daniel Jones is 2nd team..althought i'm not all that impressed...Robbie White from GI is Honorable Mention..I like Flat Rock and Jefferson's QB's they're both tough and competitive..Mayrand had an up and down year..numbers were down, he had way too many INT's, and won one league game...

Anonymous said...

i personally would have to pick Jones for QB. he had good numbers for not throwing alot in Airports offense. Maynard was a disapointment, just like his team. White was good, but alil overated. Howey would have a better chance for all league running back, because that all he did. Jones threw and ran for a good jet team

Anonymous said...

The Jr runningbacks well are so good in this league. Smcc has a few that werent even mention this year but well be key impact players including Luke Yinger. Also Jefferson has two runningbacks, Jennings and Morrow who should have solid seasons. Airport has Mayes (which was a well heard name) and a real quick wing back (dont know his name but hes a good hurdler) Huron has, Wilson returning andd a sophmore(jr next) back zajac who will be tough next year. FlatRock is graduating there two main backs connor and koby but look for some sophmores, blosser an Colin Knoch to be filling those postions. Milan has Leo pitman and Joe Dunn which should be a nfl smash and dash combination like lendale white and chris johnson. And sorry Gi and Riverveiw i dont know much about your team other than Gi will be returning their qb and a reall good back and reciever.

Anonymous said...

Talk about jr's and returnees... SMCC returns 14 starters:

along with a 7-1-1 JV squad

Anonymous said...

white is only qb to go for over a thousand and you cant say its just because they were losing. 5-4

Anonymous said...

Anonymous you are spot on about smcc. They will have a lot back next year along with the 7-1-1 JV squad you mentioned that also went 8-1 as freshman. This years Freshman team went 6-2. The future looks bright for the Falcons!! As well as for airport and a couple of other schools.

Anonymous said...

Good Running Backs + weak teams = nice night

Airport should have beat Flushing, good game, Flushing won the first half, Airport won the second. I’m surprised no-one has said anything about the Ref’s.

If Riverview can have another strong year, next year, they will make a good come back and gain support.

GREAT win for SMCC over a tough team in DDC.

Good luck to Milan in the playoffs, a good coaching job will be needed cause there is not a ton of talent on that team.

Trenton would be the only team that would play well. The other 3 would struggle.

It will be an interesting year for running backs next year. Change in an offensive line takes some time to get used to, good and bad!!!

Swami Jr.

I’m miss Topo, not Joe……… just kidding.

Ecorse is the new Melvindale.

Hawkeye Nation.

Anonymous said...

Huron should be able to get the job done next year... if not well then who knows when they will

Anonymous said...

All League
Skill Positions

A real athlete can fly and can throw when neeeded. great leader and his team was the best. Big play QB. Also returned kicks

MAYS - RB Airport
He put up number this year against everyone and he is a greta back that has it all. Probably the Ofeensive Player of the Year.

Teen is fast, hard to bring down and he hits the hole hard! he is a great back that also is an athlete
LABEAU- Hit the hole harder than most, he is fast enough to score on the long runs. Deleivers the blow to the deffender.

Has great hands and he is decisively quick. A solid WR. Put up some numebers this year

Very tall and is great on the jump ball. a WR any QB would love to have. He also is quicker than it apppears. Can also Jump

CLOSE - TE Airport
A solid TE that can do what a TE needs to do. Blcks well but can also catch the ball. A big body that is tough to deal with.

Huronleaguefootball said...

The additions of Dundee, Ida, Erie Mason and Trenton would create a two tiered league in football. The divisions would be based on enrollment. Crossovers could be played with traditional rivals.

Division I

Division II
Grosse Ile
Flat Rock
Erie Mason

A good example of games would be SMCC playing their 5 division games. Playing two crossovers against Jefferson and Airport. Then play an opener and closer.

Anonymous said...

howey should get all league runningback....great leader but cant throw a lick

Anonymous said...

Does Airport have a lot of junior starters coming back next year? I know Mays is one.

Anonymous said...

howey can't throw? how can you say that? he never gets a chance to. he is 8/13 for 97 yards accoring to the Monroe Evening News. That's over 50%.

Anonymous said...

End the Riverview/SMCC rivalry Chris? That would stink if you asked me. Those would be 5 auto wins for SMCC in that division set up. Dont like it.

Anonymous said...

Howey has a nice throwing motion and does complete passes when called upon. Why throw the ball when you run it for 500 yards a game? If called upon Howey will deliver.

Anonymous said...

Howey can throw. He is the best quarterback in the league and should get 1st team IMO.

Anonymous said...

What was Ecorse's strength of schedule like? Did the face good competition?

Anonymous said...

howey might be able to throw, but that doesnt mean anything. he never proved it. throwing 13 passes, and completing over half of them is not good. He is a great running QB, but not 1st team. i would say he is the 3rd best, behind Jones and White. I dont know who is better between those 2. its a toss up. White had better numbers for an average team. but Jones had good numbers for a good team, white also threw way more.

Anonymous said...

Airport Jr's that started or played alot this year. Mayes (RB) - D. Williams (RB) - T. Cook (OL/DL) - A. Kitts (OL/DL)- J. Deweese (OL/DL)- They had 2 OL/DL get hurt in early practice and they have not played but are supposed to be very good. Other than that they have another RB who will be solid. JV team members will be a good addition. Watch for Brandon Potcova to take over the QB spot as a super sophomore on the varsity. He is a natural QB, tall, fast, solid, with a rocket arm and very quick, started all JV games at QB as a freshman. Zach Baker, Caleb Schumake, Justin Jones, Jordan Eyler round out the skill positions. Well groomed lineman (2 years on JV as freshman and then as sophomores) Copley and Mullins will help along with good athletes Kveen and Sorenson.

Anonymous said...

He does have a very nice throwing motion and throws a nice ball. I beleive he could be an awesome qb in a spread offenze. But hey! what smcc does works! probably the best player on the best team.

Huronleaguefootball said...

A couple of points:

Since Riverview and SMCC have such a big rivalry (Trenton/GI are their actual rivals). They could play each other in the opener or closer.

I have been posting info on Ecorse all year because I posted that Huron drop them from the schedule because Ecorse was too good. Ecorse's schedule is very weak.

Anonymous said...

anonymous, howey can never prove anything because they do not need to throw and will not throw. so we will never know how good of a passer he will be. they have only thrown the ball 13 times and he has completed 8. that is 61.5%. that doesn't look bad to me. again we will never know unless they start passing.

Anonymous said...

Well look for smcc to possibly air it out more in the playoffs. They will have to eventually

Anonymous said...

Chris are the other teams your talking about joining the Huron League talking about leaveing.Can they or will that hurt the League there in now.I like the idea what do you know about them wanting to leave.

Anonymous said...

SMCC vs Harper Woods- SMCC is home-plays the winner of:
Blissfield vs Ecorse-Ecorse is home

Airport vs Chelsea- Aiport is home-plays the winner of:
Milan vs Adrain- Adrain is home

Huronleaguefootball said...

I know all four of those teams have shown interest and have approached the Huron League about joining.

The LCAA would fold. They have lost some teams recently, like Clinton that bolted for the tri-county conference.

Trenton will have a hard time competing in the Downriver League against those larger schools.

Rustayo said...

Looks like my Airport prediction was right, so take that justafan, I was right all along (like always) Here are the playoff brackets for those who didn't get a chance to see:

Division 3
R1-D1: Escanaba (7-2) 72.444 at Cadillac (8-1) 92.127
R1-D1: Ogemaw Heights (8-1) 88.778* at Petoskey (8-1) 88.778*
*Seed determined by Playoff Tiebreaker #1

R1-D2: Bangor John Glenn (5-4) 60.444 at Linden (9-0) 112.000
R1-D2: North Branch (6-3) 61.778 at Mt Pleasant (9-0) 110.222

R2-D1: Grand Rapids Forest Hills Eastern (5-4) 64.556 at East Grand Rapids (9-0) 112.444
R2-D1: Hastings (7-2) 77.556 at Byron Center (8-1) 90.556

R2-D2: Richland Gull Lake (6-3) 59.111 at St Joseph (7-2) 87.667
R2-D2: Battle Creek Harper Creek (6-3) 64.444 at Stevensville Lakeshore (7-2) 75.222

R3-D1: Mason (8-1) 80.667 at DeWitt (9-0) 106.667
R3-D1: Lansing Sexton (7-2) 84.000 at Fowlerville (8-1) 84.444

R3-D2: Milan (6-3) 64.778 at Adrian (8-1) 90.889
R3-D2: Chelsea (7-2) 78.778 at Carleton Airport (7-2) 80.444

R4-D1: Dearborn Divine Child (5-4) 58.571 at Melvindale (9-0) 110.222
R4-D1: Orchard Lake St Mary's (4-4) 59.222 at Detroit Central (7-1) 95.833

R4-D2: Highland Park (6-3) 68.056 at Detroit Crockett (8-1) 92.778
R4-D2: Hazel Park (7-2) 80.111 at St Clair Shores Lake Shore (7-2) 85.889

Division 6
R1-D1: Charlevoix (6-3) 51.778 at Calumet (8-1) 73.000
R1-D1: Boyne City (6-3) 54.063 at Iron Mountain (7-2) 69.444

R1-D2: Lake City (7-2) 53.444 at Montague (9-0) 96.889
R1-D2: Suttons Bay (7-2) 63.333 at Sanford Meridian (8-1) 77.333

R2-D1: Grandville Calvin Christian (6-3) 43.667 at Ithaca (8-1) 76.333
R2-D1: Grand Rapids NorthPointe Christian (6-3) 45.444 at Olivet (6-3) 55.667

R2-D2: Sandusky (6-3) 48.222 at St Charles (8-1) 72.778
R2-D2: Elkton-Pigeon-Bay Port Laker (7-2) 61.889 at Reese (7-2) 63.889

R3-D1: Lawton (7-2) 56.222 at Watervliet (8-1) 71.667
R3-D1: Constantine (7-2) 61.000 at Schoolcraft (7-2) 63.556

R3-D2: Addison (5-4) 43.000 at Bronson (7-2) 55.889
R3-D2: Union City (6-3) 47.556 at Michigan Center (6-3) 48.889

R4-D1: Adrian Madison (6-3) 49.222 at Clinton (8-1) 77.222
R4-D1: Grass Lake (6-3) 52.222 at Manchester (8-1) 73.444

R4-D2: Harper Woods (6-3) 57.444 at Monroe St Mary Catholic Central (8-1) 91.444
R4-D2: Blissfield (7-2) 66.556 at Ecorse (8-1) 73.903

I think this year is a little harder for SMCC, but I see them squeaking by the district and regional. Airport hopefully will take advantage of their district and a first round home game. Milan I think will lose to Adrian, but they have pulled surprises before.

Anonymous said...

Id Divine child pulled out a win against Melvindale that sure would make smcc look good! It is unlikely however.

Anonymous said...

with the transportation budjets beign cut would Trenton actualy want to drive to Dundee for any sporting event. That is what doomed the MEGA driving to Ypsilanti to find out a out door event was canceled and then having to rearange transportion. Plus Dundee would not wany to drive to GI nor would GI want to drive to Dundee especally in the winter time. Would be at least a hour drive for either school

Anonymous said...

justafan.....I'll say something about the ref's at the Flushing/Airport game, but I'm sure I'll be accused by those who weren't even at the game, of being a crybaby. Flushing was going to the playoffs before Airport even took the field. The ref's had there minds made up before the kick off. No flags were thrown during the 1st half. Flushing scored twice in the 1st quarter. 2nd quarter Airport figured out the offense and shut them down. After the half, Airport came out pissed. Then came the flags, over 25 of them! Almost every other play resulted in an Airport penalty of sort. They were calling anything and everything. Airport is not, or has been a penalty prone team. Airport shut down the Flushing defense, and had some great drives, all to be called back for a penalty. I believe 3 of Airports coaching staff was flagged for standing to close to the field. Illegal formations, holding, you name it, the ref's stopped every drive Airport put together. Very sad to watch. THEY took the game from them. Now for those of you who weren't even there to witness this BS, just keep it to yourself. You have no room to talk. Your team could have been the one getting F'd over.

JETS said...

yes airport is going to have some solid returners for next year season. not a whole lot, but Jodeci Mays and Derrek Williams are going to be the backs (to answer the 3rd comment on here the good hurdler is him) and a solid line with jake DeWeese (Center), Anthony Kitts (LG), and Troy Cook (LT). So expect a lot of the juniors next year to play because the WHOLE JV team got moved up for playoffs!

Anonymous said...

Wasn't there a Huron League AD that was pushing a two tier plan a few years ago? Sure looked like a good idea back then and is still a good idea now.

Anonymous said...

Trenton would not join the Huron League. They have a good thing on never leaving the Area in the Downriver League.

Anonymous said...

Trenton cannot compete in the downriver league.