Friday, October 30, 2009

Playoff Games

Chelsea 24 Airport 21

SMCC 42 Harper Woods 22

Adrian 28 Milan 0


Anonymous said...

Poor clock management by Airports coaches allowed Chelsea to come back and utlimately win the game. Great season Airport, and incredible heart shown by Chelsea who kept their heads and hearts in the game. Nick Hill was kept in check until the 4th Quarter.

Best of luck to SMCC & Summerfield as they represent the region the rest of the way. Exciting season in the Huron League and the region.

Anonymous said...

Airport played GREAT defense all night, anyone in attendance will tell you that. The offense played well, but missing an XP and a FG, along with 2 penalties bringing up 1st and 35 around 2 mins left to play really hurt the Jets. Jones had one of, if not his best game passing wise.

I'm pretty sure Hill only had one huge gain, other than that it was all short. Chelsea can't pass from what I seen, it's basically the Hill show. Slow him down and you can move the ball against their defense, they aren't very physical. Watch their DB's though, they will come up and take shots at linemen/backs that aren't paying attention due to the playing being over.

Great game, first I've ever seen go to OT. Great season Jets, and good luck against Adrian, Chelsea.


Anonymous said...

chris, are you going to keep following smcc and post stuff?

Anonymous said...

LOL there goes airport and milan out the window for the play offs. I'm gonna predict SMCC taking it all the way this year :)

-Huron Chief

Bear fan said...

Airport did a good job tonight. I just wonder why they didn't kick the field goal and put the game in the defenses hands in OT. The defense did a good job all night. Sorry to see a huron league team go down. Keep your heads up guys you played well.

Anonymous said...

good seeason Airport and Milan... Sounds like a tough loss for the Jets....I was pulling for them big time to represent the HL... even in a loss however you still made a good showing.

Anonymous said...

Good job SMCC way to battle.

Anonymous said...

Redmond, outcoached BADLY!! he tried to outcoach Bush, and he ended up costing his team the game..before the half with the wind..?? and you blow that opp to put pts on the board, and throwing a hitch on 1st and ten in OT with the supposed best Oline you've ever had and stud back you throw and imcomplete hitch?? COME ON ERIC..stop reading your own articles, and trust what you do best you outcoached can watch all the film you want..doesn't make a difference when it's crunch time..maybe it was the lack of nicotine I know going in the extra Session kills that!

Anonymous said...

happy= me that redmond got outcoached, badly..when u play schools your own size you usually LOSE

Anonymous said...

This was a great game . Airport came out and put on a show! You guys did a hell of a job out there last night. Nick Hill is good but very stoppable from what i seen last night. He's fast coming out of his stance but Airports D had him on lock down just about the whole game. The guy does play with alot of heart the way he threw his body into the air to get that TD. But i was looking for a lil more out of him the way alot of people were talking. Over all I would have to say these guys played there A## off last night. I just would of loved to see lil 21 PLUFF of Airport play last night..:-( Great job AIRPORT and CHELSEA.

Anonymous said...

stoppable? hill had 240 yards rushing..

Huronleaguefootball said...

I plan on continuing my coverage. Last night was tough because I had other obligations to attend to. I usually go to a game every week.

I'm actually headed out the door to see Blissfield/Ecore at 1pm. I will try and give some in depth coverage for next week's matchup.

To the hater out there. I will say it again. I went to Flat Rock (1984) and live in Huron School district. I have absolutlely no allegience to SMCC and quite frannkly think they should be in the Catholice League.

My blog covers the Huron League and SMCC is in the league.

bloodynutter said...

Ill be there as well Chris.

Huronleaguefootball said...

Make sure you say hi! I will have the maroon colored pullover with St. John Basketball on it.

Anonymous said...

Huronleaguefootball, Why do you think smcc should be in the catholic league? i don't care that you do. it's your opinion, but interested in why you think so.

Anonymous said...

Are field goals allowed in the Huron League? Just wondering why Redmond didn’t kick one in OT, maybe he doesn’t know the rules like Donavan McNabb? Chelsea’s defense held the Jets in check in the 4th quarter, playing well, hold’s them on 3 downs in OT and you try and run the ball on 4th? I don’t get it.

notahaterreally said...

I think I will stick with the facts and try and keep my opinion out of this message. All stats do NOT include this year.
Since taking over as Airport’s coach, Eric Redmond is 86-31 (.735 winning %) in regular season games. This is an outstanding turnaround of a program that only had 10 winning seasons from 1950-1995, heck he’s had more playoff appearances than Airport had winning seasons before he arrived. He has built a good program that gets the most out of every player in his system to play tough in the Huron League and is always a threat to win the league title. I wonder if the haters and community take this for granted sometimes and don’t give him his pat on the back when he needs it most. Do they expect more from the program in the playoffs because they play well and sometimes dominate a week Huron League?? Also remember, most of his players do not come from a “Pee-Wee/Junior” football system, the first time they put on pads is in 7th grade at the middle school.

Now, having said all that he is 6-10 (.375%) in the playoffs. He is 6-7 (.461%) against SMCC, 6-7 (.461%) against Milan and 9-4 (.692%) against Jefferson, the Big 3 opponents and has dominated everyone else. He has lost to Marshall(1999) Jefferson(00), Allen Park(01,03), Dewitt(02), Chelsea(04,06), Farmington Hills Harrison(05), Melvindale(07) and Trenton(08) in the playoffs while beating Trenton(02,03,05), Tecumseh(02), Carlson(05) and Ypsilanti(07). Let’s pull out Melvindale, Dewitt and Farmington Hills Harrison for the rest of this message because they are above average/elite programs and were way above Airport in talent in each of these years. All of these other programs are good, beatable, and equal in talent programs. He had a good win against Ypsilanti on 07, they were a good team probably better than Airport.

These are the facts; you make your own opinion, look at his playoff record, and look at his records against the good teams in the Huron League. The knock on Redmond is that he gets outcoached when the teams are equal in talent, yeah, maybe, everybody thinks they are a better coach sitting in the stands.

Rustayo said...

Lay off Redmond, lay off Airport. Sure they lost, but the fact of the matter is that they played their hearts out and lost a very close and dramatic game. You can't blame them for going for a TD in overtime, if they would've kicked a field goal then Chelsea probably would've pounded it in anyways, you can't be conservative in a playoff overtime game and they weren't. I wish I could've been at the game last night, to be able to see the effort that the Jets played with. You guys should be proud this season, keep your heads up and don't listen to these haters.

And how is a Huron Chief going to have the audacity to come on here and rip Airport and Milan? Attn: You have never made the playoffs, you couldn't beat the supposed 3 worst teams in the league to make the playoffs, you have no right to call out two playoff teams when those teams blew you out and you went 3-6. Seriously?!!? I mean really?!!?

HAts off to SMCC for staying composed in their game. I heard they nearly let the other team back in before putting the game away, but they won and that's what matters. Let's see how they fare the rest of the way.

notajethater said...

you need to attend a game before voiceing your opinion, Rustayo. Airport won the 1st 3 quarters, Chelsea the 4th and OT, thats why they play the game. Airports guys fought hard until they lost momentum, then it looked like they gave up a little, which you cant do. They didnt know how to handle the tide turning, come back, finish the game. Penalties, mistakes and you lost the game. Hats off to Chelsea for not giving up.

bloodynutter said...

SMCC and the Catholic League:

Why it wont work-

Catholic Intersecional I
Detroit Loyola
AA richard
Riv Richard
Pontiac Notre Dame
Mad Heights Foley

First of all these schools are too spread out and would cost SMCC way too much money to bus all the players around for every sporting event in every sport to places like Pontiac and Madison.

Secondly, how would SMCC benefit from playing these schools? They would completely dominate(in football anyway) every year... yes I do realize that Foley gave SMCC troubles in the playoffs but the programs are light years apart as far as talent year in and year out.. Foley just outplayed the Falcons on a couple of occasions to their credit.

Catholic Intersectional II

Royal Oak shrine
Detroit Urban Lutheran
Waterford our lady
Allen Park Cabrni
Marine City Mooney

Again too spread out for a team as far south as SMCC.. too much travel too much money.
SMCC would aslo DOMINATE this league therefore getting no preperation from the league for the playoffs.


Detroit CC
Birmingham BR
Detroit jesuit
Warren De La salle

SMCC has no place in this league of state powers. The enrollements differ by about 1300 students on average. Too much travel too much money and SMCC is just way too small of a school to compete with these heavy weights.

As you can see there isnt a catholic league for a catholic school from Monroe to participate in. If there were a feesable way of joining a league made of private schools that woulc be both competative and cost efficient I would be in favor of it but right now it just doesnt exist IMO

BloodyNutter aka Wolvereen

Bear fan said...

Rustayo, I was there and by no means am I pileing on Redmond. It was pretty appearant that he made some bad decisions in the closing of the game and in OT. The Defense held Hill pretty much all game. He did gain over 200 for the game and 88 of them came in 2 plays with under 2 minutes remaining in the game. I heard numerous Airport fans on the fence wonder why he didn't kick the field goal in OT and put the game back in your defense's hands. Oh well they still had a great season. I sure wish they would have went further as I love to see any Huron leage team advance even though I'm a Bear supporter. By no means am I a hater. Good season all in all.

Anonymous said...

to the poster at 10:18 on Oct 31, what was wrong with #21? he started all year why didnt he play?

dontknowmuch said...

#21, Tyler Pluff, hurt his knee during the Flushing game, plays basketball, not real serious, should be ready for basketball season, maybe miss a couple of more weeks. Good player, good kid. his back up #22, Derrik Williams played well but is a better hurdler in track

Anonymous said...

Rustayo you are right. SMCC almost let it get away. They have to play Blissfield now. Blissfield beat Ecrose 28-20 this afternoon.

Giarmo probably isn't happy with some of the things that happened in the game-like letting them come back like that and the 2 fumbles-so look for smcc to come out on fire(hopefully). Also from what i have heard blissfield's coach wasn't happy with their performance either. SOOO look for both teams to come into the game very fired up. I think it's going to be a really good game and either team could win.

Anonymous said...

Dont mean to be rude but is it necessary for all you old has been turds to talk crap.A playoff loss hurts and its real disrespectful to talk crap when a team played their guts out but came up a little bit short.

old turd said...

aw.... us old turds hurt the guys feelings. we all probablly yelled at the kids for walking on our lawns tonight during trick or treating. GET OFF MY LAWN.

I dont think anyone quetioned or is dogging any player from airport. Coaching lost the game for Airport not the players.

Anonymous said...

Considering smcc is really close to the different schools in the catholic league. Why don't the other Huron league teams just learn how to compete.

Anonymous said...

I agree 100% with OLD TURD. Coaching lost the game for Airport not the players. Out coached again but it was a great game!! I hope next years team is good. Great season guys.

Anonymous said...

So Milan fans how did Adrian look? I heard their QB is very underated.

Anonymous said...

Did Airport's coaching staff miss an extra point, FG, or have an illegal procedure penalty and have a huge run called back? No. Football coaches are not playing chess against each other, players actually have to play and finish the game.

Anonymous said...

It was a good game for Airport on Friday, they dominated Hill the first 3 quarters but once starting TE and MLB Dylan Close got hurt, things started to go wrong for the Jets. good overall season boys. and hats of to #22 Williams for stepping up after #21 Pluff got hurt. It looks like he learned a lot from him and he stepped up and did good and also scored a TD...oh and for that one comment about saying he is a better hurdler is true, he doesnt have the size at 5'7" but he plays with all heart and he is veryy quick running a low 4.5 in the 40yd dash :)