Thursday, October 8, 2009

JV Scores

Airport 40 Grosse Ile 20

SMCC 51 Milan 0

Jefferson 26 Flat Rock 6


Anonymous said...

Huron 34 Riverview 8

Anonymous said...

was there, Airport 46 Grosse Ile 20

Anonymous said...

Airport JV wins again just beat the so called high power offense of grossle ile, and held them to only 20 points while airport soared over them and scored 40

Anonymous said...

smcc freshman 48 milan freshman 6

Anonymous said...

This is the first time I've seen Flat Rock's JV come out flat...and I mean FLAT. It looked like they thought they would win because they showed up. Jefferson came out ready to play and put it to them, knocked them all over the place in the first half. Didn't help that 4 of FR's offensive linemen sat out the first quarter plus some of the second. The boys came out ready in the second half but by then it was too late. Gotta tip your hat to the better team tonight. Hopefully the varsity took a lesson from this and will be ready tomorrow for homecoming.

Anonymous said...

OK airport u have 1000 kids u should be good at every level..u beat GI...relax..soar against melvindale in the playoffs ...Airport will never go far in the playoffs because they finally play schools the same size

Anonymous said...

Couple comments on GI:

GI offense down 2 starters.
GI defense down 2 starters.

GI on a 3 game skid.....kinda looking like a 4-0 team that started thinking they would win just because they showed up. Guess NOT.

GI D is particularly disappointing as they were dominant early in the season and are now starting to show signs of the varsitys penchant for giving up the big play.

The D did show signs of great hitting and big plays...but Airport answered with the onesy-twosy big play that was killer. DEFENSE must lead a GI resurgence in the HL.

The O had some success but went backwards WAY too many times. The inside running game did not impress and the passing game showed that the QB was thrust into the job with 1 days practice... actually did well considering. BUT nowhere near a so called "high powered" O.

Time to get back to basics for GI JV. Hitting, tackling, blocking....that will lead you back to W's.

What do you got GI...a strong finish or SOS?

Anonymous said...

Jefferson JV could have named the score last night. Played baqckups most of the 2nd half as the coaches took it easy on the Rams. Just curious does anyone know the standings and records at the JV level.

Anonymous said...

we may have a 1000 kids but if GI had a 1000 kids they would all be soft just like they are now.

Anonymous said...

to the comment on the raknings...smcc and airport both are 5-1-1 overal and smcc is 5-0-1 in the league and i think airport is 5-0-1 in the league as well. someone feel free to correct me if i am wrong.

when smcc and airport played each other they tied 13-13.

smcc's loss game to dearborn the first game of the season and i think airport's loss came to bedford the first game of the season. again if i am wrong someone can correct me..i think this is right. so i would say smcc and airport are tied for 1st place

Anonymous said...

True, GI was down several starters yesterday. That is only the beginning of the problems of late. When you are down a couple of your key players it is the time that the rest of the team needs to step it up a notch. If the players that have to fill in when we are down a few want to get more time on the field they have a great opportunity to show the coaches that they deserve to be on the field more by making not the "big" plays, but by giving 100% all of the time.

Last night we saw a lot of players just going through the motions. Lack of blocking or general lack of intensity. Laziness will not win games. Basic fundamentals especially on D will get us back into the mix.

Special teams have been a disappointment with too many touchdowns happening at kickoff or if not a touchdown the gain of way too many yards from missed tackles. You looked invisible last night.

The O has very few shining stars when it comes to blocking. We will never be able to pass or have much success running and gaining yards unless the blocking is there. You cannot count on another teammate getting the job done for you. Step up and Do it for the TEAM as a TEAM.

It’s time to step up to the plate and play like a team again or the wins will evade you for the rest of the season.

Fire Up Devils!

Anonymous said...

Good job Bears. After a slow start you guys are coming together nice.