Monday, October 26, 2009

Week 1 Playoff Predictions Part I

Chelsea/Airport: These two teams have a little playoff history with each other. They have met twice in the playoffs with Chelsea winning both games. The Jets are #2 in the district while Chelsea is #3.

Chelsea finished 7-2 during the regular season with their only losses coming to Ann Arbor Pioneer and Adrian. The Bulldogs are led by Michigan State 3 star recruit Nick Hill at running back. Hill is listed at 5'7" and 180 lbs, he is a fast and durable back who is capable of scoring every time he touches the ball. The quarterback for Chelsea is junior Brian Paulson. He is a capable guy but the Bulldogs rely on Hill to carry much of the load out of a myriad of different formations. Defensively Chelsea is giving up 22 points per game but the Bulldogs usually rely on outscoring their opponents.

Airport finished runner up in the Huron League with a loss to SMCC in week 6. The Jets hold season wins over playoff qualifiers Temperance Bedford and league rival Milan. The Jets are led by junior running back Jodeci Mays who is the likely Huron League Offensive Player of the Year. Quarterback Daniel Jones is an underated player who may be the "X" factor in this first round game. The Jets have an excellent linebacking core and they will need to play well if Airport hopes to contain the speedy Hill.

This is a game where the last team that touches the ball may win the game. Airport is capable of scoring in bunches much like Chelsea is. The Airport defense has been gelling lately but they will struggle to stop Hill. Likewise, the Bulldogs will have trouble stopping Mays and Jones may end up being the difference. This game will be hard fought contest and I'm not sure which Chelsea team will show up. My hunch is that we will see the Jets in the 2nd round. Airport wins a thriller 41-37.

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DWILL said...

Yeah, Hill is an excellent running back but this year is not going to be a repeat of last years home playoff game. them JETS are fired up right now and its going to be a good, close, hard-fought game Friday night. Good prediction on the score. Jets win 41-35 is my prediction!

Anonymous said...

My heart goes out to Airport, after the tragic death of one of there students Sunday.

He wasn't on the football team, and maybe he didn't hang out with any players, but he still was a member of your student body.

Having a 16 yr. old myself, it bring tears to my eyes wondering what that young man's final minutes were like.

So come on Airport, whip Chelsea in honor of Charlie.

Anonymous said...

I am pulling for the Jets as well.... we need to put aside the differences come playoff time and root for the league.

CC grad

Anonymous said...

Strap it up tight Airport, looking for a long playoff run from the Jets!!!


AP17Jaguar said...

Im sorry but I dont see Airport beating Chelsea, if Nick Hill is 100% he should at least gain 150 yards, plus his backup Chris Ballow is no slouch either. This game will be decided on defense and who turns the ball over less, I say Chelsea 35, Airport 21.

Anonymous said...

Hey AP17Jag,

For what it's worth your team finished 4-5, and have you even seen Nick Hill play? Just because he is being looked at by State doesn't mean he is the best player of all time, Hence why he is going to a Michigan State type school, not one of the big boys.

Rustayo said...

Airport has a history of stopping teams who focus on one star player. When Milan had Ron Spears Airport was able to limit their offense. Sure he still had a great game, but Airport won 49-21 (The game in 2007). In contrast, Flushing and SMCC run systems that rely on not knowing where the ball is and having multiple people capable of big plays. Yes, Nick Hill may be a step above where Ron Spears was two years ago (Personally I don't see it, but that's another story). I expect Airport to come out emotional like they were the first week, and if they do that I think they'll win around 34-21. However, this requires them coming out and playing with some true emotion and passion I didn't see when I watched them. They have a chance for a deep run if they live up to the hype they set for themselves at the beginning of the season.

AP17Jaguar said...

Yes I have seen Nick Hill since he was a freshman and twice this year, at the Big Day Prep Showdown and against Adrian and he is the real deal. He is by far the best ive seen play this year, if rushing for over 100-150 yards per game and at least a few scores isnt good, than what is? I follow the SEC closely every year and can say Chelsea will be no pushover so I cant see Airport beating them by two scores.

And lastly what does this have to do with my team? Im not even talking about Allen Park, nice to see that there are haters even outside of Downriver.

Anonymous said...

your nuts Rusty, Flushing is as easy of an offense there is out there. they dont run anything strange, its all straight forward.

Airport's only concern this week with Chelsea is getting out coached. Talent wise the 2 teams are very close and in the past, when this haapens, Redmond gets out coached. I hope he can turn it around this week.

Anonymous said...

AP17Jaguar, I think what he was getting at is you havn't been on this forum all season,(atleast using that name) then jump on and speak against a Huron League team, on a Huron League forum.

I dont know how much you follow Airport, but have you seen Jodeci Mays' stats? He is averaging 165 yards a game and 14.44- points a game.

"if rushing for over 100-150 yards per game and at least a few scores isnt good, than what is?"

Mays(a junior) is very good, and by your standards, as good as Nick Hill.

Not trying to trash talk by any means, you sound like you do your homework. If you go back and read all the posts on here since August you will see there are some die-hard fans that will argue with anything you say.

Should be a great game, and I hope Milan beats Adrian also and we get a Huron League match-up in week 11.

As for the haters, Airport is pretty much the most hated on around here too.


AP17Jaguar said...

I wasn't trying to trash talk, I appreciate a good debate and I just happen to have the other side of the argument and I was only voicing the opinion. I dont think Airport is a pushover by any means, they did beat a good Bedford team who is almost twice the size of Airport and they gave AA Pioneer their only SEC Red loss.

I actually read this forum quite often and I enjoy the work done on here, I just thought id give my opinion since im familiar with Chelsea.

Anonymous said...

I agree with the first Anonymous, the loss of Charlie Cox is going to be an inspiration for this team to win. He didn't play football but still he was a part of our student body and some of the kids on the team were close friends with him. R.I.P. and lets go JETS!

Anonymous said...

Airport will win 36-21, we have the defense, the strong lines, and some of the best running-back in the huron league. If we play to our potential and don't slouch we'll get a hard fought victory over a good team. Good luck Milan, please beast Adrian a re-match will be fun:)

Mr. HuronLeagueMan said...

Nick Hill is the real deal and has a chance to win a game by himself. He is a powerful runner that can cut on a dime and has been a great player to watch for 4 years now.

Just "focusing in on stopping Nick Hill" is alot harder done than said as he has rushed for over 5,000 yards in his career and over 80 TDs.

I would love to see Airport win this game. If it were at the beginning of the year when they were playing their best ball, I would have easily picked the Jets, but now they make me nervous.

Hopefully Airport will represent the league well and beat the Bulldogs. It would be great to see a Milan at Airport rematch (that is if Milan can beat Adrian too).

FridayNiteLight said...

I've seen both these teams play, I would have to agree that both teams backs are even in almost every way. The only problem for Airport could be if they allow Chelsea to get too many chances on offense. Chelsea I'm sure will go with their no huddle play running, and will try to tire the Jets defense out. On the other hand, if the Jets play a no turn over drive the ball down the field until Mays breaks a big run offense, and they have someone hit Hill every time the ball is snapped like they did to some of the better backs in the Huron League, they could run away from the Bulldogs just like Ann Arbor Pioneer did (45-9). Being from a team in the Huron League I hope to be watching Airport and Milan in week two of the playoffs. Prediction: Jets and Mays run into the second round 31-16. Good Luck Jets from GI.

Anonymous said...

"If we play to our potential and don't slouch we'll get a hard fought victory over a good team."

So if you lose it will be because you slouched?


Mr. HuronLeagueMan said...

Nick Hill is better than Jodeci Mays. Please, let's not be biased.

Anonymous said...

I can't wait to see this game. I just want AIRPORT to come out strong like i know they can. Last week was bad. They shouldn't have lost that game. I can't wait to see this NICK HILL who will be going to MSU. Does anyone know what Nick runs in the 40yd??

Anonymous said...

Nick Hill has run for more than 6000 yards in his 3 years as a starter. He's for real. He is stronger than Mayes but not as fast as Mayes. He is all Chelsea has as an offense, if you stop him, you win.

Any word on hurt running back Tyler Pluff for airport, hows his knee. Airport has more weapons. Jones to Baker - Jones to Close - Jones to Mayes - Jones to Williams along with the wicked fast Mayes, Williams and Pluff (if he can play), the very good Balk, Draftz and Nava and most important, the very talented offensive line. Airports defense is way better than Chelsea.

"It's why they play the games!"

Anonymous said...

the news on tyler pluffs knee is that he won't be able to play this friday night but next week he should hopefully be at 100% and yes i say next week because Airport is going to stop Hill and not do a repeat of last year's first playoff game. So its going to be Mays (like always) at FB, Derrek Williams (Pluff's back-up) at RB, and Dylan Balk/Quentin Draftz at RB. Williams is going to have to step up for his injured team-mate but im sure he will. he is really fast and he knows the game and it looks like he has learned a lot from Pluff and he had a hell of a game last week and he stepped up for O and D for him. Jets win this thriller 41-36