Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Week 1 Playoff Predictions Part II

Milan/Adrian: It's hard to believe these two schools are playing each other in the playoffs. These schools have never met on the gridiron and used to be separated by over 1000 in enrollment. The Maples and Big Reds have one common opponent in Ypsilanti. Milan beat the Phoenix 49-12 in week one while the Maples won by a score of 43-19 in week five.

Adrian is a member of the SEC White Division and won the league championship this year. They have two quality wins against playoff qualifiers Chelsea and Plymouth. Their lone loss was to 3-6 Saline in week two. Quarterback Drew Collins will test the Big Red defense along with receiver Cam Moorehead and running back Javon Jenkins. Defensively the Maples are only giving up 14 points per game so they should give Milan's one dimensional offense some problems.

Milan comes into this game excited to be in the playoffs again. The Big Reds needed a week nine victory to get in after losing to 3-6 Riverview the week before. Milan is going to need to play their best in order to give Adrian a game. Look for the Big Reds to run the ball as much as possible with Chris LaBelle and Joey Dunn. They will need to keep the high scoring Maple offense off of the field.

This could be an interesting game. Collins will be the best quarterback the Big Reds have faced all season. Rain would be a nice ally for Milan on Friday and the early forecast calls for it down in Adrian. If Milan's defense can play well and the offense be opportunistic this game will be close. Steve Robb has seen it all in his career and that should be an advantage for Milan. I expect the Big Reds to play well but I see the better team winning this game. Adrian wins 24-10.

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AP17Jaguar said...

The key for Adrian will also be their studs at LB with Greg Glaser, Brooks Sutherland, and Jared Gonzalez. All are three year starters and will make the difference as they shut down the Milan running game. My prediction Adrian 28, Milan 13.

Anonymous said...

I think it will be much worse than this for Milan... I hope its not the case but it could be a blow out.

Adrian 35 Milan 14

Anonymous said...

LaBelle is a tough kid, but he's not gonna be able to carry the ball 53 times against this defense!!

Mr. HuronLeagueMan said...

One advantage that Milan has over Adrian is the physicality that they play with. This could be said about virtually every team in the league, but it will be interesting to see how the game goes.

I think that Adrian might give up some early points to the physical, straight-at-you Huron League approach.

Maybe it's just wishful thinking, but I think that Milan could stand a chance in this game. The big problem Milan faces is that Adrian is the fastest team and best spread offense that they have faced all year.

Would love to see the Milan at Airport rematch next week though.

justafan said...

Lets go BIG REDS, you can do it. Play hard, play with heart, your a good team and can beat Adrian.

Good Luck.

FridayNiteLight said...

I have to agree with you on this game. If Milan plays anything like they did in the last two games of the season, it's going to be a long night for the Big Reds. I hope they don't, but it seems like their team is running out of gas. From the films I've seen, Adrian likes their LB's to shoot the gaps and meet the opposing RB's in their own backfield. Something that Milan didn't handle very well against Airport or Riverview, and they barely escaped against a 3-6Belleville team. I wish the best of luck to the Big Reds, and would love to see a second round matchup of the Jets and Big Reds in Carleton, but I see this game as being the Big Reds last of 2009. Prediction: Adrian 35, Milan 15. I hope Milan proves this Huron League fan wrong.

Anonymous said...

Milan is done early in this game. Don't get your hopes up Big Red fans. Seasons already over for you.

notahaterreally said...

just in case anyone who is going to this game hasnt heard, it has been moved to Adrian College's all weather turf field. Monroe Evening News reports.