Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Week 7 Picks Part I

Riverview/Huron: Last year the Chiefs dominated Riverview in a game that wasn't as close as the score indicated 41-0. Riverview is much improved over their worst year in history. The Bucs have been close in numerous games this year and they have actually played some defense this year compared to last.

Last week Riverview fell victim to Jefferson on a late score and 2-point conversion 22-21. Considering the Pirates are 0-6 they are playing some pretty good football and are going to be a tough win for their remaining schedule. Riverview has some quality players. Michael Kowalski, Jason Kubica, Brad Bosman and Ali Saad are all players who have helped Riverview improve the program this year even though it hasn't shown in the win column.

Huron is a team that showed so much promise early in the season but have fallen on some tough times the last two weeks. Look for a rejuvenated team this week as the Chiefs play at home in front of a homecoming crowd. Sterling Wilson may find the running tough against a good Riverview run defense but look for QB Andrew Mayrand to get back on track and move the offense.

Huron doesn't get a break this week when Riverview comes to town. Riverview coach Jeff Stergalas has been coaching longer than Huron's Dan Kabfleisch has been alive. Then again, that can be said for the last two weeks after facing Steve Robb and Joe Pruchnicki. I hope people realize they have a good coach over there at Huron and that the majority of Huron League teams send out great coaches with years of experience.

I expect this to be a competitive game that could go either way. Riverview is bound to get a win eventually and they are catching Huron at a good time. With that said, I think the Pirates will have to wait until week 9 before they win against Willow Run. Huron wins a barn burner 31-28.

Jefferson/Flat Rock: Last year the Bears and Rams hook up for a real defensive struggle as Jefferson escaped with a 7-0 victory. Jefferson owns this rivalry and has been dominating since the early 80's.

Jefferson is coming off a win in which Marc Cisco pulled some trickery out of his hat to win the game when needed. Look for Bryan McCullough to carry the ball nearly every time against the Rams. He is bigger than any player the Rams put out there on defense. Quarterback Jake Sterling has been pleasant surprise since he was thrusted into the position.

Flat Rock has opened up their aerial attack lately by actually throwing the ball a few times in recent games. The Rams have found some offense other than running back Joe Conner in recent games and the defense has been opportunistic led by Dan Chickeral and Jacob Racisz.

This is the game I will be covering this week because of my 25th high school reunion. Hopefully it will be a good game and hopefully the home team will win. Jefferson has been a tough team to figure out this year but I think they still have the talent to beat Flat Rock. Bears win this game 21-14.


Anonymous said...

I hope they do too at Huron. Having played for him I can say that Dan is one of the class acts I have ever met. The man did a lot for that school and deserves another chance. He may have made some poor decisions this season, but his positives have far outweighed his negatives.

bloodynutter said...

Thought this needed to be reposted.

GO....54 said...
Well Im here to tell you,recruiting has nothing to do with it when it comes to my son...he was not recruited (Collins ) out of New Boston.My son has been in catholic school since 1st grade. Not that its anyones business, but before his mother passed away over 7 years ago,it was her wishes for her children to finish their education that way.Now our choices where Richard or CC (his mother graduated Richard).My son wresteled for CC AAU program when he was 7/8 and I liked the school and made the choice for him.Now anyone who wants to help pick up the $12,000 tab that it takes my to send my two children there...PLEASE CHIME IN.Thought so...I'm so sick of hearing Recruiting..recruiting...I sacrafice alot to make my wifes wishes come true as well as alot of other parents at CC..so stop making excuses about CC has the cream of the crop...My son has worked harder and has learned more, and will be ready for his next step of education ,then he would have at Huron.He is getting a top notch education and just so happens to be in (in my eyes.. the best program around) .He was handed NOTHING...he works hard and plays hard as well,just as if he had belonged to another school. Hug your kids and your spouse and be glad that you get to watch them play the sport they love. GO CC and God Bless all you young men who make my Fridays the best ever. Nate ,,my son God Bless you..I love you..keep up the hardwork,good luck the rest of the season..and remember MOMS watchin.

Anonymous said...

How can you say your son is getting a better education.Ithink my children are getting a great education at Huron.If you pick a catholic school for your son thats great.But you should play in a catholic league like all the others catholic schools do.They may have not recruited your son but they do some recruiting sorry.I respect you picking smcc for your child,but don't cut down other schools education programs.Your son would have did just as good at Huron you get back what you put in.

Anonymous said...

Great re-post.

Great read.

Great sport.

All the sour grapes on CC recruiting needs to stop on this BLOG, it's turning people off and I'm sure 90% untrue....yeh, there may a Catholic recruit or 2 in years gone by or even now, but not enough to turn this BLOG into a CC bashing forum based on a my brothers-uncles-cousins best friend said so knowledge. People choosing to send kids to CC does not constitute recruiting.

Everyone...Your team is your team and SUPPORT IT WITH SOME FUN and compelling POSITIVE comments!

I hope I speak for most on this great site that....ENOUGH IS ENOUGH on CC recruiting! And no offense to you bloody...that means you too. (except for your great re-post)


Anonymous said...

Great post bloodynutter. High school football is the best! They have been discussing the CC / SMCC recruiting thing for a long time and it will continue long after we are gone. Enjoy the discussion and enjoy Friday nights in the fall.
As meessed up as this world seems to be, high school football still remains.....High School Football!!!

Not from CC or Airport said...

To bloodynutter,

Do you realize that YOU are now bringing up the recruitment issue. Yours is the second comment on here. Nothing has been said until you brought it up.

I'm sure I speak for the majority on here when I say that I don't think CC recruits. You are letting a few people from a school you beat, and are trying to make an excuse, get under your skin.

Do I think CC has an advantage come playoff time? Yes. Is it because of recruiting? No. In my opinion (which with a quarter will not get you a cup of coffee) It's simply because you play public schools and CC doesn't have the troublemaker/burnout/disinterested kids that other schools have. Since CC parents are paying for their childs education they are more inclined to be more involved in every facet of that school, be it sports, science, band, etc. So your school of achievers face public schools with a varying portion of their enrollment being under achieving. That gives you an advantage...in the playoffs. In the regular season you play a lot of teams that have twice the enrollment, which should negate the under achieving argument. That falls under tradition. It's not hating on CC but it is some truth. It's just an advantage, not cheating, and that doesn't mean CC will be great until the end of time.

And don't we all, who really care for our kids, want that same advantage for them. I know I do. And that's why myself and my wife get as involved as we can in all facets of my son's high school career. Whether he likes it or not. And which is why he maintains a 3.87 GPA that I am more proud of than anything he could do on the field.

My son gets to see CC two more times and I hope he gets to knock you guys off AT LEAST once. lol Until then, good luck the rest of the way for all the teams (except the ones my son still have to face this season, of coarse).

Try to relax a bit. I'm prtty sure their are a lot of people on hear tired of seeing this argument.

Anonymous said...

the only reson #54 Dad posted that under "Down goes Airport" was because someone said that his son was recruited (post october 3 7:18pm). he just wanted to let everyone know that his son was not.

to the person who said that smcc should play in a catholic school league...if smcc played in the catholic league it wouldn't make sense to me. the teams in the league are to far to travel. also if they were in the CHSL central they would get killed and if they were in intersectional 1 or intersection 2 they would kill those. to me it just wouldn't make sense for them to play

Anonymous said...

I can understand a dad wanting to stick up for his kid, and he did. Kudos to you, Go....54. But what's the reason for someone else reposting it on an item that has ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with CC? This is about Riverview, Huron, Jefferson, and Flat Rock.

Your life might be SMCC, bloodynutter, but not everyone else's is...about 7 other teams perhaps? Drop it already and let the fans of these other four schools have some pride for their kids as well. I'm getting tired of having to read about this issue.

Anonymous said...

Bravo...all he is saying is that feels his son will get a better education at CC..if that means because of the enviornment or the parents involvement,good for him.We need more parents to be involved and maybe all schools would do well.And I hope your son is getting a good education at Huron.(Good job GO..54 )keep the good work.

Anonymous said...

I think the whole recruiting garbage needs to stop. If you don't know then don't say! Parents aren't going to fork over thousdands of dollars just for their children to play on a good HIGH SCHOOL football team. Why would a parent want to fork over that kinda money when there are schools like Airport and Milan who have great public schools? Exactly. Kids that go to CC want the education and the chance to play football, they get both. Their not recruited as you would say. If a CC coached called my parents and said "hey we want your kid, but you have to pay for this high school" my parents would die laughing and say "no, were good with our son at huron." No parent wants to pay if they don't have to. but some follow their religion and keep their kids in a private school where they have a right to practice religion, why? BECAUSE THE PARENTS PAY FOR IT! You all think they all want their kids to go to CC just for the sports, but did you ever stop to think that maybe they want their kids to be able to practice their religion?.. People need to relax and don't worry about CC. Let them play their game and you play yours and get over it. Period. IF CC was such an amazing school, they would've killed us, but we lost by 1 to them! Why? Cus we played with heart and gave it our all and didn't back down. CC isn't amazing and they aren't recruiting, their kids are like any other, they just want the win more then you. End of discussion.

Anonymous said...

Mighty Chiefs

bloodynutter said...

Point made.... thank you all.

Anonymous said...

In my opinion Mr. bloodnutter had NO reason what so ever to repost a message someone else had writen. That had a special message in it, intended to be read from someones father. You complain about everything against CC, yet you BRING IT UP almost constantley. I think you just like to bicker. Go on about your business and for christ sake LET THE BOYS PLAY.