Sunday, October 18, 2009

Week 9 Games

Riverview (2-6) v. Willow Run (5-3)
Willow Run needs win to qualify for playoffs

Huron (2-6) v. Crestwood (3-5)

Flat Rock (2-6) v. Erie Mason (0-8)

Milan (5-3) v. Belleville (3-5)
Milan needs win to qualify for playoffs

SMCC (7-1) v. Divine Child (5-3)
Divine Child needs win to qualify for playoffs

Jefferson (4-4) v. Bedford (6-2)

Airport (7-1) v. Flushing (5-3)
Flushing needs win to qualify for playoffs

Grosse Ile (4-4) v. Ida (4-4)


Anonymous said...

if jefferson wins do they have a chance at making the playoffs? what about the winner of the GI/Ida game? my guess would be jefferson is out no matter what even if they win and if ida wins they have a shot. i think GI is out as well. nothing is for certain though. what does everyone else think?

Anonymous said...

i think riverview is good enough to be in the playoffs

Anonymous said...

i agree look at their losses several close ones, they may have been 7-2 ...But would,coulda, shoulda, they werent. Good future at Riv tho

Anonymous said...

NO 5-4 TEAMs in the HL will make the playoffs this year. Jefferson or GI have not beaten anyone to merit enough POP's.

Anonymous said...

The only thing that might give GI a nod is the 2 gifts they gave Jefferson and Milan (woulda, shoulda, coulda). But neither of those teams have enough clought in their records to merit any POP for I agree that no HL 5-4 teams will make the playoffs.

Anonymous said... updated his playoff playoff map. he has it set up as if the playoff started today. SMCC is NOT in the same district as clinton, blissfield, and manchester anymore. SMCC is with ecorse, harper woods chandler, and harper woods. here is the teams for region 4:
Region 4, District 1
1 Manchester (8-0) 78
2 Clinton (7-1) 69.875
3 Blissfield (6-2) 59.625
4 Adrian Madison (5-3) 44.125
Region 4, District 2
1 Monroe St Mary Catholic Central (7-1) 84.75
2 Ecorse (7-1) 73.143
3 Harper Woods Chandler (6-2) 55 4 Harper Woods (5-3) 54.375

here is airports/milans region:
Region 4, District 1
1 Adrian (7-1) 84.25
2 Carleton Airport (7-1) 83.75
3 Chelsea (6-2) 73.5
4 Milan (5-3) 56.625
Region 4, District 2
1 Melvindale (8-0) 106
2 Detroit Central (6-1) 91
3 Gibraltar Carlson (6-2) 74.5
4 Dearborn Divine Child (5-3) 61.625

Anonymous said...

I would like to wish good luck to all Huron League teams going to the playoffs.Will see you next year.

Anonymous said...

Goooooooooooooo Divine Child.. LOL

Anonymous said...

wow you are very very very very low, in you come on this blog and cheer for divine child.

poor sportsmanship. SMCC who playes them this week and Airport who are from this league will also maybe see them in playoffs. and for you to cheer and not support your leage makes u naive and selfish. Obviusly you were one of smcc's 7 wins if you are an airport fan, or u were one one smcc and airports 13 wins in the league.

check yourself. that is horrible.

Anonymous said...

Ya specially since smcc beat airport. Like 40-22?

Anonymous said...

Who knows, could even be a divine child parent or grandparent or uncle,'s not that far away. They weren't that good last year. Who cares what people think, the game is played on the field Friday night. Some people have no loyalty to the league.

Anonymous said...

Riverview is going to improve in future years, not to mention the jr.high team went undefeated. look for them in the near future