Monday, October 19, 2009

Week 9 Picks Part I

Crestwood/Huron: These two teams have never met on the gridiron. Huron enters this game at 2-6 while Crestwood owns a 3-5 mark. The Chiefs and Chargers have one common opponent in Riverview. Crestwood defeated the Pirates in Week 1 by a 22 to 21 score. Huron lost to those same Pirates two weeks ago 23-3.

Huron limps into the season finale after high expectations withered away after week 5. The Chiefs have an excellent offense but have had a hard time stopping opponents despite the efforts of LB Tyler Weclowski.

Crestwood is led by running back Lanard Edmonston. The Chargers who finished in fourth place in the WWAC Red Division will look to run the ball against the Chief defense. Look for Crestwood to struggle with Huron's multidimensional offense.

This looks like a game that could go either way. Both teams are playing for pride so I think the more talented team will win. Look for Huron to win their last game of the season led by Andrew Mayrand and Sterling Wilson 31-21.

Flat Rock/Erie Mason: Flat Rock has won two in a row in this season ending series. The Eagles won seven in a row prior to that. Both teams have struggle this year entering week 9. The Rams have a 2-6 record while Mason is 0-8.

The Rams have been their usual selves this season. A handful of good athletes, always play with heart but just don't have the studs to compete in the bigger Huron League. Look for Joe Conner to carry the ball extensively and Dan Chickeral to throw the ball even less than usual.

Erie Mason is led by quarterback Ryan Lewis who has passed for over 700 yards this season but the Eagles are giving up just over 40 points per game while only scoring 12. This game should be a welcome change for Mason who plays in a very good LCAA.

This could be a close game but I see Flat Rock able to put pressure on Lewis while trying to throw the ball. The Rams should be able to rack up some yards on the ground in route to a victory. Flat Rock wins 28-14.


Anonymous said...

Looks like the FR and Huron fans have packed it in. No comments from the Chief or Ram nation. Will anybody be at those games?

Anonymous said...

both have a chance of winning their last game!! i'd say Fr has a better chance!! both waiting on bball season!

Anonymous said...

yea we know hurons going to repeat in basketball baby

Anonymous said...

So, smart guy, what would you like us to say???

Anonymous said...

To the person about the "Huron and FR Fans" guy... We haven't packed it in. Just upset at our teams for not getting the job done. Friday night comes, were always there to support our teams. just cus we dont comment on a blog doesnt mean we dont support out teams.