Friday, October 2, 2009

Wet or Dry?

After raining much of the day it looks like tonight's games should be relatively dry although the fields should be rain soaked. All four of tonight's games could be decided by wet fields.

Grosse Ile/Flat Rock: GI has an excellent running game but it is their passing game that makes their offense go. Flat Rock rarely throws the ball while depending on their running game. Advantage: Flat Rock

Riverview has a balanced offense while Jefferson relies mostly on the run. Advantage: Jefferson

Huron/Milan: Huron needs the passing game to set up their running game. The Chiefs were able to throw all over Milan last year. Milan loves to run and rarely throws the ball. Advantage: Milan

Airport/SMCC: Airport has a balanced offense that can run or pass. SMCC never throws and relies on deception. Advantage:SMCC

All in all, I don't think the wetness should cause to much havoc but could slow down some of the speedier teams and those who like to throw the ball.


Anonymous said...

SMCC 40 Airport 22....should be a little quieter in No. Monroe County

Anonymous said...

The Flat Rock train just got alot quieter too....

BUT the GI train is back on the tracks....

Anonymous said...

LOL no such thing as a GI or FR train...the so called "GI" train will get DERAILED on it's trip to Airport.....could be nasty in carleton....and i can't really give FR a chance without conner against jefferson..