Sunday, November 29, 2009

Huron League Thoughts and Questions

Could SMCC have played any better?

Kicker Matt DeJong from Montague was unbelieveable.

Friday's championship game showed why the Huron League coaches picked T.J. Lovell as the Defensive Player of the Year.

How fast is Michael Howey?

Montague didn't punt in the championship game.

SMCC will miss their seniors but will probably just reload.

It was good to see league support for SMCC at Ford Field.

I thought $40 for a family of four was pretty steep for a high school football game.

I wish people were willing to comment without remaining anonymous.

Montague's Cody Kater was fun to watch.

Dinner for four at Armondos in Meixcantown cost me $90. Ouch!

If I had to pick a running back in the Huron League it would be tough not to pick Chris LaBeau


bloodynutter said...

-Yes SMCC could have played better.

-$10 a ticket is a just amount. Ford field is a nice place to watch a HS football game. You are watching the best teams play at the best field.... very fair fare:)

-SMCC will miss it's seniors but it's junior class is amazing and some key sophs will make next year's version even better than this year's. Montague, SMCC and Constantine will be on another collision course.

- Dejong (the former soccer player) was the best player on the field. His kickoffs took one of SMCC's bigggest weapons away from them.

- SMCC didnt punt in 8 games this year... not that uncommon in today's HS football.

- Howey is very fast... Cusumano and Lamour are just as fast and are returning btw.

- I agree it was nice to see the varsity jacket's from other area schools.

- The championship game was the FIRST game this year that Montague ever trailed.... they trailed twice to SMCC 0-7 and 17-21.

- This was only the 3rd time this year that Montague had their starters in during the 4th quarter.

- This was only the 3rd time this year that Montague did not have a running clock.

notahaterreally said...

will you have an early bird prediction for next year for the league?

notahaterreally said...

SMCC played very well. Montague made a ton of mistakes as well as SMCC but what would have happened if Montague made no mistakes and really took advantage of the ones SMCC did make??? Blowout? SMCC played very tough. SMCC has a ton of juniors that started all year they will be an expected lock to return next year. Any comments about the AP All State picks?

bloodynutter said...

I would also like to add that SMCC's schedule had alot to do with them being able to compete with Montague. They were used to bigger teams that could throw the ball(Crockett,Airport,GI,Huron, DDC). Without the, we've been here and seen this before fact, I believe SMCC gets beat worse(like most predicted). So kudos to the league and it's quality teams... should be even better next year.

cheeko said...

$10.00 addmission was ok but the $6.00 hot dogs and $5.50 pops (OUCH)..

Mr. HuronLeagueMan said...

I am a firm believer that trench play wins or loses football games. However, although SMCC had a great run this year and made the league proud, I have to disagree with them going undefeated in the league or going back to Ford Field.

With that being said, I didn't think that they would hang with Montague the way they did (although some Montague mistakes kept them in it).

I was impressed with the toughness that SMCC showed. It comes with playing in the Huron League.

bloodynutter said...

Mr. Huron... who had said they would go undefeated and go back to ford field?

Mr. HuronLeagueMan said...

"SMCC has a ton of juniors that started all year they will be an expected lock to return next year."

Who is the team to beat next year? “SMCC continues to roll. Great coaching, good kids, weak league and easy division.”

"CC uses 6 or 7 different backs three are leaving...theree good ones. But the others are real close to those leaving and they have some good ones coming up as well.But when its all said and done everyone will wish they were running behind that O-line that is returning..should be an All State line next year."

Just a few that I found thoughout.

bloodynutter said...

HMMM... I've never seen those?

HL fan said...

Is it possible for SMCC or any team to move up a divsion if they wanted to or had the talent to? Like for example could SMCC ask to move up to D5 or could a D4 school ask to move up to D3? I am just wondering. I do not know all of the MHSAA rules. I know the divisions are based on enrollment.

Mr. HuronLeagueMan said...

Go back through to some of the comments/thoughts sections and you will. I promise.

bloodynutter said...

Yes it is possible to ask the MHSAA to move up. MCC/SMCC did it for years. They won the 91 state title playing class B but had a class C enrollment. Coopersville had double the enrollment of CC. Other teams have done it as well.

HL fan said...

thank you bloodynutter. so it is possible. i think smcc should consider it along with some other teams in the state. maybe TC ST. Francis and Jackson Lumin Chrisit. i don't know maybe its just me, but i would think about it if i were those schools. it's just my opinion.

bloodynutter said...

SMCC hasnt even won D6, why would they want to move up?

bloodynutter said...

In 1987 SMCC played Farmington Hills Harrison(the greatest program in MHS football history) in the Class B state playoffs.... FHH's enrollment was 950(B) and SMCC's 530(C).

To your post about SMCC moving up--
since 2003 SMCC has a D6 playoff record of 18-7 with no state titles to speak of. I would call that a very good record but not dominant. In my opinion SMCC is fine right where they are, I am not sure how moving up would help anyone? Maybe you could explain how this would help them or the rest of the teams in the division they would be leaving. thanks

bloodynutter said...

I would have loved to see TCSF-Montague-SMCC and JLC play a round robin but that will never happen.

HL fan said...

Bloodynutter,I guess you are right about SMCC. I don't know. Some people (not all) just think the only reason they go far is because they are only in D6 and it isn't that good. I agree TCSF/Monty//SMCC/JLC round robin would be awesome!!

CC DOG said...

Dont kid yourself,playing in the Huron league is good for any team,but dont act like alot of games were close,even if the other team is bigger.Doesnt mean your good because you are big

bloodynutter said...

Your enrollment dictates what division you play in come playoff time. SMCC has proven it can beat much bigger schools(Huron League, Bedford, DDC...) it need not prove it in the playoffs. I think they welcome the chance to play schools their size.

bloodynutter said...

I may also add that the top teams in D6 year in and year out(Montague,Constantine,SMCC,Saginaw Nouvel,Blissfield) would win the Huron league most every year.