Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Preseason Predictions

If you remember at the begining of the season I made some predictions regarding the records of each of the teams in the Huron League. It's now time to review those picks. It's tough to determine how teenagers are going to play every week so it is nearly impossible to predict how things will actually shake out. I feel pretty comfortable on how my predictions turned out. I'm sure most of my readers out there nailed their own picks.

Grosse Ile: I picked the Red Devils to finish 2-7 overall and they went a respectable 5-4. The emergence of a quarterback and receiver along with Dex Teen really solidified their season.

Flat Rock: I picked my alma mater to finish with a 3-6 mark and that is exactly where they ended up. The Rams always have some players but depth continues to be a problem.

Riverview: I picked the Pirates to finish 5-4 simply because of Jeff Stergalas. Riverview finished 3-6 but I think they were a few breaks away from a better season.

Milan: I picked the Big Reds to take a step back this year and go 4-5. Steve Robb did an excellent job and his players stepped up as well as Milan finished 6-3.

Huron: This was suppose to be the year the Chiefs posted a winning record and I picked the Chiefs to go 5-4. Once again defense was the Chief's demise and Huron finished a disappointing 3-6.

Jefferson: I picked Marc Cisco's Bears to go a respectable 5-4 overall and I just missed as the Bears went 4-5.

Airport: I had the Jets slated to finish 2nd in the league and at 7-2 overall. As luck would have it the Jets finished exactly that, 7-2.

SMCC: I picked the Falcons to lose the opener to Detroit Crockett and then to run the table and finish 8-1. SMCC did not disappoint as they lost the opener then won the rest in route to a Huron League Championship and finishing 8-1.

Not bad eh?


Anonymous said... really missed the GI pick, but who can blame you or anyone on this blog for that.

2 OH4 seasons in a row...and then miss the playoffs by 1/2 point... Major WINDS OF CHANGE on the island and they PROVED IT!

It was alot more than Teen/Cameron/White that made this happen. How about Church/ Tyburski/Tascoff/Korody/ other words a TEAM showed up this year at GI and they played together and it showed.

A testament to the captains, seniors and infusion of more underclassmen...not to mention coaches, parents and a community that stayed committed to excellence.

Still alot of work to do on the island for SCHOOL SUPPORT of Football excellence, but $ problems may force the issue...we can only hope.

You run a great BLOG with great insight and comments....and you certainly deserve a pat on the back for your spot-on preseason picks in the league...except of course GI.

Strap it up tight in 2010 boys.


Huronleaguefootball said...

Good points on GI. If you look back at my predictions I did say that they would need to improve on defense if they wanted to have a better record. While they were better this year and the record shows it they still gave up 26 points per game. That is too many.

They can make a huge jump next year if they put that number down under 20 ppg.

Anonymous said...

well your perdections of smcc were spot on. ur a genious
now predict a state championship!!!!!

Rustayo said...

I'd hate to be a Debbie Downer but technically Jefferson went 4-5. However I'll give ya credit the picks were pretty accurate and ya nailed the top 2, aka the most important.

Lessons to learn from this season:

Don't trust Huron to win until they actually do so, the blew what honestly should've and looked like a 6-3 season.

Flat Rock really could use some depth. I just feel bad for those guys, as hard as they play, they do not have the numbers to hang with a lot of the top teams.

JV records do not transfer to varsity (Jefferson). Everyone was real high on Jefferson, however it's hard to replace the amount of starters they had to. However, next year since most will be returning they may have something to look forward to.

I'd hate to say it, GI proved us wrong. Sure their wins weren't against the big 4, but I thought they would go another 0-9, and instead they shocked me and went 5-4. I don't know if they will do that next year, but they did this year, and it was quite shocking.

Milan needs some creativity. What I mean by this is that their offense has become pretty predictable, and teams with talent are narrowing the gap with them or passing them.

Airport needs the same quality at the end of the schedule that SMCC has had. I miss the old days where Airport vs SMCC was the last league game of the year. Now that it's in the middle, SMCC has had Milan, Jefferson, and DCC to close out the year, while Airport has had GI, Flat Rock, and Flushing. I mean lets all be fair, SMCC's end obviously prepares more for the playoffs, Airport gets that quality at the start of the year. Airport still played their tails off in the playoffs, they just came up on the losing end of a great game.

And SMCC is still alive, and probably will be for years to come. All I could say is that if that offense passed 5 times a game, I think they'd have a few more rings (However, it is still very good and very hard to stop). So I won't rip the offense, they get the job done.

And to those people who hate me, thank you. It's not gonna change how I act or what I say. If you do hate my comments just say why. And remember, I own up to all my comments, I have no idea who Anonymous is.

I'd love to see this go to a website, however a lot of work is done by the moderator, and I must give him some credit. Tip of the hat for taking this much time to give the Huron League something to get the crazy fans even crazier (I like craziness)

Anonymous said...

you were wrong..airport was 7-3, SMCC is still going, and Milan was 6-4 LOL..just giving you a hard time..seriously though you know your Huron League teams very well..look forward to reading it

conniver said...

Rustayo, your exactly right. JV numbers don't transfer to Varsity. Our JV boys came in with high hopes coming off a undeafeated season. Unfortunatly Jefferson fell on alot of self inflicted adversity and it split the kids up. The good news is we got alot of experience this year and will be returning alot of starters next year so I look for good things to happen. I know the boys are already hard at it with one goal in mind.

Chris, Great blog. It was awesome being able to talk Huron League football all season. The one thing I would like to see change is the anonymous posts. Make people put a name with it so you know who your discussing things with on multiple posts. Keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

HLF..nail on the head! If you look back at my'll find that you and I shared the same assessment on GI D from the very beginning.

Actually, my comments about D were consistent regardless of school.

The best D in the HL won the HL....Whodathunkit???

Strap it up tight is a DEFENSIVE Battle Cry...GI started to find it, SMCC and the upper echelon have it.