Thursday, December 3, 2009

Fall 2010

Is it too early to be thinking about next years football season? I think not! I'm sure many of the football teams have started lifting already in hopes of football glory in fall of 2010.

Don't forget you gridiron heroes that you can't afford to sit around and wish your way to success. I'm sure many of you are playing winter sports. If not, you probably should be. If you decided to take the winter off let me encourage you not to do the same thing in the spring.

If you don't participate in a spring sport you should consider running track. Most great football players run track. If your a skill guy you should be sprinting and jumping this spring with your school track team. If your a lineman you should be participating by throwing the shotput and discus.

Take a look at some of the tracksters from the Huron League who excel at football; Dex Teen, Jodeci Mays, Joe Conner, Thom Box, Derek Williams, the entire SMCC starting backfield and a host of others.

Year in and year out SMCC, Airport, Milan and Jefferson are considered the "Big Four" in the Huron League in what sport? Football? Yep.... and Track & Field. Good football programs and good track programs go hand and hand.

Remember, don't sit on your butts hoping for success. Many of your opponents are doing other sports preparing to play against you.


bloodynutter said...

Well said

krazy22 said...

Huron's athletic director is trying to get alot of the linemen in wrestling to stay in shape [they run the cemetery daily] and to join track for shotput and discus. Hopefully huron can come back next year and turn heads.

HL fan said...

TJ Lovell and Mike Panonne from SMCC made the Free Press All State Team in D6. Eric Cogan from Summerfield made it in D7. Those are the few I found. Here is the link:

Someone also me that Mike Howey and Chris Labeau were Honorable Mention. They don't have honoranle mention on that site.

Congrates to all the winners!!

huronleaguebasketball said...

Hey Chris on the basketball blog i feel you dont get as much feedback becasue people cant just write something and put anonymous they have to have some kind of account somewhere and nobody feels like doing that i think you need to make anonymous i know its annoying but thats where all feedback will come from

Huronleaguefootball said...

I changed it last week to allow anonymous posting. We just haven't had many comments.