Friday, December 18, 2009

Open Forum

Hey everyone! I just thought I would throw a topic out there for so fun discussion.

There are quite a few good returning players coming back next season. Who are some of the players we should look out for that will up their game next season? Please stay away from the obvious players and please try and list school, position and size along with their names.


Anonymous said...

center (jake deweese) and guard (anthony kitts) from airport should do very well...but for the rest of the line we cant say much. I know kitts already has a couple college offers.

Anonymous said...

Jack Cousumano SMCC he will be taking over for Mike Howey at quarterback. The entire Smcc line and Luke Yinger and Andrew Lamour in the backfield for next year.

SITOFN said...

GI backfield will have Curtis and Kish, be sure to remember those names as Teen will fade quickly...solid line with Berardi and Berlinski leading the way.

White and Cameron will play pitch and catch at a feverish pace... again!

D will need some step level improvment, starting with Groff at LB, Berlinski and Alongi on the line. Howie as DB will anchor there, possibly a surprise or 2 come up from JV.

Anonymous said...

I'm throwing the linemen for Huron out there; they're some beasts this year around!

Returning from last season will be Jon Six[dt/300lbs] and Kyle Osier[L.Guard]. These two are big and quick guys. They're a force to be reckoned with. Good seasons for them both, hopefully a greater season their senior years.

I'm also guessing after being out for most of their seasons last year, Andrew Stupakis[tackle/280lbs] and Kenny Cavill[tackle/300lbs] will be returning wanting to make a come back after their injuries. They're both quick as well and big guys like Six and Osier. Put all 4 on O-line together, and you can guarantee the ball is going to move.

They've also got a few juniors like Shawn Brewer[rb/140lbs] and Zack Crespi[qb/160lbs] coming up to Varsity to help out in the backfield and possibly replace Mayrand [between Pat Clark and Crespi for QB]

Wilson and Brenan will also be returning for next season so that's going to make it better. With Huron's line going to be coming together, and Huron's quick backfield they are getting, they should be able to get the job done for next season.

Huronleaguefootball said...

Good stuff! That's what we are looking for.

I do have one comment though and it is a big one. Everybody you listed was offense, offense, offense.

Where are the defensive guys? Huron has to stop people. If they play defense they will start to win more games.

Anonymous said...

Any one have Milans 1009 season roster who are the big linemen that where juniors?

Anonymous said...

Is Redmund gone to Monroe?


if you want to talk returners this is who you talk about
-Tight Ends- Nick Wilson and Seth Gonyea

-Tackles- Calvin McShane

-Guards- Robbie Cardella, Kyle Burhdart.

-Center- Nate Collins

-Backfield- Jack Cusuamano, Andrew Lamour, Zack Moore, Luke Yinger- all saw time.

all in all offence loses about 4 players but most are rb's who played as much time as the returners.


Down Lineman- Nick Wilson Dante Wilkie Kyle Burkardt

Linebackers- Chad Laplantte, Daniel Courterier Zack Moore and Anthony Gaynier- who saw some time

Secondary- Edmond Shinnevarre and Michael Pannone, and Cusumano/ Yinger saw some time.

all in all they lose 2-3.

this is going to be a superrrr strong team, stronger that the STAT FINALIST team from last year.
watch out HL, these boys know what it feels like to win and also lose. they are comming off a 14 game season, and 15 out of the 22 have played those 14 games and 7 out of those 15 have played 27 games in the last two years.
thats mre than grose ille's or flat rocks senior class this year and those kids are juniors.
i am a supporter, but i hope these kids do not get lost in the hype
those 15 and the other that will fill in are hungryyy, they want the league and the ring.

Watch out for- Yinger and Cusumano on O

Watch out for- Pannone and Wilkie/Burkardt on D.

the team of surprise- Grosse ille.

Cameron and white are going to be deadly.

good luck to all teams. i hope august comes in a flash

Anonymous said...

Dont take for granted that Cusumano will relace howey. The JV QB Lehman was very good... he may just start as a JR and allow Cusumano to stay at RB.

Anonymous said...

Those having to play well next year on defense for the Falcons to stay at the top will be Zach Moore, Nick Wilson and Dante Wilke.

Anonymous said...

Redmond to Monroe? That is the rumor.. done deal.

Anonymous said...

I'm not too sure as to what the defense with Huron will be. Old man Kalby changes that up so much its hard to tell who will be where.

If I had to guess on positions, Osier, Six, Cavill, and Stupakis will all be on Defensive line somewhere, with Wilson, Brenan, Shawn Brewer, and Trevor Zajac in LB positions. I'm sure their putting Wilson in the back on Defense as well.

A little info; Shawn Brewer played JV for Huron as a running back his freshman year, and got I think over 700 yards rushing. Also lit up the line when he was in LB position.

Zajac played part of his season this year on Varsity as a LB, and had some good stops. If Brewer and Zajac keep working hard during the off season [they both wrestle i think and play baseball] then they come back, they'll be in good shape to his those LB positions again.

But like I said, Huron's defensive positions change so much its hard to say who will play where, but the linemen positions, I'm almost positive on.

Anonymous said...

You cannot forget about Mike Pannone from Smcc.

SITOFN said...

Some other GI input.

OL/LB Korody...all league in 2009, even better in 2010. Likely DL vs LB in 2010 as LB roster is FULL of quicker/leaner hitmen. He shoulda been in my first post...sorry John.

RB/LB Radcliff will be healthy (knee last year) and WILL BE an impact player on O and D right there with Kish/Curtis/Groff.... possibly better than all of them if he brings it. BTW...likes the rough stuff in the middle on D!! Another first post miss..sorry Nik.

WR/RB/OLB Adkins has the speed and size to keep the plethora of Teen/Church replacements competing for a job. Tank build with speed/feet...I smell a D standout if they groom him right.

QB/CB Tobin (familiar GI name) will keep White on his toes, coaches dream for sure. Bodner needs to get him on the field!

LB/RB Church (familiar GI name) laid serious lumber on D and showed tenacity ushering the pigskin (running and catching) on JV. Note...played entire season with broken wrist and just taped it!

LB Judd has hound dog nose for the ball...could be D standout with some added papa, eat!!! Junk yard dog mean to boot.

QB/RB Cuddy will also bring serious skill player talents... Bodner will need to find a spot for him too.

OL Gape is thick and agile, could be OL contributor if he brings a 'tude.

WR/CB Butler will have the chance to compliment Cameron/Burr. Has tenacity that GI D needs.

WR/DB Munoz is a wild card... Cameron-esqe talent if he decides too....we'll see if he's the real deal or mis-deal.

GI will surprise in 2010...HL champs??, say it ain't so!!!

It was this author that predicted "winds of change" on GI last year to everyones dismay...I nailed it. Can I go 2 for 2?

Anonymous said...

GI lost to Airport by 44 and SMCC by 35. Let's show some respect and not get carried away .

Anonymous said...

wow a broken wrist?
welclowski played with a broken hand and casted it but still played,
and there were about 4 kids from smcc playing with broken bones , all season and they had 14 games

HLfan said...

next years smcc team will not be as good as this years but have a better shop to win a title because there is no montague. Montague could have won the D4 or D5 state title and they finished the season ranked #9 in the state regardless of division. The HL will surely be down from this years and i dont see many good teams besides smcc. Therefor i see them winning leagues and maybe states despite this years team being better.
They lose: Howey, Lovell, Labeau, Highers (All three were FP all state or all state HM), and miracle. That was by far the core for the team. Though they have some very talented players that have already be listed for next year. Looking forward to it

notahaterreally said...

The rumours of Redmond to Monroe have heated up, BIG TIME. There was a Monroe/Redmond meeting on Thursday, 12-17 and it is said it went better than recent years. Airport boosters and staff were not real happy with him after this year. New AD (last year) wants to bring in his own guy. It may be for real this time.

Huronleaguefootball said...

I guess it was just a matter of time before the rumor mill started.

I know nothing of the Monroe job search but Redmond would be a great hire for the Trojans.

Airport would be crazy to want anybody but Redmond. They would have a hard time replacing him.

Anonymous said...

notahaterreally were did you hear this?

Anonymous said...

SITOFN, have to agree with nearly all of your comments. Radcliffe will have a great senior season, like his two siblings (former devils), but his biggest impact will be on the defensive side. There will be six backs on the team averaging more than seven yards per carry thanks to an offensive line that returns starters from the first four games (injuries breaking it up later). The defense will turn around with the big uglies on that side hitting the weights as hard as they hit the dinner table.

Anonymous said...

It it werent for Redmond Airport would still probably be a huron league punching bag.

Anonymous said...

For Airport, its going to be Jake DeWeese and Anthony Kitts for the lineman. As for the backfield, its going to be Derrek Williams trading off handoffs with sophmore QB Brandon Potcova (started JV as a freshman). Williams is speedy with Mays, both should be a dual threat. Despite his size being 5'7 125, he is very quick watch him in the spring for track and field. As for defense its going to be a toss up of young JV players from last year but expect Airport to be one of the tops in the league next year.

Anonymous said...

Whoever said Montague will be down next year, think again. They will be loaded and again be the top team in D6 until someone beats them. No they wont have Kater but if you look at their past record, they have won alot of games before kater got their.

Anonymous said...

Grosse Ile is still awful. We beat you guys 44-0. And your coach made excuses in the paper about the weather affecting your offense. But that is not true you guys just blow big time. Grosse Ile would probably to summit academy. They are that bad.

notahaterreally said...

To: Anonymous said...December 21, 2009 7:30 AM...... other than Deweese and Kitts on their offensive line, Airport has nobody... unlike this year. You will see a drop off in Mayes rushing yards. Yes, Williams is quick but not big enough to get hit by the Milan, Jefferson, Riverview boys over and over again. The youngster Potcova will have to step up. Airport will not be the team next year, SMCC had a ton of Juniors who started this year, they are the team. Every other team will be better, Airport will struggle, especially since Redmond is leaving. Not a good year for Airport next year, lucky to be a .500 team.

Anonymous said...

Now,now let's not get s bashful. This upcoming year is a FRESH START! Your winning seasons/losing seasons are in the past! If you want to talk crap, finish your 2010 season with some wins first. All teams [besides FR, Jefferson, Milan, and RV who no ones talked bout] have good players coming up or furthering on, so it can be anyones game with fresh starts of newer players! No need to be sore winners and talk garbage how a team not even in the league would beat a team within the league. We're one of the most respected leagues in the southern state of Michigan and one of the biggest and baddest leagues around.... Learn to respect eachother off the field; play your game on the field; then back to respect off it.Period.

VBITH said...

No excuses coming from this side of the river. The boys had a tough time running a shotgun on a flooded field in the freezing rain but that is not an excuse, just an observation. The Devils will welcome the Jets to the Island in 2010 and win an offensive shootout in a game when passing and the shotgun will not be ruled out mere plays into the first quarter. Until then I have to give credit where it is due to Jodeci and the boys in blue, great game this year and see you next.

Anonymous said...

GI has to prove they can play with the big boys before they can start talking whatsoever.... over the past 5 season they have been outscored 427-90 vs. SMCC and Airport.

Anonymous said...

I bet Grosse Ile regrets running Flanery out of town.The only coach to win a district title and you run him out of town. You guys have no one to blame for being awful but yourselfs. Bodner who?

Grosse Ile will never be good until they stop interfering and let the coaches coach.

Anonymous said...

Milan 2010 HLC

Anonymous said...

Bosman from Riverview. A 2 time 1st team All Huron League Selection and recieved 2nd team honors at TE. Bosman, Collins, and Pannone will be the faces of the league next season and nooone is talking about them?

Anonymous said...

10:09 AM, couldn't agree more, and if you had been around the Island lately you would realize that the community is behind Bodner. He gave us a sniff of the success to come this year with our first winning season since the Flannery era. More wins are on the way, guarenteed.

Anonymous said...

Hey SITOFN do you agree with me about Flanery? He didnt step down because he wanted to be with his kids he still would have coached.

Anonymous said...

Grosse Ile DOES regret running Flanery out of town. It is crazy that after winning that title that he was cut replace him with a coach with little experience, that turns into a coach that did not win a game in over two years... How did he keep his job?..

In watching Bodner's coaching style you can see that the focus is not on defense. His lack of experience haunted him in two late losses this last season and questionable coaching calls during the Riverview game even though GI won.

I will agree that Grosse Ile will never be good until they stop interfering and let the coaches coach, but at least get us coaches that have better experience than what we have. It seems that in all of our sports they are pushing teachers into the head role even though we have more experienced coaches out there.

On saying that, last year we won our games on raw talent by a few. GI does have a bit of talent coming up the next couple of years plus quite a few player that are returning so we should be in the mix, not from what the kids are learning from their coaches, but from basic athletic ability.

Anonymous said...

Congrats to the SMCC football team for being honored by the mayor! He proclaimed yesterday SMCC football day bc of their accomplishments! Great job boys, looking foward to next year!!

SITOFN said...

To Airhead I say leave your arrogance/ignorance on M-live.

Yes GI stunk it up in the mud bowl last year, but comparisons to Summit...please. Talk like that cements your a/i and is quite frankly, embarrising for the Airball faithful.

Concerning GI's not the job of parents and bloggers to decide or make "change" comments. It's a cancer in a program calling for coaches heads and this author is cancer free!!

Comments about coaching snafu's are fair game, but only with the hope that they'll git-r-done.

My Git-r-done list for Coach B:
-STOP underclassmen promotion, unless it's Jesus himself
-DEFENSE, spell it ,smell it, live it, breath it, dream it, BRING IT
-D E F E N S E
-D E F E N S E
-Rush the pigskin with the same zeal as last year with Teen..great horses in the stable
-Don't get sucked into pass happiness...teams will key on that like they did against Teen in the OH4 years.

BTW congrats to SMCC on their day!
Did the mayor give one to Airline too...NOPE.
Sorry, couldn't resist ;-)

Anonymous said...

My son came home from school today and heard it straight from Redmund.(He was a starter this year) There IS a 70% chance that he is going to Monroe. He will still teach at Airport, but MAY coach at Monroe. Talks are still in progress as of Dec. 22nd. If he leaves, you might want to rethink your predictions for 2010!

Anonymous said...

But man who is GI's defensive coordinator? That is where alot of GI's problems have been over the last few years. However they have had some offensive talent over the years. GI has great potential and always have but they do have to realize that defense wins games. Until they start playing defense wins wont come easy,but it was good to see them win 5 games and thats a start. Play a little defense and they will make the next step to the postseason. Only if they play some D.

Anonymous said...

in addition as we speak crews are working and taking Airports Field lights down...they will NOT be putting up new lights all games will be played friday evenings or saturday

Anonymous said...

looks like navarre is now better than airports field.
at least it has lights hah :P

notahaterreally said...

wrong info on Airports lights. the home side is down to fix the electrical problem before the playoffs, a rewire, new light and the poles go back in. not sure if the visitor sides are comeing down, no rpoblems over there,

Anonymous said...

notahaterreally please get the info straight the lights ARE coming down the AD said they were not safe enough (tilting) and they are coming downnn

Anonymous said...

With Redmond gone. With SMCC loosing starters. Milan should be the number one on the HLC.