Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Redmond to Monroe

I try to be as detailed as I possibly can on this blog and usually don't report speculation and innuendo but I have received way too many specific details that say Monroe will hire Eric Redmond as their next football coach.

With that said, there are quite a few details that would need to be hammered out to make the move official but it looks like the only thing that would stop the move would be Redmond changing his mind.

I have two thoughts on this subject and they are:

1)Great move by Monroe. Redmond is an excellent coach and the Trojans have the talent to be a Division I power every year. Look for positive changes immediately for the Monroe Football Program.

2)Where does Airport go from here? Redmond is almost irreplaceable. The Airport brass will have a hard time finding anyone than can match what Redmond brought to the table.

Good luck to both programs as they look to move on from here.


notahaterreally said...

i agree with your statement on a good move for Monroe. not sure they have the talent to hang in the playoffs but should do well in the SEC, Redmonds knock at Airport was his playoff failures. it will be interesting with him still teaching at airport though, that will be time restraint on him. I’ll be watching to see how he does in a higher class A school, good luck to him, great guy who truned around a terrible program, hope the next guy keeps it going.

Now, Airport on the other hand, all depends on who stays and who goes. This is my prediction. JV and Fresh coaches stay the same possible move up to varsity. Reed and Hall will go with Redmond. Grant and Whitehouse will stay at Airport and Vanwashanova becomes head coach. This is what I hope, it would be the easiest, the system remains mostly in tact, things roll along. The new AD (last year) probably will screw it up, he’s as dumb as a stump and bring in somebody from the outside like the pinhead from Melvindale or something silly like that. We shall see,, maybe a rich Airport booster will pony up and keep Redmond there by building a new stadium with his name on it?!?!?!?!?!? Yeah right.

One note…. To the comment on the other post concerning the lights at Airports field, the home side was taken down to fix the electrical problems that happened right before playoffs. A rewire, a few new lights and the poles are going back up. It hasn’t been determined if the visitor side comes down or not Nasty rumor starter.

Anonymous said...

notahaterreally sorry but ths is how it is coach V is leaving and coaching his sos is going to be coachin yellow jackets since his son plays on it coach reed will be going with redmond and coach Hall will be retiring