Monday, January 4, 2010

Offense or Defense?

There is an old saying in team sports that says offense fills the seats and defense wins championships.

How do you win in the Huron League, with offense or defense?

I think last year it was safe to say that SMCC had the best defensive team in the league. They were able to ride it to a league championship and a runner-up finish in Division VI. But wasn't their offense just as good?

How about Riverview? They got off to a slow start but it doesn't seem like defense was the problem for the Pirates. If Riverview could have found a way to score more points I think we could have seen a playoff team for Jeff Stergalas.

This may not be the best example but hasn't Flat Rock been pretty good defensively since the arrival of Joe Pruchnicki. The Rams problems have been on offense where they run only a handful of running plays each way.

So once again offense or defense? What do you think people?


Anonymous said...

Who cares about how good you are at offense or defense. ITS ALL ABOUT THE EXECUTION OF THE X'S AND O'S BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

The game is won upfront...Offensive, and Defensive Lines..Coaching, and Scheming help, but give me the horses, and i'll ride them to victory!

Anonymous said...

defense. and yes smcc would not have gotten anywhere without it, held the highest powered offense in d6 and maybe in the state to 21 points? a goal line stand a redzone stop, held to a fieldgoal. that is how you win. the offense did not produce the whole game which why the lost

Anonymous said...

to the 8:24 poster..... your statement is proof that you need both to be great. Therefore, none is more important than the other. You say defense is more important but the lack of offense caused them to lose.. doesnt make much sense.

gifootball said...

It comes down to a mix of the two. SMCC had them both last year. Here is what I came up with on points for and points against during the regular season. If you look at Riverview their defensive numbers were great, but couldn't put them on the board. You must have both if you ever want to have a winning season.

SMCC 282-136
Airport 334-154
Huron 229-264
GI 228-238
Milan 210-160
Flat Rock 165-245
Riverview 167-169

An Alum said...

SMCC had the best offense last year, they contolled the clock the whole game, therefore allowing the defense to rest up and be fresh, the defense only had a few drives a half where the offese would have a long time consuming one. 8:24 poster, smcc lost because of their offense? trust me you have absolutely no idea and you sound dumb. How can you fault a teams offense or defense after a performance like that??