Thursday, April 29, 2010

Preseason Thoughts

Just thought I would throw out some thoughts regarding the 2010 football season. I know it's a little early by why not.

Airport, the Jets must recover from the loss of Eric Redmoond to Monroe. Much of Airport's staff will remain in tact and the Jets return some excellent talent.

Flat Rock, the Rams have been hit hard by graduation and will probably start a handful of Sophomores this season. Joe Pruchnicki will probably shorten his playbook this season if that is possible.

Grosse Ile, the Islanders will have to find a replacement for Dex Teen on offense. There is a boatload of returning veterans which should allow GI to be very competitive this season.

Huron, the Chiefs lose one of the best players in the league in LB Tyler Weclowski. Look for the Huron to run the ball more this season behind a big offensive line.

Jefferson, the Bears return a lot of talent and will once again be a big, strong, physical team. Jefferson will be capable of beating any team in the league.

Milan, the Big Reds simply reload every year. Veteran coach Steve Robb will have plenty of speed again this year and should be right in the thick of the league race.

SMCC, the Falcons backfield was hit hard by graduation but were probably the youngest team in the league last year. Look for the Catholics to reload and make another run to Ford Field.

Riverview, the Bucs improved steadily last year and appear poised to make a big jump this season. Look for Jeff Stergalas to have his team competing for a league title this year.

Obviously those are just some randon thoughts in alphabetical order.


Anonymous said...

Huron League Track Times 2010

I am not sure which of these kids play football, if they do, what positions or what grade they are in so hopefully someone else can break it down by grade, position, and any other factors.... It looks as if Airport wins with the speed, but then not sure if all play football.....

100 Meters

Jodeci Mays 11.44 Airport
Eric Morrow 11.64 Jefferson
Sterling Wilson 11.64 Huron
Dex Teen 11.64 Grosse Ile
Desmond Lowe 11.74 Huron
Andrew White 11.84 Airport
Matt Leigh 11.84 Airport
Alex Kish 11.94 Grosse Ile
Justin Jones 12.04 Airport
Adam Donnelly 12.04 Airport

200 Meters

Jodeci Mays 23.24 Airport
Dex Teen 23.64 Grosse Ile
Matt Leigh 23.74 Airport
Eric Morrow 23.84 Jefferson
Travis Leonard 24.34 Jefferson
Alex Kish 24.44 Grosse Ile
Michael Graves 24.44 Airport
Mitch Snyder 24.44 Airport

Anonymous said...


-I am by no means a Jefferson fan but they will be very tough this year. 7-2 will be the record if things go as I see them.

-It will be interesting to see how things change,if at all, philosophy wise in Carlton.

-SMCC returns a ton of starters from a 12-2 team. Will they have enough to bring home a title?

-Can GI shore up the "D". I can see them putting up 35 a game and still going 4-5 if they dont become more stout on the other side of the ball

-Riverview seems to be the team not many talk about as far as competing for the league title. If they get some breaks I can see them finishing 7-2. They have 2 gimmies in week 1 and 9. I see the playoffs in 2010 for the Pirates.

-All but Huron and FR will have a very legit shot at 6 wins.

-week one and nine will have much to do about getting those all important 6 victories.

-Should be a fairly balanced league from 1-5. Cant wait til it all shakes out.


Anonymous said...

Grosse Ile is the Red Devils - not the Islanders.

Anonymous said...

Riverview will be extremely competitive, playoffs are extrmely possible barring a few of the ref's 'fumbles' ehem jefferson. Grosse ile will hardly be a battle.

Anonymous said...

Mike Howey beat Mays in the 100 and 200. Also on it said that in a semifinal or preliminary race Howey ran a 10.9 in one of the meets. Mays and Howey are both good runners and airports team is really good.

Anonymous said...

smcc's season will dissapointment if they do not bring home a league title and make it to ford field. they have been to the semifinals from 2003-2009 with the exception of 2006, those boys have high expectations, if you break it down they should meet thier goals and possibly bring another sign that u read when u enter the city of monroe along with thier volleyball team.

like chris said SMCC was hit hard on the offensive side of the ball but hit hard isnt the right term.
They lose labeau lovell and howey.
howey is replaced with cusumano labeau is replaced with yinger and lamour and lovell is replaced with moore and pannone along with other jr running back like zack moore. on the offensive line one senior is lost with possibly a better replacemnt in either Wilkie, jr Austin or big soph mcgulaghin.
the defense that held Cinci Quaterback Cody Kater and the 2009 state championship team to 21 pts with a goal line stand and two stops in the redzone should be better than ever this year.
The only loss would come from lovell at lb and miracle on the end. Both are replaceable with just as good athletes. Smcc returns leading tackler pannone and senior zack moore who can disturb alot of people, along with all league HM defensive back edmond chinnevarre.

i see only riverview getting in the way of smcc and detroit crocket. these boys have the power, confidence, experience and COACHING to bring home a title.

by the numbers SMCC has played 13 games in 2008 and 14 in 2009. 27 games in 2 years where as half the teams in the league and state play nine a year. 9 X 3 = 27. these boys have played three season in 2, they know what it takes. good luck and good luck to all the teams in the league, you turly are the toughest leage in michigan pound for pound.

Huronleaguefootball said...

Don't underestimate the loss of Howey. Also, Lovell and LaBeau were good players with great toughness. SMCC will not replace those guys with better players.

Huronleaguefootball said...

Just an FYI. Flat Rock, Huron and Milan all have small parts of their school districts in Monroe County. I have the rosters already and they include players from thoise schools. Rosters will be posted this weekend.

Anonymous said...

Post the rosters alreadyyy!! I cant wait to see them

Anonymous said...

Lovell and Howey will not be "replaced". New players will make their own mark as they do every year at SMCC. I am looking forward to seeing who will start at QB. Will it be Cusumano or Leyman? SMCC has had excellent QB's in Fanslaw, Bicey and Howey over the last 6 years. The next will be excellent as well. One thing I know is SMCC is completely loaded and will look to improve on last year's 12-2 record. The bullseye is on the Falcons as always and I for one wouldnt have it any other way.

Anonymous said...

Who will be the biggest break through player this year?

Anonymous said...

i think the biggest surprise player this yr is going to be Brandon Potcova from Airport. he is going to be starting varsity QB as a sophmore and he is good, not the quickest feet but can scamble if needed. and a rocket arm too i might add.

Anonymous said...

For all you "winds of change / GI haters" out there....Mark you calendars - MAY 5, 2010 - SITOFN said:

Biggest surprise of the season will be the Dex Teen replacement for the Red Devils.....

The results will be self evident within the first two weeks of the season....sharpen your LB skills out there boys, bigger and stronger comin at ya.

Strap it up tight when playing GI..

Anonymous said...

Well until GI's lineman stop bumping people and playing extemely SOFT. Than grosse ile aint going to win anything. It is a shame grosse ile has become whats it is because in the 90's they were pretty darn good and respectable, for the last few years they have been a joke. BRING BACK KEVIN WILSON!

Anonymous said...

The problem over the past several years is that GI has put ABSOLUTELY NO EMPHASIS ON DEFENSE. You can't win without a strong defense. Although the Devils have a great amount of talent they will not ever return to the top of the heap without the D.

Anonymous said...

I agree anyone notice how white and clean the linemans jerseys were after the airport/grosse ile mudbowl? Ouch...

Anonymous said...

For 10:18, is 5-4 a joke? Is beating a Detroit Western team that wreaked havoc in the DPS a joke? If the line (assuming you mean offensive) is so soft, why did five of their backs avg. better than 6.0 yards per carry? Check your stats bro.

Anonymous said...

Detroit Western wreaked havoc in the PSL? Two of their 5 wins were due to forfiets. They beat Kettering 12-8 (Kettering scored 40 points all year long). They beat Pershing 8-6(Pershing scored 70 points all year long). Know your facts bro.

A 5-4 record is not a joke but the HL is a rough and tumble league when you talk about Airport, CC, Riverview, Milan and Jefferson. You cant throw it around 40 times a game while not haveing a defense and expect to beat the good teams. the teams I mentioned above will be very good this upcoming year doing it mainly with a sound running game and defense. I just dont see GI being tough enough to get to 6 wins. GI will have to beat 2 of the big 5. I just dont see it. I have them at 5-4 again beating Western, Huron, Riverview, FR and Ida.

Anonymous said...

GI beat all losing teams last year. Western 3-4(2 wins by forfiet), Riverview 3-6, Flat Rock 3-6, Huron 3-6, Ida 4-5. Some might consider that a good year but most would not.

Anonymous said...

GI was also outscored by their opponents

Anonymous said...

OH the GI doubters remain....and I for one love it.

Underdog victory and consistent underestimation only provide fuel on the fire of the hypocracy of non-believers!

Not to mention great opportunity for crafty bloggers to raise the ire of the uniformed.