Thursday, April 1, 2010

Website Developer Wanted

In an attempt to expand the Huron League Football Blog, I am looking for an aspiring website developer who would be interested in turning the blog into a website.

I am preferably looking for someone who has a passion for the Huron League and would be willing to work along side of myself while making the Huron League Football website one of the best high school sports sites on the web

Please drop me an email if you have any desire to work on this project and if you have any experience developing a website.

Students are encouraged to apply and pay would be directly related to any revenue generated by the website.


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Speaking of websites check out

Anonymous said...

checked out the site, he isn't going to any of those schools with that 40 time

Anonymous said...

he runs a 4.5 or better, bad day i heard.

Anonymous said...

Lol, if he's running a sub 4.5 with the linemen they had last year he would've broke 2,000 easily, and don't gimmie the "they took him out too early" excuse because look at the carries.