Sunday, August 8, 2010

Big Questions

With practice starting tomorrow there are quite a few questions to be answered around the league.

Here are a few:

How will Airport fare without Eric Redmond?

The cupboard certainly isn't bare but Redmond picked a good time to move onto Monroe. The Jets return the explosive Jodeci Mays and Derek Williams but must find a way to replace Daniel Jones, Tyler Baker, Dylan Close, Dakota Klocek, Nick Riopelle, Drew Nava, Brian Hamerick and Tyler Pluff. Those players formed the nucleus of another fine Jet squad. All of them received Huron League honors last year and will be tough to replace. First year coach Adam Barber will have a hard time replacing Redmond and an even harder time replacing those starters.

Can SMCC replace their potent backfield?

Gone are Huron League Offensive Player of the Year and quarterback Michael Howey, fullback T.J. Lovell and RB Chris LaBeau. Say hello to Jack Cusumano, Luke Yinger and Andrew Lamour. The Falcons have virtually everyone back on their offensive line and these trio of players can flat out fly. I don't expect the Falcons to miss a beat on offense and dare I say that Cusumano can throw the ball a bit.

Can Huron replace one of the greatest tacklers in league history?

I don't think Huron has a player on their roster with the talent and instincts of Tyler Weclowski but is there a team in the league that does? Huron will probably have to count on their entire line backing corp to make that many tackles this year. That may be a blessing in disguise as the Chiefs won't always count on someone else to make a tackle.

What team will be the leagues biggest surprise?

I think that will go to Riverview. Something clicked late in the season and the Pirates have loads of talent coming back. They boast one of the best defensive players in the league in Brad Bosman and running back Ali Saad appears poised to have a big year on offense. Jeff Stergalas will not be out coached by anyone in the league and that should result in a run at the playoffs.

Practice starts tomorrow and I may find myself at a few practices in the afternoon.


Anonymous said...

Flat Rock- 7 to 1 the first day
old hs

Anonymous said...

Dont count huron out they will be a contender this year!

Huronleaguefootball said...

I hope so!

Anonymous said...

give the respect....go ceck out the defending league champs and write out your thoughts.
i mean isnt that the right thing.

Huronleaguefootball said...

Wasn't I spot on last year about SMCC?

Anonymous said...

How does everyone think Jefferson will do this year? Do they have any juinors that will help out?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous Anonymous said...

How does everyone think Jefferson will do this year? Do they have any juniors that will help out?

August 9, 2010 11:30 AM

not too sure but the JV was bad last year soooo....

Anonymous said...

Jefferson will be very good in my opinion. They will have the best chance at beating CC.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

"Wasn't I spot on last year about SMCC?"

Come on now Chris, what is THAT hard of a prediction? Let me guess, you pick them to win the league and the state title this year?

Yes Airport was maaaaybe the fav going in last year but they have only won 2 games at Navarre field since ohhhhhh 1846. Not a huge stretch that SMCC would come out on top.

Anonymous said...

SMCC is 4-6 vs Monroe Jefferson since the 2000 season. That is always the hardest hitting game of the year. Jefferson seems to always rise to the occasion and play thier hearts out. I see things no different this year. The game is #2 on the schedule and may just decide the league crown.

SMCC and Jefferson: the best rivalry in the Huron league!

Anonymous said...

Dom Antonelli will see alot of action in the SMCC backfield as well.

Huronleaguefootball said...

So what is your point?

You were being critical of me showing some respect. I think I showed SMCC the utmost respect last year.

"Spot on" goes a little further than those two things though don't you think? It all started with the predicted close loss to Crockett and kind of steamrolled from there.

I realize I'm tooting my own horn a little, but where was your August prediction last season. It's pretty easy to come on here and be critical.

Here is my repost from August 26th, 2009. I'll let everyone be the judge.

August 26, 2009

We have spent the last week working our way from bottom to top in an effort to predict who would win the Huron League. I have been cheered, jeered, booed and praised. None of it really matters including my predictions because high school football doesn't start until Friday night. This blog along with these predictions were just one fan's effort to add to what is one of the greatest times of the year.

SMCC has been a power in the Huron League for the better part of the last 22 years winning 8 Huron League title. Prior to that the school was known as Monroe Catholic Central and the Falcons won 10 league titles in a span of 20 years. No team even comes close to matching the dominance that the Catholics from Monroe have shown.

This years team has been chosen to win the league because they have every thing it takes to win the Huron League. I don't know if they have what it takes to win a state title because I don't know if SMCC has been working on the passing game.

SMCC returns a host of veteran players including 8 juniors who started at one time or another on varsity last year as sophomores. The Falcons have only 13 seniors but will rely on most of them in order to achieve football glory this fall.

Offensively the Falcons will run the ball right at you, although they will use some deception. As many as 5 or 6 backs could carry the load on any given Friday. Fullback TJ Lovell is perhaps the best player in the league. His bruising and determined running style make the Falcons physical. When you focus too much on Lovell, they will hit you with their speed.

Defensively, the Falcons will be led by Lovell at LB, Nick Wilson at DE and Mike Pannone who was an all-league defensive back as a sophomore. Scoring on the Falcons will be tough to do on the ground and teams may have better luck throwing on them instead.

I would be doing a disservice if I didn't mention the coaching at SMCC. Jack Giarmo has been an excellent coach since he took over in 1998. He has gone an impressive 83-39 since taking the position while winning two league titles. Perhaps the most impressive part of Giarmo's tenure has been the special teams play. Year in and year out the Falcons have had an advantage in field position because of their special teams. Last year alone Martellis Simon scored 6 times on returns.

Look for SMCC to finish the league season undefeated at 7-0. I do believe they will be challenged by Airport who skunked the Falcons 21-0 last year. Jefferson has won 2 in a row against their rivals and may have something to say about an undefeated league season. Riveview played SMCC tough last year and Jeff Stergalas should be able to match wits with Giarmo. A game that intrigues me is on September 18th when Huron host the Falcons. Huron will not be able to stop SMCC's ground game but will the Falcons be able to stop the Chiefs?

I see SMCC finishing 8-1 overall this season. I think that loss will come opening night against a Detroit Crockett team that has an excellent run defense and will be able to match the Falcon speed. The Rockets were playoff qualifiers last year and lost to state finalist Detroit Country Day 17-7 in the opening round of the playoffs.

I would say that is "spot on" :)

Anonymous said...

I am not the one who posted about showing respect.

SMCC was easy to predict last year. League fav and D6 fav other than gue.

Anonymous said...

Chris that is an easy prediction!!!! A close loss to D4 Crockett, no stretch. 7-0 in the league, no stretch. You went chalk. not hard. You cant toot your own horn on something that was an obvious call to all but Jets fans. You were right but you didnt go out on any limb with your predictions. To me those were obvious picks and predictions.

Huronleaguefootball said...

It looks like you have it figured out then. Wanna take over?:)

Anonymous said...

Well if you disagree that those were easy predicitons, then say so. So far you havent disagreed with me. Yes the write up for CC was "spot on" but what else were you going to write? tough loss to Crockett, league fav. Most people thought that is all I am saying!!

Huronleaguefootball said...

Well, I think your picking a convenient argument.

But I'll make some points

Airport was most everyone's favorite except mine.

The intriguing match up with Huron (CC's closest game).

Tight game with Riverview.

Passing defense prevented them from winning a state title.

Crockett loss.

Special teams play

Continue to argue if you must.

Look what the original post from August 26th, 2009 said, "This blog along with these predictions were just one fan's effort to add to what is one of the greatest times of the year."

People like to take shots at me and I like to throw them back every now and again. The same situation applies here. I think most people will side with me on this one:)

Huronleaguefootball said...

P.S. It's much easier to respect your opinion if you attach a name to it. Ouch!

Anonymous said...

It kind of all makes sense now.

You work at Huron... correct?

In order for your 8-1 prediction to come true Huron, who hasnt beaten CC in 100 years, would have to somehow blow the greatest win ever in school history. Up a TD and going in the endzone to make it a 2 score game and basicly put the game on ice, Mayrand throws an awfull inexplacable pass right into the belly of a CC defender. CC scores and Huron loses yet another. This one however very crushing and turns out season ending since they went in the tank the rest of the way.

Did you put the hex on the Chiefs that night only so you could toot your own horn at season's end? and still now next season's start.

So proud you are of your prognostications, I wouldnt doubt it :))))))))

Anonymous said...

You allow anonymity Chris, you allow it. Dont plead guilty and then tell me how innocent you are.

Anonymous said...

Yes Chris, you are the people's favorite and I am sure they would side with you.

Pass defense did not prevent them from winning a state title. They only gave up 24 points to Montague who averaged 44 going in. That is plenty low enough number to overcome. The better team won at Ford Field but CC played a whale of a game. I think they were in the game because of thier defense and the turnovers it caused. They gave up yardage from 20 to 20 but when the field shortened the defense stiffened. The play that sticks out in my mind is the rouging the punter. That was a tough break.

Huronleaguefootball said...

Wow tough day to be me.

A few points. I am the track coach at Huron but I wasn't hired until after football season.

I live in Huron Township and was openly rooting for the Chiefs to win that night.

I would have gladly accepted missing out on my SMCC prediction for a Chief victory that night.

After coaching some of those football players in track last Spring and coaching with Dan at the same time. I really wished they could have won that game. They have good people at Huron and good kids as well.

As for the anonymity thing. I'm cool with that. You keep making your argument behind a shroud and I will keep putting myself out there.

I noticed you chose a different battle as opposed to the one I had just finished a victor.

Anonymous said...

First of all I am not taking shots at you. I am not sure what you mean but that anyway. Someone who disagrees with you is taking shots? I have not been disrespectful in anyway. If you want a forum full of lambs then that would make for a dull and boring blog.

Anonymous said...

hey how many wins does flat rock have against huron in a row now, i mean coach p is undefeated against the chiefs.

Anonymous said...

You should know who I am by my diction ;). I have posted by name many many times. Need I say more.

Anonymous said...

If I have something poignant to say(which some would say is never) I always attach my name.

Anonymous said...

"hey how many wins does flat rock have against huron in a row now, i mean coach p is undefeated against the chiefs."

I did not post that by the way

Huronleaguefootball said...

I appreciate the jostling. It has been pretty tame on here since I named my league awards at the end of last season. Actually most of those came to my personal email.

Please notice I do approve everything you post. It would be too easy to not to post them and go onto say that your silence was admitting defeat.

I appreciate your reading the blog and even more so your comments. Hopefully you will join my readership over to the Examiner in a few days.

What I don't appreciate is the comments that come from yahoos who question my loyalty to the school that I coach at.

I try to be fair and objective even though I now coach the Huron Track & Field team..

Anonymous said...

You have showed your colors on more than a few occasions. As would I. To be totally objective is nearly impossible. You do a fine job and of course I will read your writings for the Examiner. Cant wait actually!

Huronleaguefootball said...

My only regret with the Examiner is that I won't be able to write in the first person. They don't allow it.

Anonymous said...

Do they allow you to post links to another site? You could end every post you put on the Examiner w/ a link to this blog. Something along the lines of, for this writer's opinion on the subject go to... and link this site.

It wouldn't be to hard to bounch back between the two websites. Just a suggestion.


Huronleaguefootball said...

It's looking like it will be a learning process. I will still write on here but I at this point I am looking to drive the traffic over to the Examiner.

Anonymous said...

Lotsa talk about SMCC, Airport, Huron and Riverview.....SOOO predictable.

Last I checked the suprise team in the league last year was GI....Right Chris?? You haven't learned from recent history.

This year the cats out of the bag for GI offensive aerial weapons and the debate on their abilities and accolades rages.....and the cupboards are full for all positions, unlike years past.

BUT no mention for surprise of the year?? JUST THE WAY US ISLANDERS LIKE IT!

Also, SMCC and Airhead both come to the island this year....GI has something to play other than trying to stop OH4 madness.

Oh the "winds of change" are silent on this BLOG....except for the real change brewing, GIFB.