Thursday, August 26, 2010

J.V. and Freshmen Scores

Junior Varsity Scores

Milan 46 Ypsi 0

Jefferson 35 Tecumseh 22

Airport 26 Bedford 20

Ida 42 Flat Rock 13

Birmingham Brother Rice 32 SMCC 22

Crestwood 34 Riverview 24

Warren De LaSalle 33 Grosse Ile 26

Huron 40 Erie Mason 12

Freshmen Scores

Milan 42 Ypsi 0

Jefferson 28 Tecumseh 14

Ann Arbor Pioneer 20 SMCC 0

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Anonymous said...

I see Smcc is playing a Div1 school as freshmen and a Div2 school as jv does anybody know why???

Anonymous said...

congratulations to the winning teams. as well as smcc and GI for putting up what look to be good battles against 2 of the states elite programs

Anonymous said...

GI was leading the game most of the way and shoulda/coulda won. Special teams and big plays bit them hard.

Even the JV has the annoying habit of snatching defeat from the jaws of victory like the Varsity!

This is a by product of OH-4 seasons of the past and a learning moment for sure. (the JV suffered in those years just like the Varsity did)

Lots-a talent and grit on the GI JV squad....HL opponents better strap it up!!


Anonymous said...

Yspi's program is really really bad right now, what happened? they used to be pretty good, back in 91 they lost to brother rice in the semi' look at them. pretty sad.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

As I understand, the Smcc jv played brother rice's freshmen team.