Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Week 2 Predictions Part 1

Time for this weeks predictions. Grosse Ile/Huron and Flat Rock/Airport today only at the Examiner:



Anonymous said...

Will GI show up with a D this week at Huron?

To Chris's question on O or D winning the game....It's a no brainer, D E F E N S E!!

I still stand by a 35-13 GI win...unless no D shows up then it's a shoot-out/toss-up and special teams may be the difference.


Anonymous said...

Bodner said in the news herald today that huron is a great team. Yeah ok...they have had 20 seasons of zero or 1 wins. There overall record since 1950 according the mihigan football is 122-373-8. That is hardly anything but great. Bodner please be honest in the paper.

Anonymous said...

I don't think Huron's overall record has much to do with anything right now. Does Huron have a great team? Probably not. Are they better than years past. I would say yes. As for coach Bodner saying great, he was probably being respectful, respectful of their team, Sterling Wilson and their big line. Tough to argue with the defensive side of the ball right now. The Chiefs didn't give up a first down to Erie Mason until midway through the fourth quarter. That was with arguably their two best defnsive players sidelined for most of the game. At least Grosseile scrimmaged Erie Mason and Bodner has something to base his comments on.

SITOFN, there is no way Grosseile holds Huron to 13 points.

Anonymous said...

Is this game on thurs or Friday?

Huronleaguefootball said...

Thursday at 7 pm

Anonymous said...

how long did kevin wilson coach GI?