Monday, September 13, 2010

Huron League Thoughts and Questions

Well another week is down and things are starting to iron out. When did the league become so bad at defense? When did the league become so good at offense?

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Anonymous said...

Airport goes 3-3 on the way out and misses the playoffs with a 5-4 record.

Anonymous said...

Who do they beat?

Anonymous said...

"Who do they beat?"

Milan, Riverview and GI. They could lose on of those games as well.

Anonymous said...

Beat Riverview, GI, Jefferson and the shocker CC.

SITOFN said...

Chris, don't be too hard on yourself for score predictions, this year has been anything BUT predictable.........

Except for one thing...CC having an extremely disciplined team with possibly one of the best coaching staffs (with a super HEAD COACH) in the state.

No need for a chest-bump-O-meter in Falcon land....they celebrate and play like a TEAM!

Hope I didn't offend anyone with my last comment... it was a thinly vailed shot at answering your GI questions about losing with 56 and allowing 75.


Anonymous said...

If Jefferson's slow, average offense can put up 75 on Grosse Ile, then Airport and SMCC should hit triple digits on the islanders.

Anonymous said...

CC is a good team, but the reason that everyone can't stand them is the simple reason is; "mommy and daddy" come on here and acts like its little league football with all the talking, just be quiet and let the players do the work please

Anonymous said...

"CC is a good team, but the reason that everyone can't stand them is the simple reason is; "mommy and daddy" come on here and acts like its little league football with all the talking, just be quiet and let the players do the work please"

1% of the parents do... that leaves 99% that dont come on here and talk smack. It is mainly in good fun though. Dont be so sensitive and things will work out.

Anonymous said...

Chris, I agree that FR needs to throw the ball ALOT more, chickeral has a solid arm. BUT Coach P needs to learn when to pass, not 3rd and 1, FR has one of the most powerful fullbacks in the league(Knoch), he's a load to bring down, he will always get you 1 yd, Line or no line. Then throw the ball around on a fresh set of downs. Not sure whats going on in his head.

Anonymous said...

"Beat Riverview, GI, Jefferson and the shocker CC."

That would be a shocker. You couldnt beat them last year. Got beat by 18 actually. I'm not sure what logic says you can do it this year. good luck though.

Anonymous said...

not only does flat rock have a good armed QB, but have you seen the 1,2 punch combo of knoch and blosser? These kids block for eachother, celebrate with eachother. I think they might even dine together folks. These kids are bestfriends on the football field.

Anonymous said...

"That would be a shocker. You couldnt beat them last year. Got beat by 18 actually. I'm not sure what logic says you can do it this year. good luck though"

and the year before that cc got beat by 21 and the year before that cc won...anything can happen lets not get so cocky

Anonymous said...

"FR has one of the most powerful fullbacks in the league(Knoch),"


Anonymous said...

"How does a team score 75 points?"

Good offense playing against no defense.

"Would Airport win a game without him?"

Well, it's hard to say, number 3, which i think is Jones, was pretty fast as well, but without Jodeci who was good on offense and defense, they wouldn't score like they did.

"Did Grosse Ile really score 56 points and lose?"

This is what happens when no defense or the team for that matter, doesn't show up to play. Never thought I'd see that many points be put on a scoreboard in this league.

"Will Huron bounce back this week?"

Huron will come out fired up this week. They want a shot at play offs and if airport and CC are the only ones to get in their way, they have that shot.

"Milan once again has a solid football team. Nothing fancy just a solid team."

From what I've heard, Milan has an alright team, but nothing big as compared to what they've pulled out throughout the years past. Only throwing up 21 against FR? Either Fr's defense was good and held them as much as they could, or Milan's offense is soft?

"Is Jefferson thinking revenge?"

I think Jefferson is going to come out to the field with a big head after a HUGE disappointing game, and it will be their downfall.

"It looks like the two best teams in the league are also the two best defensive teams."

The two best team are who exactly Chris?

Anonymous said...

We've seen some pretty harsh comments this week.

This kind of puts Chris is a tough spot. Let some comments filter through and censor others. Then he is the bad guys, but hey, it's his site.

If parents really have a problem they should talk to the coach through proper channels, not here on a blog.

And they need to do it one on one, not a roomful of angry people like they did on Grosse Ile with some their coaches. Plus, only the haters go to the lynching, the solid people don't go because they don't buy into that type of thing.

Administrators have to let coaches coach or take some of the blame when they've made a mistake, or like in a young coach's situation, find that coach a mentor.

The biggest problem is that most parents just can't accept when things don't go right for their student-athlete. If athletics is going to teach some character then let our student-athletes face some adversity, even if you feel he or she is being treated unfairly.

As far as winning or losing goes, this is the Huron League, not the Big 10.

Huronleaguefootball said...

SMCC and Milan are the two best defensive teams.

Anonymous said...

SITOFN only loves cc because he played college ball with Giarmo

Anonymous said...

From best to worse, what teams would you think have 1] the best offense and 2] the best defense, Chris? I'm kinda wanting to see where Huron and FR are on the list.


Anonymous said...

Does that also mean that of the two best defensive schools, one is a private school and the other is open enrollment school.

I know it is early, but but look for Milan to win league in basketball with a new look team.

Anonymous said...

TO the post @ 7:43

I am not the one that posted that "Knoch from FR is ONE of the most powerful fullbacks in the league", but I am a dad of a FR cheerleader and played for FR back in the day. What are you basing your "FALSE" statement on? obv. you are a kid that plays that position, the poster did not put "The MOST powerful" they put ONE. And if anybody has watched him play, he is a very powerful fullback, fast for his size, always finishes his runs and does not go down easy. Plus he is a sophmore !!! I just find it funny that people come on here and post negative things like that, On what basis, I think anyone who has watched this boy play would agree. Chris, Not sure if you have ever watched Knoch play, if so what are your thoughts? Anyways never posted on here before but follow the blog for my old glory days, sorry about the ranting but had to voice my opinion.

P.S and no knoch does not date my cheerleader daughter, I have never even spoke to the kid but just have to acknowledge the ignorance of the post.


Anonymous said...

Points For / Against as of game 3. You can see that why the elite teams are the elite teams espically in Conference. DEFENSE wins games !

All Games:

Milan 67 / 24
SMCC 95 / 50
Huron 120 / 75
Airport 105 / 87
Jefferson 96 / 101
Grosse Ile 103 / 123
Riverview 21 / 66
Flat Rock 34 / 78

Conference Games:
Milan 42 / 0
SMCC 70 / 7
Airport 77 /38
Huron 80 / 61
Jefferson 75 / 87
Flat Rock 6 / 49
Riverview 7 / 60
Grosse Ile 68 / 123

SITOFN said...

Dear 10:22:

LOL, but your wrong...I RESPECT CC because they consistently deliver a quality Football TEAM.

That starts with a quality Head Coach (and staff) followed closely by quality players that have School, Parent and Community support.... i.e. a quality football program.

No love affair here with CC, I want to BEAT THEM!!


HL Fan Man said...

Week 4 predictions -

Milan/Airport - Too much Mays for Milan to handle. Too much Dunn for Milan, speed beats Airport, not power backs. Jets in a close one, 28-21.

Jefferson/Huron - Like Riverview last week, not understanding the love for the Bears, beat two bad teams and got handled by CC. See Huron squeeking one here, 31-28.

Flat Rock/SMCC - Leo Durocher quoted the phrase "nice guys finish last". Building year for FR, unfortunately thats where Coach P and the Rams are headed. CC wins this one 38 to zip.

Riverview/Grosse Ile - It's just hard to imagine the islanders can stop anyone enough to win a game. So they have to outscore you, won't happen with Bosman on the field. RV 38 - GI 28.

Anonymous said...

RE:"Does that also mean that of the two best defensive schools, one is a private school and the other is open enrollment school."

Have you seen SMCC's team? Who on that team could even sniff a Div 1 college scholarship? Or even DII for that matter. They were out sized by every team they played last year and this this year on the line. That Beemish(sp)kid for Riverview is a monster! Everyone talks about the O-line of CC. It isnt THAT big. 250-235-230-200-200. I bet you over half the teams in the HL alone have bigger kids on their line then CC. I hear Huron has some big kids. Their backs are small too. 165-160-170 and Yinger at 200.

They win because they are the most disciplined team in the league most years and are very well coached. It has nothing to do with overewhelming talent. Yes there is talent there but no more then Airport, Milan, Jefferson or even Riverview.

Anonymous said...

To post 9/13/10-11:31
listen to you milan has gotten better in BB because of transfers from Lincoln that came with the coach.

Anonymous said...

To poster at 1:24, the Milan bball coach did not come from Lincoln. Maybe some of his assistants did, but the head coach was a long time jv coach at Walled Lake Western and then had a short stint at Howell I believe. The reason those transfers are coming in is because they are related to one another/or are friends with one another. With all of that said, Riverview is still the team to beat in hoops this year.

Anonymous said...

Friends or relatives, or sure does soil the league somewhat. One of the nice things about the Huron League is that programs were based on developing players and the various systems of the league's coaches, but with all these transfers now we are on our to just becoming another league where best team is the one that can get the best players via transfers and open enrollment. And I'm not taking about entitlement here, but the actual hard work that went into developing players and programs. This worrisome trend leads me to think that in the future our league champs won't be decided by the dedication of players and coaches, but by how a team's roster changes semester to semester.

Anonymous said...

If centrals backs are so small why can't they be shut down?

Anonymous said...

Chris that was an arrogant but I am guessing that was made by a CC hater trying to stir the pot and give us a bad name. Either way it was made by someone with no sense. Please discard.

At CC we are taught to help up others after we tackle them and many other sportman like things. I don't think you will find a team in the league that plays the game with more respect to their opponent.

Anonymous said...

They have a nice scheme at CC. They run that offense very well. Trust me, if Wilson from Huron, Mays from Airport, Saad from Riverview or any other starter on any other team in the league, they would all have success running behind the well designed Fullhouse T blocking scheme. Wilson or Mays might have 2000 yards!


GrosseIle said...

I will agree that SMCC has the best disciplined players in the league from a coaching standpoint. They work as a team on both the Offense and Defensive side of the ball. All of the talk from the “haters” is that they cannot get the same level of commitment from their players to play as a team. But then again, most programs do not have coaches that can coach both sides of the ball like SMCC can.

Anonymous said...

why do people from grosse ile always suck up to cc.

Anonymous said...

The "Grosse Ile" poster should remember that the style of coaching at SMCC would never be tolerated at GI. The SMCC coaches can maintain high standards because they are completely supported by their administration. The opposite is true on the island. Also, there is less sense of entitlement at SMCC where one can easily be replaced, but at GI players coming up from the middle school often are filled with a false sense of worth.

I am not anti-SMCC at all, but they can't be compared to most of the other schools in the league on many levels.

Anonymous said...

For 8:37 Milans coach teaches in ypsi's school system.

Anonymous said...

Suck up? I say just calling it like it is.

Anonymous said...

jefferson only scored 75 cuz they had very poor defnese and gave up 50+ meaning they were in a ball game the whole game, who know what would happen if teams like airport milan CC kept their first team in all game...and i would have to say smcc has the best coaching staff in the league, this is why they are always good, highschool football programs are successful because of good coaching

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

For 3:22 thats even worse he brings the athletes from lincoln to milan where he coaches.He used to coach at lincoln till he got the milan job.thats when kids started transferring to milan.So stop talking open enrollment.

Anonymous said...


I think you are being a bit too sensitive. Toughen up a bit.

Anonymous said...

Last time I checked Yspi Lincoln wasn't in the Huron League, but I guess that's their feeder program now. Open enrollment or not, numerous transfers should send up a red flag. At least SMCC kids are there for four years 98% of the time. Also, with only five players on the court as opposed to 11 on the field for football, one or two, not to mention multiple, transfers can have a major impact on the league. Look at what Crane did for Flat Rock. He doesn't transfer from Woodhaven, Flat Rock doesn't win a district a couple years back.

I'd rather Huron practice all year around than start having transfers all the place.