Sunday, September 19, 2010

Huron League Thoughts and Questions

Check out the Examiner for some of my delightful musings from week 4 around the Huron League and elsewhere.


Anonymous said...

There can't be one reason for the scoring explosion. Obviously some teams are passing more. Maybe the defense aren't quite as good. Maybe some teams are just taking advantage of awful the other defense is.

I'm one that things the Huron League has seen a overall decline in the quality of athlete in the Huron League over the last decade, and good athletes are needed for a great defense.

Also, I have to wonder if coaching isn't to blame as well. Most of the teams are Ford Field on Thanksgiving weekend are smashmouth running, defense-minded teams. Have some of our teams gotten away from what really wins championships?

The offensive fireworks are fun to watch, but is it really a sign of good, or championship level football?

Also, are we expecting too much out of Stergalas at Riverview? Should they be better? Will it take more time than we thought to fix all the drama and trauma that plagued the Pirates for so long?

Anonymous said...

when will blosser have a breakout game!

what about saad?

Anonymous said...

The run game a defense win championships. That will never change.

If you dont have the horses however you have to find a way for your team to compete.

Why more teams dont move to the Fullhouse T or some variation, I dont know. It makes up for a lot personnel issues and keeps things simple. Huron would be a prime example of a team that should run the T.

Huronleaguefootball said...

I would like to see Huron run the straight T. That would be a perfect offense for them.

Anonymous said...

GI's best team this decade was sort of a spread team with Blake Smolen making plays in space.

Speed kills and that team had some speed along with the power of Mike Harwood.

But I also to agree that a running game and great defense wins when it counts.