Thursday, September 23, 2010

Huron League Week 4 Statistical Leaders

Here are the statistical leaders for week 4 from the Huron League.


Anonymous said...

by Chris Schultz

I've noticed many of the schools track tackles differently. Some schools count solo and assists while others count only solo. I do not differentiate between the two.

I will say that Pannone from SMCC was in on at least 15 tackles against Jefferson. I do not know how many he was given credit for.

I believe SMCC only counts solo tackles. I know Riverview counts both.

by smcc fan
2 hours ago.pannone and the rest of the starting defense has been on the field less than they have in three years. 4 quarters against a crocket team who runs a spread, 2 and a half quarters vs jefferson, 2 quarters vs riverview and one quarter vs flat rock. if you do the math thats about 2 or 2 and a half games the falcon starting defense has been on the field compared to some team who are on the field all four quarters with scores in 30s to 70's. riverview had thier starters in the whole game against smcc all four quarters and faced smcc's second and third string. its all a number game if you average it out like you do carries most of smcc players would make the list. i am not boasting by any means im just giving information some people are not aware of.

starting defense has given up seven points in the league and 14 points as a team with 1st second and 3rd stringers in.

hope this helps settle questions

i found this very interesting i think milan would be the only other team to put the back ups in since they surrender the second least points in the league and that shows with the stats..

its all riverview.

Anonymous said...

Chris we all talk about the stat leaders in this league is what it is. Do you think any lineman in the Huron League have a chance to play at the next level or have you heard of any schools interested in any O-line or D-Line players in the league?Be nice to hear something about the grunts!Maybe your early picks of stand out lineman by postions.