Thursday, September 2, 2010

Thursday Night Scores

Varsity Scores

Huron 48 Grosse Ile 12

J.V. Scores

Milan 40 Riverview 14

Grosse Ile 28 Huron 0

Airport 49 Flat Rock 13

SMCC 53 Jefferson 26

Freshmen Scores

Belleville 7 Huron 6

SMCC 41 Jefferson 26

Look for coverage of the Grosse Ile @ Huron game on the Examiner after 10:30 pm.


Anonymous said...

Grosse Ile JV won 28-0

Anonymous said...

Lots of Thursday Varsity games statewide.

Had to be hard to pick GI over Huron, Chris. I have a funny feeling that Huron pulls this one out. I had picked GI before season's start but now I have a different outlook. I have a feeling GI plays great at home and poorly on the road. Huron 35 GI 34

Anonymous said...

I can't help but think this is promising for GI. (I told everyone the GI JV was going to be tough)

Huron JV and Varsity had almost identicle results against Erie last week, So could GI pitching a shut-out against Huron on JV last night be a precursor to tonite??

Strap it up tight boys, GI is comin' to town!!


Anonymous said...

SMCC 8-1(7-0)
Jefferson 6-3(5-2)
Milan 6-3(4-3)
Riverview 6-3(4-3)
Airport 4-5 (4-3)
Grosse Ile 4-5(2-5)
Huron 3-6 (2-5)
Flat Rock 0-9 (0-7)

Revision 1.0

Changes- of course with CC getting pounded they cannot be 9-0. Also I feel Huron picks up another win within the league somewhere. I think tonight will be the night vs GI. GI, had them at 3-4 in the league however I think they will stink it up on the road and lose tonight at Huron.

Good look to all!


Anonymous said...

Huron freshman beaten by Bellville 7-6. Huron scored a touchdown late and didn't go for extra point to tie and did not make theb 2 point conversion

Anonymous said...

I have to say that I doubt GI loses 35-34 because last week and all last year the few games I watched they were pretty automatic on all extra point attempts and scoring 34 points means that you have to miss one somewhere...

Anonymous said...

BN...oh thee of little faith.

I want you to have the best HL prediction bar none!! one more chance to change GI to 7-2 (5-2 league).

FYI; they have CC, Airhead, Rvrvw at home this year too.

I nailed it last year, let me help show you the way in 2010!


Anonymous said...


I said it before, I'll say it again. The Airhead stuff is childish, dont you think? I mean good sportmanship should be the #1 thing every coach teaches.

I bet you sure feel cool bashing a school, when your not even ON the field. Wonder if the GI players know who you are, and if they high five you for your original attemps at an insult.


Anonymous said...

SITOFN hates airport because it seems like all they do is demolish his beloved soft red devils.

Anonymous said...

cc 41 jef 26 frosh

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

JV SMCC 35 , jefferson 14

Anonymous said...

Jv. Cc 53 jef 20

Anonymous said...

cc 53 j 26

Anonymous said...

Aiport JV 49, Flat Rock 13

Seems like FR always keeps their starters in even when they are down by 49? And the kid spiked the ball on their last TD and got a sportsmanship penalty, hahaha go Level Pebble.

Anonymous said...

JV....AP 42-FR 14

Anonymous said...

41 SMCC - 26 Jefferson
53 SMCC - 26 Jefferson

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

Hey SITOFN I guess your guys didn't strap em up tight enough tonight.

Anonymous said...

Looks like Huron "Straped it up" pretty tight. Dont worry, the game against flatrock might be a little closer for GI.


Anonymous said...

I think SITOFN is a good guy. He loves his team. TAke it easy on him!


Anonymous said...

What happened to GI tonight? I thought SITOFN said their defense was improved this year? I was shocked to see the score. Really thought this was gonna be a close game.

Anonymous said...

GI has:
- No defense
- No heart
- No leadership
- No desire
- No Pride
- No T E A M (lotsa individuals!!)
- No Offense EITHER!
- No nuthin'

Absolute embarrassement... and to the perennial door-mat to boot!

GI will be lucky to win another game this year...this bunch believes they will win because they show up, NOT so in FOOTBALL boys.

The only reason they won't repeat the OH-4 years of 07-08 is because they played Detroit St. Marys school for the blind week 1 for their lone victory.

I have to go and puke now....

SITOFN signing off

Huronleaguefootball said...

A couple of things on the game tonight.

I thought Huron played extremely well. The Chiefs looked like a well coached team.

Pat Clark did an excellent job of running the Chief offense and simply makes no mistakes.

Sterling Wilson is the real deal. He was extremely elusive tonight.

Defensively the Chiefs look 100% better than last year.

Grosse Ile had zero rushing ability. It seemed like the interior of their line was imploded by the Chiefs defensive tackles every play.

I thought the personal fouls on the Red Devils were ridiculous. There were quite a few late hits.

As much as I like #15 for GI as a receiver his unsportsmanlike taunting penalty after his long touchdown catch was one of the silliest things I've ever seen. I mean you were still down 30 points.

What surprised me even more was that he went back in the game after the next offensive series.

So the question is; was Huron that good or GI that bad? I think a little of both. Huron has a nice offense and a respectable defense this year. GI has some offense but once again the defense struggles.

Huronleaguefootball said...


Are you OK? Are you done worshipping the porcelin god?

I have a question. Doesn't Huron deserve some credit for the win tonight?

Huronleaguefootball said...

Also, hats off to the Huron chain gang tonight. You can tell their the highest paid in all of SE Michigan.

The way they were getting up and down the field over there on the visitors side was amazing.

You can tell they put some work in over the summer.

Keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

Chris, to answer your questions:
1) No, Huron is not that good.... however they are for sure improved and can feel good that they aren't the door-mat now...Good for Huron.

2) GI IS THAT BAD!!...and it's hard to S T I N K - U P a gridiron next to corn field/cow pasture, But GI sure did!!

I feel another vomit coming on, gotta go......


Anonymous said...

Holy Toledo! GI got taken behind the wood shed and spanked with every stick back there! SITOFN must have jumped in the river by now! Somebody go fish him out!

Red What? said...

Never ever throw stones if you live in a glass house. Any team could pull off an upset on any given week. All this chirping will come back and bite you hard. Karma! Believe it!

Anonymous said...

Huron played really good tonight i was extremly shocked in the score and Huron Defense was legit the middle linebackers and D line played great good job boys

Anonymous said...

Wow Grosse Ile - What happened! Your D never even showed up did you forget to bring them for the bus ride?

What happened to your O passing or rushing game! No Dex = No yards! I bet your whole team didn't get over 50 yards rushing!

It will be a long season after what I saw last night.

Huron - What a way to crush a team!
It shows that your players listen to their coach and play as a team with a purpose . great HL win for you tonight!

Anonymous said...

-Chris, does Huron have something brewing in New Boston? You didnt have them picked to do much. I assume they have surprised and impressed even you? Time to re-evaluate your predictions?

-I had a feeling that Huron would win but not by this much, WOW!

-Huron hasnt started 2-0 since 1970!

-Cant say they miss #7 much.

-Everyone knows #15 for GI is a very unsportsmanlike player. He shows it every game.

-What happened to GI? I assume they got man handled up front.

- Both schools jump right back in the fire pan next week.

- If Huron beats Airport next week, the Mayan 2012 prediction may be 2 years too late!

- Good times in Huron and I for one am glad to see it. Keep it up Chiefs, you deserve it!

-SITOFN, dont be so hard on yourself. Teams do have bad games at times. It gets easier from here on out. Next week Jefferson then Riverview then Milan then SMCC... well maybe not!

-Dont leave us SITOFN, we need you on this blog, we want you on this blog... the question in CAN YOU HANDLE THE TRUTH!


Anonymous said...

Did someone Hi-Jack the SITOFN tag?

Y E S....

While I can't disagree with some of the comments I certainly won't throw in the towel on the Red Devils.

1 of 2 things will come of this debacle; 1- Did this wake a sleeping giant or, 2- Show a painful truth?

Thats why they call it a game and there are 7 more...Staps are loose GI, you get a chance to tighten em' up next week.

The Real SITOFN (never jumped in the river)

Huronleaguefootball said...

I had a hunch that Huron would be improved this year but I obviously didn't put that on paper.

They do have a long way to go (7 more games) but things look pretty positive right now.

They have a nice bunch of of kids who are athletic, work hard, and want to win. Plus, they have a kid who can take it to the house on any play. That is huge!

I'm interested to see Airport tonight well actually this afternoon to see how good the Jets are.

Next week's game will be huge in determining where the Chiefs end up. I do think the Chiefs are getting good coaching and QB Pat Clark is like a coach on the field.

Obviously, I'm rooting for the Chiefs to do well. I love the kids over there and I consider Dan a good friend. "A rising tide raises all ships" and a good football program helps a school in many different ways.

One thing I noticed is that Huron's team speed is much better this season. Maybe the fact that a lot of those kids ran track. Obviously Dan got the kids to come out for track but running everyday helps in that area.

Anonymous said...

if u think were scared of airport ur crazyy, were competeing for the title i dont care what anyone says.. we got heart this year!

Anonymous said...

Attending two games tonight Chris?

Anonymous said...

I think tonight's airport game will be close. And the heart of these players will win the game

Craig M said...

Great, now that Mighty Chiefs guy is going to come back.

Huronleaguefootball said...

Yea, I'm hitting the FR/Airport game then the SMCC/Jefferson.

It is pretty much going to be football weekend. Spartys and Wolverines on the tube tomorrow although part of me would like to go to the Mich/UCONN game.

Anonymous said...

Milan's win over Ypsi looks a lot better this week as well as Riverview's win.

Anonymous said...

Grosse Ile did not have any offense at all. Where were your running backs and your O line? We thought that you were going to have a running game like last year to go along with the pass. We heard that you had speed.... Yep it was all in reverse!

Only one or two of your players came to play and that was evident with the outcome. Those winds from last year have changed direction!!!

Anonymous said...

SITOFN... your retarted... huron kicked mason's butt up and down the field all night. the ycouldnt even keep up with our 2 and 3rd team "D".
and as far as GI.... they beat them too.... they are a great team and so far they are avrg 44 points offensively and only letting up on avrg 13 points... yeah mason wasnt that god... GI was... they came out and hit hard but huron just put it too them. GI only has the option and somewhat to the air... thats it. huron is a team to look out for here in the future!!

Anonymous said...

Huron a great team you say? Well lets just say that remains to be seen.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the educated post at 1:51PM.

Huronleaguefootball said...

A few points on FR's JV. They only have 15 kids on the team and only 4 running backs to fill 3 positions. So their really is only a first string. Everybody plays during the course of a game to give others a blow.

The kid who spiked the ball after scoring on a long TD run had never played in a football game before. He didn't know the rule. Once again never played football before.

I watched FR's JV practice today before going to lunch with their coaches whom I both coached when they played at FR. That JV team has a ton of heart. I watched them run sprints for a half hour and none of them quit. They just kept working and encouraging each other. They may not win many games this season but they play with heart and character. There is much to be said for that.