Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Week 3 Predictions Part II

There are two more games on the Huron League schedule this week. Grosse Ile visits Jefferson while SMCC travels to Riverview. Read may latest predictions only at the Examiner:

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SITOFN said...

GI vs Jeff....two teams that laid an egg in week 2.

GI also has last years heart-break to think about what happens?

GI can and will show up with a better O performace....lotsa fixable issues that didn't show against Detroit (Huron's D is for real folks).

GI D...flip a coin. Coach B needs to make some personnel changes in the middle or it will be a long night (and season). The right players (mostly), just in the wrong positions (mostly)....same as last year.

Toss-up if the GI D implodes AGAIN, cause the O will find its legs. I know...Broken record for the GI D, but it is what it is.

Lastly...I need to get this off my chest. If GI players are doing things detrimental to TEAM success.....will someone (are you listening coaches?) PLEASE RATTLE THEIR CAGES and put a SPLINTER IN THEIR ASSES! Earn your PT for the team and not YOURSELF GI! Talk is cheap and has never won anything (except a debate).


Just a fan said...

FYI..These are National and State Rankings..MAX PREPS

Jefferson 6656...236
GI 7511...284
Huron 6609...238
CC 1734...56
Airport 5008...180
Milan 5278...189
Flatrock 10545...416
Riverview 9615...369

Anonymous said...

I just have a feeling about this one...GI 30 Jefferson 19

HL Fan Man said...

Picks for week 3:

Might be giving Huron's defense too much credit? Also, they've scored on what might be the two worst defense in the area. Pick Airport 35 - Huron 17.

Milan will dominate this game, handled Riverview easily and they're a better team than the Rock, FR's just too young, Red Dogs 35-7.

If Mason doesn't have the worst defense in the area, Grosse Ile does. Nothing has changed here on defense and they certainly miss Teen more than people thought, Da Bears 28-14.

C'mon already with giving Riverview all these props with the new coaching......beat someone already! This is going to get ugly, early.....CC 38 - The View 7.

Anonymous said...

Yes GI does miss Teen. They do have some sophmore (jv) talent and also a few talented juniors who really need to get in the game more than some of the norm that he keeps relying on.
Devils biggest problem is the HUGE EGOS of some of the key players (so they think) who think that they can work as individuals and not a team. BETTER KNOCK IT OFF BOYS AND START PLAYING AS A TEAM!

Mike said...

Huron's got support all the way from Mississippi, go get em boys. Its your turn to finally take this league down.

Anonymous said...

Hey Mike....Let the folks down in Mississippi know that Huron wont be taking the league this year, or any year after that.