Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Week 4 Predictions Part II

Part II of the weekly predictions are up only at the Examiner:


GrosseIle said...

I am far from being a homer when it comes to saying GI will win. I do believe that Riverview will have their hands full when they come to the island. GI always plays tougher at home so there is some hope for our D or lack there of to show up for the game. The O can and will surprise both in the air and on the ground. We will be hard to defend especially at home. It will be a great Colvin cup game on Friday Night - Pick GI 35 Riverview 28

Anonymous said...

The jury is still out on Milan's defense. While posting back to back shutouts is impressive, it was against the two worst offenses in the league. Don't forget, Milan gave up 24 to Ypsilanti. The fact the Airport has played the tougher schedule thus far should help. Airport 35 Milan 20

Anonymous said...

I will take those points and Milan. I am fairly certain Milan wins this game. They will make less mistakes.

Anonymous said...

Win or lose we are going to have a big party on the island.

And believe me we are going to do it with some attitude!

Let's get everyone out to support the team, so we can make our playoff run!

SITOFN said...

GI will score

GI will get scored on

GI gets to score last because they're home...and sporting an attitude. (or at least a mohawk)

7:54 - thats precious. I'm kinda having a Jim Mora moment with that one!!!

If it takes me being the lightening rod (flame away people) to help get this team to actually play like one, so be it and let it start with this game.....PLEASE

Strap it up tight boys...they've been awfully loose the last couple weeks.


Anonymous said...

13-6 Airport start if the 3rd